Saturday, 7 September 2013

Taylors 030L paraffin stove for sale

Thursday 24th October 2103

We have sold this stove and will post it to its new owner in Australia next week.
January 7th 2014
This just came in from Ben, the buyer.
Hi Roy
Thought you might like to know that the Taylors arrived today, I picked it up and assembled it and all is well.  The 'box' got knocked very slightly wonky in transit, probably due to being at the bottom of a pallet or something similar, but all OK and it was easy to straighten out.  I'm very pleased with it and thank you again for the effort you put in to getting it to me.  

Taylors 030L three burner paraffin stove with oven, this is the largest and top of the range paraffin stove that Taylors make, made in England,UK .  Which is to special order and with a six week delivery time, this one can be ready to ship next week.
Made in October 2003, with very light use ( i doubt the oven has ever been lit?)

Sold with new top burner jet parts, in full working order and with the remote 8ltr paraffin tank and feed hose, gimbles and the top fence, with the temperature gauge for the oven.

Can be sent by courier to any major town in South Africa at about R500 extra on the sale price.

The supply tank is all stainless, with its brass plunger hand pump, it has a 1.5 meter supply tube, a filter and also a pressure gauge

Priced at only R8500 (new ones are about R27,000) 
Divide by R10 to get a U$ price. 
Contact         roy@ckdboats(dot)

To email me, remove the word dot and replace with a . or phone me on 27 21 790-3859 which is in Hout Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa.

We can crate and ship world wide if required, pricing on application.


Steel bucket fixed with liquid epoxy

I say fixed but in fact this bucket was water tight.

Click on the picture and check the shine on the hot dipped galvanized finish.

What was wrong with this steel bucket was rust and having saved similar used buckets and using
our 816 epoxy as a coating, I stopped any further degrade for very little cost in either time or money.

Thats not water but cured epoxy at the bottom of this old bucket.

A mix of just 85 grams of epoxy was plenty to coat the surfaces inside and out.

Easy fix!

And yes, you can repair your rusted car with the same epoxy.


Winter is now Spring in Hout Bay and Cape Town

That was official on the 1st September and can be proven by looking at the new leaves on the trees.
Each year the trees on the Cape Town side produce new leaves about a week earlier than here in Hout Bay and at the back of Table Mountain, the reason being that Cape Town has the sun before we do!

Click on the image to enlarge it.

This was about three days back, taken from the cockpit of a Didi 34 we supplied the kit to in 2005, the owner builder launched in 2007, so a two year program and he had his boat.

The mountain in the distance is the back of Cape Towns Table Mountain.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Happy on his boat in Hout Bay, South Africa

What can be better than messing about on boats!

Sailing is just part of the fun in boat ownership, Francois built his boat back in 1977 and is still having fun.

Seen here at the HBBY and would you believe just at the start of spring here in the cape.

Boat ownership, its fantastic!



Thursday, 5 September 2013

Two wooden boats on the HBYC marina

These two yachts are close together on the marina but some 66 years apart in build time.

Henry Vink built the Vertue 26 on the left, that was back in 1934 and in Johannesburg. The boat did many distance trips, one to the Indian Ocean and with Henry, the other with a new owner named Noel, who took her right the way around decades later.

Both boats however use epoxy as a protection coating, as Noel skinned his boat with epoxy and Kauri Pine while down in New Zealand. Sold when back here and to Tom who then did a full restoration and re named herTale Teller, thats a great name for such a boat.

Vertue 114 can be seen in the link above.

Now and again I am quizzed on how long a wood built yacht will last?

Well as we can clearly see, Tale Teller is in fine condition and will be eighty years (80) old next year, the larger Dix 43 will be fourteen years next year.

The best example I can think of and yes, she is restored is the HMS Victory which was launched in 1765, so now all of 248 years old now.


The camera sees the helm in Hout Bay Harbour.

Seen here and from the lens of a Canon G11 digital camera is a traditional built carvel planked fishing boat under a major restoration.

Click on the image for a larger view.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jaguar 3.8 litre petrol filters

This is a topic we may never think of but one thats well worth remembering when servicing your car.

The in line plastic cased GUD BC3 filter was fitted as required when the new Huco petrol pump was installed, it fits between the tank and the pump.

The center filter and glass bowl fits in the engine bay of a 1966 Jaguar 3.8S type, note that the filter membrane has become matted, I would like to purchase this type of filter if anyone has one? This filter works by the petrol flowing down a center hole, then moving out to the twin SU carbs through the paper element, any sediment then falls to the bottom of the glass bowl.

The filiter on the right is also from Jaguar, purchased in Liverpool and part number 02C 2880 dated 14/09/91 but its the wrong filter for this application!

Which Jaguar was this off, I suspect the XJ6? it cost GBP10.00 !

With that filter incoming petrol would enter via the outside of the paper element, then exit via its center hole, thats the reverse of the center filter. Meaning the filter on the right dumps sediment into the center of the filter on the early Jaguars and is not visible, soon blocking the fuel flow and causing the engine to loose power.

How sad it that!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The wreck of the Seafarer off Moullie Point, Cape Town, South Africa.

A new picture, to myself at least!

My continued interest in this wrecking that happened in 1966 was that it was two years before I arrived in Cape Town and that my good friend Notty had all his household belongings on this ship, he was not insured and lost the lot!

The fact that the Rootes Car Company, Scotland had also shipped an order of Hillman Imps to Stanley Motors, the then Rootes agents for South Africa was not lost on me either. There were no more Imp imports excepting private ones after this event.


Taken off a Facebook page and posted by Heather McQueen Shand (many thanks)

The year 1960 on the top of this card is incorrect, the accident happened July 1st 1966 (roy)

In this photo of the Seafarer you can still see the remnants of the word "welcome" on the side of Signal Hill, just above the treeline. Who remembers that? I was told that when the Royal family visited in 1947 hundreds of school children dressed in white stood there to mark out the word WELCOME. Presumably trees (or shrubs?) were planted there afterwards. There is no sign of it today.

Read all about the incident in this link.

And news just come in today, Sunday 26th January 2014.

I was on the seafront wall with my father an hour after the Seafarer grounded. She had not yet fractured but the air was thick with the smell of leaking heavy fuel oil. (She was an oil-fired steam turbine ship). My ship was in port at the time and I was spending the night at our Camps Bay home. Our ship’s scheduled departure late that morning was specifically deferred by a few hours to enable the crew to have a gander at the wreck. By daybreak the ship had already broken ahead of the superstructure. A good friend of mine was a Cadet officer on Seafarer at the time and related how within hours of the stranding his cabin on the port side had been smashed open by the pounding seas.

She was a good, well-found ship and was carrying a record import cargo, both in terms of deadweight and value. Terrible waste.



The Proteus 106 catamaran kit is now cheaper

Checking back on old mails and finding the prices to a kit on the Proteus 106 catamaran and around six years back when it was U$24,000 or so I now find that with the Rands devaluation the same kit will probably now cost you U$20,000, so a saving of U$4000 at the exchange rate today.

There was a plans fee increase, but far less than the saving mentioned above.

See also

There is also a Proteus 106 kit under construction here in Cape Town, I spoke to the owner yesterday and he has offered to supply pictures and details of his build.

The picture is of a Proteus 106 build in Thailand, the transoms have been extended on this boat.


 Length overall: 10.600 Meters
Beam: 6.360 Meters
Draught: 0.370/1.75 Meters (dagger up/down)
Displacement: 2800 Kilograms (light)
Mainsail: 48 Sq Meters
Roller Furl Jib: 24 Sq Meters
Genneker: 58 Sq Meters
Freshwater: 140 litres (installed or 20 litre containers)

Please note

This includes the materials for the hulls, bridge decks and bunks. The cockpit and coach roof will be added to the kit soon, please ask for further details.

(now added and included in your price)

What the kit includes:


  • 10 sheets of   4mm Redwood marine ply
  •   6 sheets of   6mm  "     "          "        "
  • 78 sheets of   9mm  "    "           "        "
  • 16 sheets of 12mm  "    "           "        "
  • MDF 17 sheets x 16mm x 1220 x 2440mm
  • All CNC machine work of the above (excepting the 4mm plys)
Price to this stage, estimate on price indications todays date        R98,000
or about U$9800 right now.

dated 16/09/2013

We can also supply the epoxy and glass cloth with glass tapes as an extra to the above offer.
You would do best to source the boats Meranti wood where you are. 


All plans and royalties for this design must be bought prior or with the purchase to the kit and are available directly from us.

Monday, 2 September 2013

New Plexiglas deck hatch lens

An update, its now just six months since September 2013, when the new cover was fitted and the handle was bonded on with flexible epoxy glue. Well the handle came loose last week as (I assume)
the suns UV rays damaged the epoxy, even through 8mm of semi clear plastic. I hand now refitted the handle and used a Dow Corning white glazing sealant we stock, used on high rise buildings it is 100% UV proof.

A report on the success of the new product in another six months?

This was an interesting project, a lot more involved than normal as it presented some questions and

The idea is that CKD Boats cc can supply you the end user and owner of faded or cracked new Plexiglas hatch covers and windows, prices on application.

Note, the handle is not fitted in the correct quadrant in this picture!

The old Lewmar and original Plexiglas probably cracked due to the handle being bonded with a solid adhesive? I used a flexible epoxy and time will tell if this works?

I managed to make an opaque lens using two sheets of 4mm clear Plexiglas bonded with epoxy.
note the rebate that was required to fit the glazing rubber.

Refitted it looks little different to the job done by Lewmar, I think it may last longer.