Saturday, 15 February 2020

Our Toylander was out today

Not that far but enough to test of the drive motor, it works but the axle drive gear cog needs centering on the axle, that will be done next.

It is working but a few more fine tuning of the drive assembly needs  work on.

A fuse is being fitted also.

The number 40 was the price, not the fuse amperage.

Please contact me for the plywood kit set pricing.


Children just love our Toylander

And so do these Scotty Dogs !

The light colour one goes by the name of Biscuit, he rides on the running boards of his owners scooter.

They were both keen to climb into the drivers seats.


Friday, 14 February 2020

Driving our Toylander

The Toylander is again drivable.

With a decent upgrade  size of chain and sprockets the motor handles things well.

The original drive chain design I fitted works well, it is a longer stud than required and nuts above and below the axle mounts, this means the axle can be raised or lowered .

I am still trying out rims and gears, the outer rim is loose here, the tyre deflated, the wheel is turning.

Gear size options that are in stock.

The wheel is being driven by the chain.

An axle stand is handy to test the drive motor out, the knob center on the dash panel gives either forwards or reverse directions.

Contact me for the plywood kit, plans are from Real Life Toys in Wales, UK, they cost 49.50 pounds.


Thursday, 13 February 2020

CKD Boats company Toylander upgrades

With the past ten years since we built the works Toylander behind us we are now doing upgrades and additions.

The car will be fitted with front and rear lights, a horn was thought about but that may get overused so possibly not?

A larger and stronger drive gear on the motor was the first addition, we had a smaller sized gear from a bicycle fitted which somehow was not right for the task?

A right sized gear was pressed onto the 250  watt motor, it gives 180 watt output continuous.
There is a shaft keyway and the assembly was lubricated with Fluid Film to allow removal at a later date.

A grub screw locks the gear to the shaft, if the gear needs to be centered on the wheels drive gear we can release the grub screw and then center the drive gear and finish by locking the pulley back to the drive shaft.

A voltage controler is being made especially to control the motors speed, the speed via the controler will run via a foot pedal made from the Toylander supplied plans.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Toylander refiting

We never did get to install the front and rear lights, so nearly ten years after it was built our yellow Toylander has returned and for a refit.

A nice thing with the design is that it fits between a standard door way and easily.

This image really does underline just how long a Toylander will last, Ben has just started Highschool !


Friday, 7 February 2020

Argie ten, now building

This is from one of our kits.

We sent the kit to the customer only recently, today he is asking about what paints to use.

He tells me that as he will be beaching the boat on a stoney shore he has added the keel strip.


Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Toylander service time

Our Toylander is now about ten years old, so its come home from the grand children for a service and a check up.

A Soft Drive switch throttle will be installed

New sprockets and chain will be fitted, with much needed reversing switch also.

Plans can be supplied from Real Life Toys in Wales, UK at a cost of 49.50 pounds?

We can advise where to source the 12 volt DC motor.

Lights front and rear will be fitted as well, red are for rear side lights, above that will be amber for direction indicators and in the front a pair of clear lens light fittings. They will all be fitted with LED bulbs to save on power from the battery.

plywood kits are available from CKD Boats cc.

Contact me for pricing.


Vuvuzela Double Scull design by Hartwanger Rowing

The  Vuvuzela double scull follows on from the Bombaloza single scull.

Heading out to sea.

Plans are really detailed and are 44 pages long, we can supply a set as a PDF which you can print yourself.

Plywoods in the kit are seven sheets and five x 4mm marine , one x 18mm marine and one 18mm shutter ply for the building stocks.

Please contact me for the plans which cost R850 the set, and a kit price which is R11,500  ex works


Monday, 3 February 2020

Toylander Soft Start Switch control

We will have the ten year old Toylander in for service this week, that on off power supply switch will be backed up with a Soft Start control box.

The gear ratio seems good and the top speed is within the rules on such toys, the method of how the gears are installed my be changed?

12 volt single motor and reduction gear box with the drive sprocket.

The Toylander company car has lots to keep it company.

The Toylander with a 1967 Hillman Imp Californian.

Contact me for Toylander ply kits and Hillman Imp remanufactured parts.


Friday, 31 January 2020

The Argie 15 dinghy plywood kit

This is one of our really popular kits.

The base boat is six sheets of 6mm okoume marine ply, the side seats add two more sheets, so eight in total.

The pictures show the side seat option.

We ship with the panels still in the full size sheet, the builder then cuts them free.

Sheet size is 8' x 4' which is 2.44 mtrs x 1.22 mtrs

We can ship such a kit steel band strapped between two sheets of  12mm plywood.

The overall size when built is 15' - 00" long which is around five meters.

The plans and building instructions are really good and being a 'Stitch & Glue ' assembly is simple to do, basic tools are required only.

Please contact me for more details on this and other designs.


Saturday, 18 January 2020

Servicing of a Yaesu FRG 7700 receiver radio

I have posted on the FRG7700 before, some success was the result, then the thirty eight year old set that I own went silent, like no sound at all.

As many of us do I searched forums to see who have seen similar issues and what was done to repair the fault?

Some were very helpful, others went in a wrong direction or not suitable for my sets repair?

The lack of audio volume was repaired by the application of a cleaning fluid made by CRC, the cost in Rands was R139.00 it would be about U$10.00 I think?

I applied the plastic safe spray to the various control knobs, that was front and back.

To start with there was no change, no audio at all, I switched the set off and then after a half hour switched it back on, the result was an audio that was so strong and loud that I nearly fell off my chair.

With a set that was working well as far as its sound was concerned I turned myself to try and reolve the twelve channel memory which was stuck on all channels and showing a frequency around 6.190Mhz ?

There had been an issue with the memory battery pack, I had used so called " Leak Proof " Duracell batteries, so much for that claim ?

I had found a mention in one forum that to remove the six plugs ( difficult ) in the memory pack can in most cases ( they said 90% ) clear and repair the memory, in my case this did not work.

On joining a forum named Antique Radios I was given various suggestions, one was that while the three AA batteries I had by then fitted showed some 3.9 volts they may not power the memory correctly?

With a new pack of Varta AA batteries installed I tried the memory function again, nothing had changed.

The white presstick putty is holding the batteries in place.

What I now had was new batteries and a memory which was locked, I had  not been able to clear the twelve memories. I next went through each memory, then switched the set on and off, I did that twelve times then tried to enter Cape Talks 567 AM radio frequency into a memory channel, it worked!

I saw that as the memory saved before it was off frequency some, I corrected that by saving the frequency slight off the correct one, it would then save correctly, I can fine tune using the M Fine control if required.

I then saved selected frequencies.

I hope my fix will be of use to others, having this thirty eight year old set is a delight  to use, next I need some LED bulbs to fit in the S meter and the tuning dial indicator.

How hard was this?

Not really but it took some time I must admit.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Kenwood TS 450s transceiver for sale

This Kenwood transceiver has the optional ATU plus the power cable, mike and also a manual on a CD.

It is for sale for R6000 or U$450 plus shipping.

Having the auto tuner makes this a very nice set to use, pre program your frequencies and as you change up or down the ATU does the required changes to the antenna.

In a nice clean condition, tested by a pro shop a while back and in working condition.

Contact me for more information.


Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Argie 15 kit build picture

We supplied a customer with an Argie 15 kit a while back, he has just sent a picture of the boat, looks really nice I think.

We have another Argie 15 kit in stock, it is pre sold, we can cut another one in a week or so?