Saturday, 24 April 2010

1966 Jaguar 3.8 S type in Duponts New Red

For years my car has done the the  Cape Jaguar Drivers Club concours event,it has won its class some five times but each year masses of points were knocked of the score sheet as the cars paintworks were judged to be  in a none original model colour?  I now find from a USA based Jaguar S type club,that a recent rebuild of a similar car, saw Dupont check the colour out as one of their original Jaguar shades and named New Red,it looks good to me anyway.The car is for sale,I can ship world wide,if your in South Africa,you can just drive it home.

On the slip at RCYC in Cape Town

The camera was a Canon FT with a 50mm 1.4 lens.
Thats Errol adjusting a Max Prop two blade propellor,I have now mastered the method itself,basically the maxprop instructions are a little incorrect!

Susanne and Tony in Alaska

This is on Kodiak Island,Alaska

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Susanne and yacht So Long rescue Tony

Yacht So Long,with Susanne in the cockpit berthed next to Flying Cloud on Hout Bays yacht club marina.The date was 6th April 2007,the camera was a Sony Cybershot.5.1 but the camera was set to auto and on a jpeg size.

Susanne and her yacht So Long were berthed alongside the boat Flying Cloud,a wood/epoxy Dix 43 for some six months while they wintered over in 2007/8,Tony was berthed a little way along to the right.They then sailed from Hout Bay YC waters to Bunbury in Australia,before heading for New Zealand.

Cruising Club of America Presents 2008 Rod Stephens Trophy for Outstanding Seamanship to Susanne Huber-Curphey and Tony Curphey

'Galenaia under tow in the Tasman Sea March 2008' Cruising Club of America

The Cruising Club of America has selected Susanne Huber-Curphey and Tony Curphey, a married couple and solo sailors who live together while in port, but sail their own boats cruising around the world, to receive its prestigious 2008 Rod Stephens Trophy for Outstanding Seamanship. Huber-Curphey sails a 1964 Rhodes 41 fiberglass sloop, So Long, and her husband Tony's boat, Galenaia, is a 1958 plywood 27-foot heavy displacement cutter.

Susanne, 47, is from Germany, and is an architect, while Tony, 63, who is English, is retired. Their dog, Honey, sails with Susanne, and because of severe pet laws in some countries, can change their cruising plans. The trophy was presented at the club's annual Awards Dinner in New York on January 13, 2009 by CCA Commodore Ross Sherbrooke, of Boston, Mass.

The couple had planned a passage from Bunbury in West Australia with their destination Lautoka, in Fiji. This non-stop voyage was to take them via the Great Australian Bight, south of Tasmania, and through the Tasman Sea west of New Zealand.

On the 29th day out of Bunbury, in gale force winds from the northeast, Tony noticed that Galenaia was taking water from aft. Upon inspection in heavy seas, he saw that the transom-hung rudder was cracked above the waterline, and that the skeg was broken. At their noon radio schedule Tony discussed the situation with Susanne and asked her to stand by on the radio every hour. He then rigged three lines over the transom, hoping to stop any movement of the skeg.

Susanne and So Long had been becalmed for four days and was now 150 miles ahead of Tony's Galenaia. In the afternoon, Tony told her, 'If I have to be rescued, I would rather it was by my wife rather than authorities responding to an EPIRB deployment.' He later said, 'We decided that she would make her way back to me, and in fact my brave, lovely wife had already changed course and was heading back towards me.'

The next morning the gale had gone, but rough and sloppy seas remained. Tony launched the Avon inflatable dinghy, and with wet suit, mask, and snorkel, he went in the water to inspect the damage. He discovered that the whole fore and aft length of the skeg, about a meter and a half, was broken away from the hull and leaning to port and that he rudder had snapped just above the waterline. The water influx required pumping once an hour.

The wind vane steering was still working, and the trim-tab attached to the lower half of the rudder worked, so Galenaia got under way. On the 28th of March, two days after she turned around and 31 days out of Bunbury, Susanne and So Long, with the aid of GPS and regular single sideband radio contact, made a visual sighting of Tony and Galenaia.

Susanne suggested towing, thinking that if the worst happened and Galenaiabegan breaking up, Tony at least would be on the end of a line. That would make it easier for him to get aboard So Long if he had to.

In late afternoon with a big swell running, and with masts coming perilously close together, the third attempt was successful and Tony got a heaving line across to So Long. Between them, they had about 80 meters of 16mm nylon towline. According to Tony, 'the whole episode was quite nerve wracking.'

They decided to head for Port Nelson, at the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand, about 650 nautical miles distant. Their main intention was to get north as quickly as possible to get out of the paths of the frequent cold fronts and gales which cross the Tasman Sea at that time of year. The weather during the tow ranged from calms when Susanne would motor, and up to force 7 or 8. Most of the time both boats had sails up, and both were using their wind vane steering. At one time Galenaia in very light weather managed to get the tow line around her keel. It was cleared with no further damage done.

Under the threat of another gale which might have proved too much for the damaged Galenaia, King Neptune smiled, and So Long towed Tony and his boat into Nelson harbor eight days and 650 miles after taking the tow in the Tasman Sea. They arrived on a Saturday afternoon, with Customs and harbor authorities forewarned, and after clearing Galenaia was lifted out of the water. According to Tony, 'I was finally able to embrace my heroine after 39 days at sea, the last eight of which we were only 80 meters apart.'

H.B.Y.C. Online Boat Jumble

H.B.Y.C. Online Boat Jumble

The Hout Bay YC Boat Jumble and some marinas for sale.

Left click the map to view in a larger size.

Marinas for Sale (updated 21 April)
As of 21 April 2010, the following marinas are listed for sale:
#108 asking price R85-000
#19 asking price R 105 000 (SOLD as at 21 April 2010)
#60 asking price R 100 000
#56 asking price R 85 000
#87 asking price R 79 000
#42 with the yacht Ariette for the combined asking price R 200 000
Note,Ariette is a Fred Bingham design,a smart traditional craft built
really well in strip plank,the rig is Gaff and she sails easily single handed.

Please contact the marina office for further info - Alan Batley, at 021 790 7095 - or

Now packing

We send orders around the corner and often around the world,this picture shows some of our products we sell along with the normal CNC cut boat and Toylander kits.

I can not say we are exactly rushed off our feet with orders but we are packing orders right now,the timber is part of a KD860 catamaran kit and will be off to Pretria soon,the epoxies in the Heineken carton,is to go to Kenwyn in the cape to a Didi 34 boat hull,while the carton with the copper wire and micro balloons will be going to Mozambique soon.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thermo Plastic repair kit

This is the same small piece of Thermo Plastic as heated in a cup of hot water,Colin is showing how the melted plastic can hardly support itself,the working time is quite long and many boat realated repairs come to mind.We will be stocking Thermo Plastic in the near future,buy it and keep on your boat for an emergency.

This is a small piece of pre melted Thermo Plastic,it comes in small packets and in granuals,when heated in hot water or on a hot surface like a cars dashboard in sunlight,it will melt quite easily.

This is a great idea,its a plastic that will melt at a reasonably low temprature of 70c degrees,when it softens you can form it to make a spare part such as a handle,repair other parts by wrapping it around them,even to make false teeth!

Salvador Harbour,Bahia,Brasil

With the on set of winter in the cape,now is about as late as one would leave it to sail to warmer places north of here,Brasil comes to mind,its a great place always warm,with nice friendly people.Salvador is a favorite destination for me,it has so many places to see and visit,trips up its rivers are very special,with over night anchorages all to yourself.

I have posted this picture before but its a very nice shot of what the harbour layout is,well was a year back when the 2009 Heineken Cape to Bahia Race was on,the picture was taken by my good friend Eric Wells,the Salvador land side race organiser,thanks Eric.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

One board foot,a unit of measurement

Simply put,one board foot,is a board of wood one foot by one foot by one inch,I suppose you will next be asking what a foot and and inch is next?

I was asked today why no South African timber outlets understood the measurement known as Board Feet (foot)its very much an American and Canadian measurement,they are on their own with this one but we still buy our bulk lumber in packs that may well be measured in board foot dimensions,we just need to know how to calculate to sizes that make some sense? ( i just love these questions)


I enjoyed yr post about 'board feet'. I used to work for CCAL ( Christensen Canadian African Lines) whose ships traded between St Lawrence Canada and Sa. We carried a lot of timber ( oak / beech ect ) in breakbulk form. Ticktin timbers was one of the Cape Town receivers. Now everthing seems to move in containers.



Lumber - How do you calculate board feet?
In: Building and Carpentry, Flooring.

Though "board foot" sounds a measurement of area it is actually a measurement of volume. 1 board foot equals 144 cubic inches of wood.

Length x Width x Thickness = Board Feet

Therefore a board that is 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch is 1 board foot.

But so is a board that is 12 x 6 x 2

However, you must take into account the fact that all lumber is actually a different size than it says it is. A 2 x 12 is actually 1-1/2 by 11-1/2. So instead of a board foot of 1 x 12 being 12 inches long, it would be:

144 / (3/4 x 11-1/2) or 13.22 inches long.

This Toylander has wheels

These wheels look just the job,the car was built from plans in Pretoria some while back,it is not one of our kits,my thanks to Riaan for sending the picture and where he bought the wheels from.

This is just what we need,a supplier has been found for wheels to our own Toylander build and the orders we still need to supply to others who have placed full Toylander kit orders.

Moods of the Cape gallery

Matthew loading another order of our pine timbers.

All pictures by Matthew Cargill,to view more and his web site visit the link below,for export we can supply for you if required.

Matthew bought some of our pine timbers a short while back and has just returned for some more,he may move up to a more upmarket wood option and use our american clear poplar wood.

The Stanley Spokshave tool.

The Stanley spokeshave but why two?
These are very nice to have in your tool box for unusual shaped jobs,named by wagon wheel makers and used on shaping wheel spokes.

This is a matched set,one being flat and suitable for most works,except internal curves when the one with the rounded face is used,the flat one is Stanley Tools # 151 there is no part number on the curved one,both are made in England.

I have seen these made out of wood,nice tools that are less likely to break if dropped,which the cast Iorn ones most probably will.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Buying a Hammer.

This hammer serves me well but on buying it new,I had to check through a fair number before I found one that had the hammers face in line with the handle,this is important,if the face is not in line you will just bend nails and frustrate your self. Remember to clean the hammers face with course sand paper from time to time as well,as any dirt or paint build up will just allow the nail to slide and bend.

This small type hammer was made in South Africa,I have more than one and they work well with a good balance and a hard face to knock nails in with.As ever they are made to a standard that has to meet quality but not at any price,so check what you are buying when you do.

Maputo Bay Adventures

Its nice to introduce a group who are out there and on the ground helping young people develop and learn life skills,the reason we are involved is they are buying a Dixi Dinghy set of plans and the materials to build it with from us.We will ship by road transports to a depot up north and Jim the principal,will drive across the Mozambique boarder into South Africa to collect his order.

Bem Vindo ao Maputo Bay Adventures Welcome to Maputo Bay Adventures

~ uma oportunidade de grande aventura destinado aos jovens de Maputo! ~ An opportunity for great adventure for young people in Maputo!

Maputo Bay Adventures oferece muito mais que recreação, É também uma experiência de aprendizagem distinta. Maputo Bay Adventures offers much more than recreation, is also a learning experience distinct. Os participantes recebem formação valiosa em aspectos de desenvolvimento pessoal e social, bem como em assuntos que requerem auto-disciplina. Participants receive valuable training in aspects of personal and social development as well as in matters that require self-discipline.

O programa Maputo Bay Adventures inclui nas suas actividades capacitação em áreas tal como: The Maputo Bay Adventures program includes in its training activities in areas such as:

◦Navegação no terreno e métodos de sobrevivência em ambiente selvagem Navigation on the ground and methods of survival in the wild
◦Técnicas de Campismo (cozinha rústica, construção de abrigos, auto-suficiência) Techniques Camping (rustic kitchen, shelter construction, self-sufficiency)
◦Noções básicas de primeiros socorros, salvamento, avaliação de riscos Basic first aid, rescue, risk assessment
◦Desenvolvimento de Liderança Leadership Development
◦Trabalho em Equipa Teamwork
◦Responsabilidade ambiental e gestão equilibrada dos recursos naturais Environmental responsibility and fair management of natural resources
◦Exposição e interacção com a vida rural de Moçambique Exposure and interaction with rural life in Mozambique
Um lindo sitio no mata chamado “Rio Tembe Outpost'' é o destino principal das actividades do programa Maputo Bay Adventures. A beautiful place in the jungle called Rio Tembe Outpost''is the main destination of the program activities Maputo Bay Adventures. Está localizado na beira do Rio Tembe 30 km do porto de Maputo. Acesso ao sitio é feito num lindo cruzeiro no barco da MBA. Located on the edge of the Tembe River 30 km from the port of Maputo. Access to the site is done in a beautiful boat cruise on the MBA. Outros destinos pelo barco para jovens aventureiros são Xefina, Macaneta, e Inhaca. Other destinations by boat for young adventurers are Xefina, doorknobs, and Inhaca. No futuro haverá excursões para a Reserva de Elefantes de Maputo e Kruger Park, entre outros. In the future there will be excursions to the Maputo Elephant Reserve and Kruger Park, among others.

Limited Edition Prints

We have a number of marine paintings my father did and gave me,its a possiblity that we may do high quality prints as a limited edition for 2010,let me know if your interested.

My late father,Robert Henry McBride was a painter most of his life,this came about after his demob after World War Two was over,he was sent to a Red Cross camp to help him stablise,it was there they gave him a small set of Rowney Water Colour paints in a long flat tin box,we still have it.Dad then taught himself to paint and from then on could often be found working at which ever canvas he was busy with.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Quicksilver fuel gauge,new and boxed

This may be usefull to someone,its a brand new (old stock)Mercury fuel gauge,there is no sender unit but I assume you will have that already.

The wood hand planes for moulding and shaping

You can make such a simple plane using a suitable block of beech wood,a fret saw and hammer and chisel all by hand,the lower steel rub rails are not strictly required,you would need to do a lot of work to require them but its a nice feature.
As was common at the time,this plane has been marked by its owner,the first was R.D.Owen,the D.G.H,it was he who gave me the plane when I was serving my time at Tysons Ltd,back in Dryden Street,Liverpool in the mid sixties.

I think a number of this type of plane were hand made by its owner,given that the man who used it was a skilled craftsman,it makes sense,all he needed was the correct plane blade and any decent blacksmith could easily fashion such a blade?