Saturday, 21 March 2015

A small dinghy you can build?

This was a request for advice.


I am interested in building a wooden boat.
Do you sell anything for beginners?
Perhaps something that I can fit a small outboard on?

Best wishes


The reply was quite simple but the given link shows a number of options.


Please check the link and the Dix Design Argie range.

Tell me which one you like and I will give you the price.



Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hout Bay, life's a beach with an Imp Californian

This was and still is one of those perfect weather days in Hout Bay, South Africa.

Click on the picture to enlarge it, the camera is a Canon G11 digital.

I have posted similar pictures of the same car in recent months the difference today is that the car has been sprayed all over now, its still not finished but is now a driving car and all systems such as lights, horn and wipers now work.


False Bay from the air

A picture taken around 9.30am yesterday morning.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

My thanks to Tojan for the image and its great to know he is back up there and flying all over the country.
He took the picture with his cell phone, I doubt he could open a window?


Wooden ship building in Cape Town?

I have today been asked what happened to all the highly skilled men who built all the wooden fishing boats?

A few years ago there was a considerable amount of restoration / rebuilding of wooden trawlers being carried on in Hout Bay harbour by skilled craftsmen in this dying trade. Is that activity still alive? There remain scores of wooden fishing craft in the Cape, so who re-planks and repairs them? I used to enjoy watching those craftsmen (mostly Coloured folk) building those trawlers at Louw & Halvorsen's boatyard in Table Bay. During my naval architecture practical training I was privileged to have conducted inclining tests on two of their newbuildings, one of which was 72 ft in length and the largest then built. The owner was Mr. Johnny Eigelaar, head of a noted fishing family of Veldrif. Have you ever handled an adze - used to shape solid oak frames? The craftsmen could shape those big frames to within millimetres.

A good question and I note I got the yards name spelling wrong.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Dragon class yacht uncovered

As mentioned before CKD Boats cc supplied a very varied amount of materials for the refurbishment of this classic yacht, which spends most of its time hidden under a protective cover.

At the weekends it often gets an airing and allowed to bask in the African sunlight for a few hours.

We had just the correct type of twin ply mahogany flexible veneer to laminate the coach roof with, just 0.006mm thick and its still a wood on wood veneer.

Attention to detail and a single electric powered Harken sheet winch.

Simply world class !


The Bressay Bank leaves Hout Bay Harbour under tow

Yet another of Hout Bays wrecks and one that has been taking valuable mooring space is now under tow  by a large tug.

Click on the image for a better view.

We are told that the Bressay Bank has been sold to the Navy as a floating target?


As published in 2014 in Traweler Herritage.

Pictured below on Saturday 14 March 2014 at Hout Bay is the 156 foot "Bressay Bank" who had been laying idle inside Hout Bay harbour for almost 20 years, however it is now destined to be towed away by the S.A. Navy. The "Bressay Bank" will be used for a target practising exercise to be conducted by the S.A. Navy. The "Bressay Bank" also formerly known as the "Pam Arlene D", a former South Coast lobster boat owned by Chapmans Peak Fisheries in days gone by. The "Bressay Bank" was built in 1960 in Poland.