Friday, 13 June 2014

A Sadler 26 new rudder in production

This one will be fitted to a brand new old stock Sadler 26 hull and deck that was never fitted out.
The customer had no rudder and also no plans with correct dimensions, what he did have was in a 1:20 scale and that prooved to be incorrect.

The rudder blank will be made from four layers of okoume marine ply to BS1088 grade.

The wall bench was first used for making birdsmouth masts on, its over five meters long and quite flat, just the thing to glue this rudder up on.

The correct glue is vital, this is phenolic or resorcinol which we have packed specially for us.

We have now accessed the dimensions and will enter them into the CNC machine for future reference,we can make a new rudder blank in days then, shaping and glassing will take a little longer!

Application and to both sides to be bonded is important.

Screwed and clamped the rudder blank was released the next day and will be sent to the CNC shop next for profiling. This size of rudder can be sent by courier, either as a CNC blank or finished in etch primer to most places.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Proteus 106, cutting out the bulkheads

This was a few trial panels, you can see the tool required to cut the marine plywood free with.

The water line is marked on each bulkhead, the small holes are to enable you to line up the next panel
when a scarph joint is made, a small tight fitting dowel then keeps the panels in line.

Use the inside of the delta to find the exact position of the waterline.

Simple? we try to make it so!


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ice cream sales in Hout Bay?

The picture tells a story, we are in winter and its so cold outside that I suspect there is snow on top of Table Mountain again?

The car is our 1967 Singer Chamois with a part sport specification and lowered suspension.
Still on an original 875cc engine bore, the car is a delight to drive, which I do often!

It as good as it gets.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Barrys Proteus 106 plys kit arrives

Packed and collected on monday, Barry had his plys and epoxies kit order at his place by thursday!

Hi Roy

The kit arrived yesterday late afternoon - all intact and no apparent damage. I haven’t unpacked and checked everything yet.

Many thanks


This collection was arranged by Barry, it went by road about 500 miles North East of Cape Town. We can handle this if your not sure about the logistics.

We would certainally pack this size order in at least two if not in three purpose made steel banded  crates for export.