Saturday, 11 January 2014

Packed epoxy order

Some areas can not source the correct epoxy for boat building, possibly they can not get advice
on its application either? We supply advice and ideas on our products use, which may be worth the cost of the product when you think of it?

This was packed for Alfonso yesterday, we estimated about R100 for postage, it was a bit more at R100.99 cents!

We stock epoxy and cure agent, plus stuff like glass tapes and cloth, plus
3M micro balloons and fumed silica, both of which make good fillers and fillets.

Orders accepted country wide plus across the border.

Pay-Pal and other payment methods accepted.


Guys first Argie 10 sailing trip

Guy bought an Argie 10 kit from us some while back, he has now finished the project and went for his first sail recently.

Looking good! the Argie range has been a very good seller for us, starting with the Dixie Dinghy, then the Argie 10 and the Argie 15, which is large enough to use as an over night camper when required.

Guy is now thinking about a next build and is thinking about something larger.


Friday, 10 January 2014

What if you want a hard spray dodger on your boat?

This was being thought of by a local yacht owner, he made cardboard mock ups, he was even told ' That will blow away in the first gale' he also got to use his camera and using various photo programs
place dodgers and cabins from other boats superimposed onto his own.

It looks as if it belongs, its really a clever trick of the camera program!

This is two pictures bonded into one, the hard dodger with its 6mm toughend glass to SABS is the first kit we produced, todate others have been exported to New Zealand and also the USA.

The dimensions are the changes we have to make to suit this boat, we can size things up or down but only in percentages unless we make it higher or longer. In this case we will supply the roof as an extension which goes right past the steering wheel position (removed) giving good protection from sun and rain.

We start the order next week, the owner will build the hard dodger himself when he has the kit.

Watch this space for updates!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

1275c Mini Cooper S for sale in Cape Town, South Africa

Who wants a genuine Mini Cooper S 1275 single tank (old shape) with matching numbers and restored?

At this time I have not even seen the car but I do know the owner very well, we talked about the
car being my next project but a buyer needs to be found first.

The car is said to be an early model and about 1963/4, its a bare shell right now, so ready for its rebuild and a new owner.

This is not the actual car but shows what a Mini Cooper looks like.

I already have a genuine 1st edition ,September 1961 Cooper  parts manual on my books on cars, so re assembly should be faster and correct.

I heard on Sky TV that Jeff Randle Live was saying the market in wrist watches and classic cars was better than the stock market these days!


Didi Mini Transat Cruise launch

As I was mentioning the exports of kits, David in Perth, Australia sent me a mail with the message below. We supplied the kit, the parts like stantions, pulpit and pushpits to finish the boat with later, this often helps with the builders cash flow while building.


                                                                                                      The day has finely arrived it's going in the water 

                You are invited to attend and witness the official launch of 

                             Davids  Mini Transat 650     Martine  

                                             at 10.00  Sunday 2 February 2014.

                            At South of Perth Yacht Club  Applecross.


                          RSVP  @















Selling to the world

We started the company on an order for a Didi Mini Transat, boat number one and its still here and I believe for sale. That was about ten years back, we then started to be asked for kits to be exported world wide, the sales continue and our packing service has become well known.


This one was a surprise to even myself, a Taylors 30L paraffin stove, sent on return or sale by its owner in Durban 1000 miles away, we found a buyer in Australia many more miles away!

Here you go Roy - reassembled in my front yard (boat project in the background). I look forward to seeing it on your blog!


The delivery was by regular postal service, at 37kgs in weight we broke the stove down (with care) to three smaller packs and shipped from our local post office at a very reasonable cost of R1340, that's about U$125.

This way we all scored, Chris the owner, myself and Ben the new owner!


This may suit someone for a rebuild or spares, open to offers.

And to prove it works, well did when the gas burner was fitted inside the oven, now removed but you can source and fit one yourself.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Bomboloza Scull revisited

This local design  was featured back in 2009, Dave who designed it bought plys and CNC work from us, we still have the cut files so more kits to Daves design can be supplied.

First day test.

Words by Dave, the boats designer:

Here are a few pics of the ‘Vuvuzela’, which is the double partner to the ‘Bombaloza’ single.  It is constructed on the same principles and is similar in design, except it has a flat bottom while the Bombaloza has a v-section throughout.  I have received quite a bit of positive feedback about the boat, mainly because it is very versatile since it is able to carry up to 4 people (2 rowers, 1 passenger and 1 coxswain).  So a bit more social than the single.

The building jig on the right hand side can be used many times, note the part assembled second boat to the left.

These boats are light and easy to handle but are suitable for use in protected bays and sea conditions.
The one man version can be carried by one person?




Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Didi 15 Sport Boat

This  design is now active but as yet the materials list has not been provided, so no kit prices just yet.

We have a request for a kit price and will post that as soon as we can.


The Didi Sport 15 design started a few years ago and has been moving along very slowly, at the pace of the prototype that is being built by a very meticulous builder. He is making a beautiful job of his new boat, hence the slow rate of building.

This design started as a 16ft bigger sister to the Paper Jet. It was to be of similar concept but a twin trapeze skiff for two adults. When he told me that he also planned to use it as a picnic boat for four adults with cooler boxes, I told him that the Paper Jet concept really had no chance to serve all of his requirements. The concept immediately changed to what you see in the Didi Sport 15, as a ballasted sportboat.

The Didi Sport 15 hull is a little sister to the Didi Mini Mk3 and a direct development from it. It has the waterline beam and stability to serve the picnic purpose that the builder wants, able to carry load in a relatively docile manner if reefed down to suit the breeze of the time. In this mode she is really a sportboat with a modern and powerful rig that can be reduced to be more docile if needed. With her full rig of squaretop mainsail, self-tacking jib and asymetrical spinnaker on a retractable bowsprit and launched from a chute, she will be a spirited racer for club Olympic triangle and point-to-point racing. Or just blast back-and-forth across the bay or lake until you wear yourself out from fun and excitement.

She has a covered foredeck above a sealed rapid-draining wet deck, which creates a safe and dry storage area and shelter for small crew. These characteristics make her a good option for raid-type racing events that require carrying one's own stores, camping equipment etc over long distances between camping stops. Hanging a tarp or the mainsail over the boom turns her into a camp cruiser, with a cockpit long and wide enough for a couple of airbeds for a comfortable night anchored or nudged up onto the beach in a sheltered private cove.

Hillman Imp Mk2 cylinder head refurbished

This was my so called December holiday project, three Imp heads came in some while back, they looked like junk as they came off the back of my truck.

Shades of Coventry Climax!

Click on the picture for a larger view.

The head was filthy and covered with grime and oil but closer inspection showed the head to be straight and had already had the valves re ground, excepting one valve was not the right type for this head.

Cleaned and bead blasted, the valves were re done and lapped in by hand, with the correct oil seal and oil resistant paper gasket fitted under the coil spring support washer, the head just needs the shims fitting now.


Monday, 6 January 2014

Watchmate Vision AIS new touch screen version

This new model can display all your boats functions, it will work on wi-fi too, being waterproof and daylight readable you can use it in the cockpit.

Available by courier direct from factory to you, credit card payments and Pay-Pal accepted.
CKD Boats cc will handle the order for you.

Check out the website for full information  the  new VHF/AIS antenna makes sense to me,

Free app for you with your purchase, control from your phone!

Smart phones, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets

AIS Transponders with WiFi for
iPad, iPhone or Android Navigation

Vesper Marine has developed two unique Class B AIS transponders with WiFi allowing AIS data to be viewed from anywhere on your boat. The XB-8000 & WatchMate Vision can securely connect up to 5 other devices simultaneously. You can have a wireless connection to your laptop, smart phone and tablet. For even larger networks, you can wirelessly connect to an external WiFi router for unlimited expansion capability.
Works with most navigation software on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Now this package really does make sense!