Saturday, 30 August 2008

Brookes and Gatehouse Linear hydraulic ram,12 volt wanted

Size 1 or 2 will suit our needs.

We have a full bandg (brookes and gatehouse) Network autopilot system,it came without the Linear Hydraulic 12volt ram,does anyone have one for sale? parts of similar B&G Network systems also considered.B&G is now Simrad,we are told their hydraulic rams will suit the B&G system too.

Tef-Gel paste used on alloy mast refit

Mast hardware refit,Antal 46 sta and Lewmar 30stc winches and Boom Gooseneck

We have just about refitted all the fittings to a large mast we are re painting and servicing,great care has been taken to ensure that all metal fastners and where stainless fastens to DK painted alloy parts are joined we coat both the stainless and the Monal Rivets with a 100% coating of Tef-Gel,we have only the Spinakker Track to refit and have just finished one 2oz tub of Tef-Gel,this makes using it even more economical than I thought,having fitted all the fittings on this sixteen meter mast,top to bottom,thats stainles T Ball tang plates,four alloy spreaders,mast head sheaves etc,not just the equipment in the picture.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Hillman Imp,Stilletto, performance and competition exhaust

With over forty years experiance of working with Imps of all types,including full race engines,this is a product that has been pending for some while,trials have prooven we can make the right product out of mild steel,stainless may be possible but we need to have the correct grade of pipe made up for this,we are working on that supply now.Orders are coming in and all from this blog site,we advertise only here,its nice to know that Google works so very well.This set of manifolds is due to be sent by air post to the UK next week,contact me for prices on the various options.We have Alloy water,dynamo and lower crank pulleys being made too,soon to be ex stock,Imp spares and cars are normaly available.



Sunday, 24 August 2008

Flicka sailboat by Bruce Bingham in a kit form

Flight of Years

Wind Drifter in Puerto Plath DR, photo by Rod Bradley

This was my reply to a client asking about a Flicka 20 sailboat kit.

Thanks for your valued enquiry to the Flicka design,this is not one of the designs we have as a kit right now but there is no reason why we can not develop and supply it as a kit.The plans are still available,I think they were U$130 or so,not expensive,we can easily cut hull shape formers from the lofting lines and supply you with those in marine ply and MDF,the hull skin will need to be done in strip plank/epoxy ,we can supply that in various woods such as meranti or kiri,meranti will need less GRP reinforcing.The transom would be a lamination,probably three skins of 6mm ply,we would supply a former jig to make that on,plus the epoxies and the rest of the materials.Please advise what you would like supplied,the plans will be from the designers office,Bruce Bingham.