Wednesday 25 September 2013

Hout Bay, South Africa, B&B accomodation and places to stay

This was suggested to me by a regular reader in the UK, what do I know about the bed and breakfast industry you may ask?

Why not I thought, its that time of the year when seasonal holidays are being planed, I will expand this thread over the next few days. It will highlight what Hout Bay and the places near it are like.

It just happens that a fellow classic car restorer and local B&B association chairman who lives close by knows lots, so if you want advice and some help to make a booking, send me a mail and I will see what can be done?

Its whale watching season in the cape right now,this will continue for some months and we spotted one on our way back to harbour.

Cape Point and not that many miles south of where I took the picture above from, we live in one of the 
worlds favorite tourist destinations.


Mail just in from a regular blog reader:

Good Day Roy,

Like many ex-Cape Town residents, I have been reading your blog for many years as even after 19 years of living in the UK we still get very homesick for Cape Town, the best place we ever lived.
After leaving the UK for a better life in 1966 we as a family spent over 27 years in South Africa, most of these in Cape Town where we brought up three children, two of them made in SA and one made in England, all three are still living there. Foolishly, we decided to go looking for a better place to live on our yacht Jacana but I have to be honest after cruising for over 16000-miles we never did find it, though the grass is certainly greener in the UK it comes at a very high price, in the form of lots of rain and snow.
I see that you have now entered the holidays section and we wish you all the best in this new venture and feel sure that with your knowledge of the sea around the Cape as well as the best places to visit  and contact with the local B&B association, you could certainly offer a wealth of tourist information to anyone who wants the holiday of a life time that is not going to cost the earth.
I wonder if your readers will know that you also have some amazing contacts for sailing around the Cape.
Good luck.
Al & Soni Noteman.

Al is a sailor and navigator, also an author.

The view from East Fort and looking towards The Sentinal on the far side, below and on the seaward side the Seal Island (duiker island) boat trips run daily and around every hour.

Just one of the places to stay, the sea views and sunsets can be quite something, contact me for the
phone number and to place a booking.

Its overcast today but once the cold front moves through this bay will be bathed in sunshine.

The bronze statue of a Leopard  has watched out over Hout Bay for decades, come and see it for yourself. Check the story and a really fine picture here.

The statue was made by Ivan Milton-Barberton.  I think it was stolen once?

The surf is rarely large and suitable for body boarding and surf board training.

With the school holidays now on this is a popular spot for the kids to try to learn surfing.

You may wonder what we have close by and near enough to take a short drive to?

The Kirstenbosch Garden is certainally one of those places, its just 12 kilometres from the center of Hout bay and should take around 15 minutes to drive there.

The roads are good and its an interesting drive through some forests.

If you need some B&B booking contacts send me an email.

roy@ckdboats(dot)com   remove the word dot and replace with a real dot!


There is some history about Hout Bay in this link

The best venue for a sundowner will be the Hout Bay Yacht Club, which is open to non members.

Try for full details and a map of the bay.

Check the link to see the club house and on a day when flea market is hosted.

For snacks, breakfast and lunch, plus ice creams try Murials Munchies, its right next to the yacht club and a short walk from the beach.

 Yes we are still having a little winter rain here but it will be gone in a week or so!

What else can Hout Bay offer you,  well how about a boat trip in the bay?

Where to buy gifts and food?

Lots and lots of such places and one that is well worth a look is the Bay Harbour Market.


The Market’s ideal of “Local is Lekker” finds perfect solace in Bokke & Blomme; a business quite literally inspired by words. 

Janet Ormond's beautifully-rendered text carvings in a variety of fonts are perfect for every mood and environment and serve as a fantastic wooden wordsfor every room.

Patriotic South Africans find colloquial slang a particular darling, with “Howzit” being a favourite for entrance halls and bar walls alike. 

Whether “Dream” finds a place above your bed, or “Yummy” adjacent to the fridge, all and sundry will have a perfect setting to incorporate the written word into daily life.

Both functional and fun, Bokke & Blomme can do custom designs, or simply browse the locally produced array on offer. 

The English language has so many gems that have such an uplifting impact, even Mother Theresa said “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly