Saturday, 17 November 2007

Price Increases are due?

Time to add to the Blog,stuff is changing week by week,not month by month anymore,the big news is we will close for 2007 on Friday 14th December next,so any orders you may have on your mind had best be placed soon.

Prices,we have seen quite large materials price increases in the past six months,some are fuel realated and we have not seen the end of this yet,SA Ports put up their handling fees by 8% a few months back,add that to shipping fuel surcharges and you can imagine the knock ons.Its very much the same with inbound deliveries by road,fuel prices have risen eight times this year,with a large one to follow just in time for the Christmas holidays,so rates per Kg have gone from around R2.65 and will soon head for R4.00 per kg.

Log/veneer prices are rising also,plus our suppliers often buy in Euros but pay in U$,with the demise of the U$ currency,our imports will also cost more,add to that the normal year on year rent increases and you should have no bother understanding why our prices will be higher next year,in fact our next shipment of Superform bendable plys,arriving soon,will cost more from this month anyway.

To offset a lot of the increases in costs we have now moved all our CNC boat kits to Chinese Ockume plys,its a quality replacement and saves a stack of money but for those who want a Lloyds certificated ply,we can still supply from our french plywood source , you will see a large increase in price to cover Lloyds BS 1088 certification though.

Countries we have sold to.

We added another one this month,with a confirmed order to a Didi 38 boat kit,so I think we have fourteen countries as customers now,this new order is much the same as the one sent to Johnston Athol,close to Honnolulu,Pacific Ocean,the client can buy zilch boat parts where he is (they dont even have a marina!) so we will ship the entire boat out to him as a container load,thats the boat kit,sails,mast,engine,deck gear,interior fittings,everything right down to hose clamps, screws and paints.We have agencies for most marine equipment suppliers,we split our trade discount,or agree on a fixed mark up on cost,so the buyer/customer buys at less than he normally would anyway,he/she also recieves our in depth knowledge on what ever is purchased.

All for now!