Saturday, 30 August 2008

Tef-Gel paste used on alloy mast refit

Mast hardware refit,Antal 46 sta and Lewmar 30stc winches and Boom Gooseneck

We have just about refitted all the fittings to a large mast we are re painting and servicing,great care has been taken to ensure that all metal fastners and where stainless fastens to DK painted alloy parts are joined we coat both the stainless and the Monal Rivets with a 100% coating of Tef-Gel,we have only the Spinakker Track to refit and have just finished one 2oz tub of Tef-Gel,this makes using it even more economical than I thought,having fitted all the fittings on this sixteen meter mast,top to bottom,thats stainles T Ball tang plates,four alloy spreaders,mast head sheaves etc,not just the equipment in the picture.

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