Thursday, 24 December 2020

Jig Saw joints in our kits

 Depending on the designer, some of our kits have what is know as a jig saw joint when two plywood panels need to be joined together, the Argie 15 is one such design. The kit we shipped to South Island in New Zealand has those joints and assembly times are quick and accurate.

Seen above the panels have been laid out in the order that they will be glued up in

The workshop floor has a sheet of industrial grade black plastic laid on it, then the epoxy coated panels are matched to each other, a second plastic sheet covers the panels and weights are positioned over the joints.

When the epoxy has fully cured the excess will be power sanded off.

Note the black plastic sheeting and a selection of weights in the form of whatever was to hand on the day.

My thanks to Ian the builder of this Argie 15 kit for his pictures.


Monday, 16 November 2020


 The Toylander Mk2 at ten years old came back from the grandchildren for a repaint and a service.

The service included a rotary control pot ( knob) to the 12volt DC motor, now the driver can control the speed and when stopping is required the pot is just turned to the off position.

I have also fitted LED lights in the front of the Toylander .

The light fittings really finish the job off, they were not expensive either.

With the new coats of yellow twin pack K2 paint sprayed on the Toylander is ready for another ten years of service!

Plans from Real Life Toys in Wales, the body kit we can supply.


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Didi 26 drop keel foil

 The drop keel foil is made from Iroko which is laminated to the required width.

Shaping the Didi 26 drop keel is done after the CNC machine has marked the foil and top shape out.

Pricing on application.


Didi Mini Transat rudders

 We have the required profiles in our CNC machine, rudders can be supplied as laminated blanks for home finishing and completion or as shaped and glassed , with an epoxy primer finish.

Laminated blanks which have been CNC cut to the required profile.

The blanks are sprayed black to show the depth of the grooves as the shaping is done.

We use clear oregon pine as the core material.

Glassed with 460 gram biaxial cloth to the designers lay up, epoxy resin is used to bond the cloth with.

Contact me on pricing, shipping World wide can normally be done.


Sadler 26 rudder made

 A new ( old stock ) Sadler 26 yacht was ready to launch , there was no rudder supplied with the hull and deck moulds, we made a rudder for that boat.

Contact with the Sadler 26 association in the UK found that even they do not have a set of drawings to enable them to remake a new rudder. We used a rudder on a local Sadler 26 and took the profiles from that, you can see the black lines they are the shape we had to machine to.

French made okoume marine plywood is used.

Please contact me for pricing.

Rudder manufacturing in Cape Town

We have made a number of rudders, from an Optimist, to a Mirror, to Didi Mini Transat, Holiday 23, Didi 26, Sadler 26, Etap 34 also an Irwin 51 which is pictured here.

We were sub contractors to the company who removed the old and damaged rudder.

 Painted in etch primer, underneath the paint is biaxial glass cloth and epoxy resin.

460 gram biaxial glass cloth with thin epoxy resin sealed and covered the okoume marine plywood new rudder.

A cut out box was made to enable the rudder to be swung to one side and enable removal.

We use marine plywoods and imported from France.

Prices on application.


Monday, 19 October 2020

The St Ayles Skiff kit build In Hout Bay

 The Hout Bay Yacht Club found interest in the creation of a rowing section, first they needed a boat, they chose the internationally accepted St Ayles Skiff and ordered a kit from CKD Boats.

The pictures were taken three days back..

A mixed crew, its worked really well for the HBYC rowing club group.

The team also made the oars, sizes and shapes are all in the plans.

Rowing is really good exercise.

Please contact me for St Ayles Skiff supply and pricing.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

The Argie 15 by Dix Design

 Some pictures to show what the boat looks like as a kit set.

Note, this is an Argie 15 when assembled, the picture is from the Dix Design web site.

This shows the panels we cut to make the Argie 15 plywood kit set.

The Argie 15 plywoods now use Jigsaw joints which speeds up assembly.

When required we can also supply selected and machined Meranti hardwood to the lists on the designers plans.

We pride ourselves in our packing, we use a 13mm plywood and secure with steel band strapping, there is an Argie 15 kit in the plywood crate, it is on its way right now and to Picton via Nelson, in New Zealand.

Please contact me for pricing.


Picaroon 2 sail boat kit, a design by Sam S Rabl

 The plans I have give the list of materials, wood and plywood, which is six sheets, the shapes that the plywood is cut to for bulkheads, also the rudder.

There are two versions of the Picaroon, the first one had flat sides and flat bottom sections, the Picaroon 2 has the rounded hull shapes, the drawings I hold show both versions.

The design dates to around 1925 and has been built in many parts of the World.

Ply woods are six sheets, we can CNC cut to size and shape, also do the transverse fames to either and in suitably thick plywood.

This is a project that we would need a customer for that we can work with to product kit number one, we can expand the plywood stations with the lumber listed by the designer Sam Rabl.

Contact me for further information.


Saturday, 17 October 2020

Argie 15 kit build

 This is one of our best selling kits, it is a right sized boat to take family and friends out in,

We also/ supplied the North Sails and Ronstan deck gear to this Argie 15 kit

Contact me for the PDF file on this design with prices and some video links in it.


Friday, 16 October 2020

Mirror Dinghy CNC cut plywood kits

 Back in 2014 CKD Boats was the first company in the World to cut a Mirror Dinghy kit on a CNC machine.

The first kit was assembled by Peter who is a professional boat builder, that is he bending down and inspecting  the plays.

We were granted permission to cut the kits by the Mirror Asscociation and paid for the ISAF license which then gave us the kit serial numbers for the ten kits that we cut.

Peter said that this was the best fitting kit that he has ever worked on.

The dagger board foils are included as is the rudder.

We can look at cutting more but will need an order of at least three boats to make the license purchase possible?

We use imported French made okoume marine plywood.

Price wise allow R17,000 per kit.

That price indication is about U$1050 or Pounds 850,  both subject to checking on imported ply prices.

Shipping Worldwide is possible.

Right now we can no longer offer Mirror Dinghy repair panels, once we have renewed the ISAF license we can re offer that service.

Please contact me for more information.


Friday, 9 October 2020

Stuart's Optimist kit build picture

 Stuart in the USA ordered an Optimist kit from us, the kit included the plys CNC cut to size, the builders jig, a North Sails sale and a Harken deck pack.

He made a nice job of the build!

Sails can have various colour patches on, in this case there were girls who will sail the boat so pink was chosen.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Optimist dinghy kit build sequence

 These pictures will show the way our Builders Jig and hull panels are assembled.

The jig is built first, it can be re used for the building of more Optimist hulls.The panels are best fitted dry and so that you can check dimensions which we supply with each kit.

Try the panels in the jig and so that you understand the assembly process, it is best not to be in a rush to glue panels at this stage.

Dry fitting gives you more time to know what panels to fit first.

This picture shows a home made clamp and a wooden wedge to help pull the panels together and close the joints.

Seen here all the panels are in place, this is a good time to measure the sizes overall to ensure the boat will measure to the Optimist rules.

This was our first Optimist dinghy hull assembly, it was removed from the jig which is on the table behind it so that the dimensions could be checked, at this stage it has not been glued together.

Plans and a builders guide are supplied with each kit, this is six sets of builders guides.

An option is we can supply the meranti wood, North Sail and Harken deck package.

A North Sail, the corner patches can be supplied in a range of colours.

Packing securely in a plywood crate is how we ship our kits Worldwide.

Steel band strapped for full security.

This Optimist dinghy was built from one of our kits, we supplied the North Sail and the Harken deck gear as well.

Contact me for a PDF with pricing.