Thursday, 5 September 2013

Two wooden boats on the HBYC marina

These two yachts are close together on the marina but some 66 years apart in build time.

Henry Vink built the Vertue 26 on the left, that was back in 1934 and in Johannesburg. The boat did many distance trips, one to the Indian Ocean and with Henry, the other with a new owner named Noel, who took her right the way around decades later.

Both boats however use epoxy as a protection coating, as Noel skinned his boat with epoxy and Kauri Pine while down in New Zealand. Sold when back here and to Tom who then did a full restoration and re named herTale Teller, thats a great name for such a boat.

Vertue 114 can be seen in the link above.

Now and again I am quizzed on how long a wood built yacht will last?

Well as we can clearly see, Tale Teller is in fine condition and will be eighty years (80) old next year, the larger Dix 43 will be fourteen years next year.

The best example I can think of and yes, she is restored is the HMS Victory which was launched in 1765, so now all of 248 years old now.