Tuesday 24 September 2013

Captain Flea bakes some bread

September 24th is our national Heritage Day in South Africa, so I thought this posting may be suitable?


Not only did our Captain Flea bake some bread on Sunday, he was trying out his cut down and converted 030 Taylors stove oven for the very first time.

The cut down 030 Taylors paraffin stove, which was a hand me down has been converted to LPG (gas)
The top burners  will be installed later.

This is quite an early stove? If you send the stoves number to the retailers in the UK they should be able to give you the date of manufacture as they did for the 030 L Taylors stove I have for sale. You can do a gas conversion on it also?

Click on the picture and check the gas burner at the bottom of the oven. I would suggest fitting flame safe types which turn off when the gas fails?

Captain Flea ( Lourens) shows off his very first bread bake!

Wow! this looks good ( and it was)

We were invited for a tasting session , Anna does the bread slicing.

 Now this looks just perfect, note the raisins, there were nuts too.

Cooked for some 40 minutes it was thought that possibly a shorter time would be better.
The crust was really nice, as was the center of the loaf, it was eaten in no time at all!