Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Guyana, Devils island group, St Joseph Island

This picture has been taken from high up on the island of Royal and what was once called French Guyana.

The anchorage is where my family and our Endurance 37 cutter spent some two weeks enjoying the islands.

Check that approaching rain squall , we had exactly the same the day we arrived and the islands just vanished from our sight.

I have a chartlet if anyone needs one?


Friday, 7 July 2017

The USA Wooden boat show

Dudley Dix showed three of his designs this year and two won awards, one was in first place and the other in second place.

From left, Hunter Gall's DS15, Kevin Agee's Argie 15 and my Paper Jet.
This 26th edition of the Wooden Boat Show proved to be an exceptional one for us. The weather was good and the show was well attended, with a tremendous amount of interest in the two brand new boats. The high quality builds were rewarded with first place for Hunter and runner-up for Kevin in the "Owner-Built Sail" division of the competition. I extend my congratulations to both of them, their hard work and attention to detail really paid off.

Congratulations to the builders and the designer!


Monday, 19 June 2017

Ferodo VG95 competition brake linings

Simply the best and as made in Great Britain  by Ferodo.

Priced at Pounds 44.00 per set of four linings, they are very affordable, the postage price with tracking is available on request.

Two packs of four shoes have been sold to a race Imper in Germany, so just three sets left!

This image shows that the linings shape to fit the Imps eight inch brake drums made by Girling.
Click on the image to enlarge it.

These are now a rare item and cannot be repeated?

I have some five sets of four that could be for sale.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Tim Millinton the well known Hillman Imp tuning expert rated them very highly.

Contact me for pricing etc.


Jaap's Argie 15 kit is collected

We use a well known national courier for country wide deliveries, this Argie 15 kit will travel over night and probably reach its destination within a three day period.

The main pack is the plywood and is steel band strapped between two sheets of 9mm thick OSB board (oriented strand board) Jaap has been advised to have a pair of suitable side cutters ready for when the kit arrives.

We used imported French made marine plywood produced by Joubert.

The Argie 15 kit is off to  a town on the East coast of South Africa, we can of course ship Worldwide.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Argie 15 kit, now with imported French marine plywood

The French marine plywood made by Joubert  is very good, it is also more expensive than some other makes?

We have just received an Argie 15 boat kit from our CNC shop.

Nice lable to keep for the proof that the boat was made using the French made okoume marine plywood?

This Argie 15 kit has the optional side seats, so an eight sheet of plywood kit.

We also supply some of the consumable such as epoxy, glass tapes and filler powders as well


Friday, 2 June 2017

British Seagull fuel tank restoration

This shining tank was bent and battered, the top filler had been crudely cut off with a disc grinder.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

A new solid brass filler next was specially turned out on a lathe, then an specialist metal worker removed both ends.

When the ends were off the tank was straightened, then the ends were re attached.

Four days work, that is just the tank!

Easy, no but just look at the result.

A special British Seagull transfer will be fitted to it next.

This is the condition that this engine was in when it arrived from Pretoria, South Africa.

This picture shows the same engine and some months later, stripped and restored and ready to be sent back to its owner in Pretoria.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Basils Argie 15 gets a power upgrade

Hi Roy

Now Argie 15 equipped with electric engine and swimming ladder.

To protect the hull, I added 1,5 mm inox profiles to the runners.

Have a good day,


Monday, 15 May 2017

KD 860 plans and materials supply.

One KD 860 we did supply materials to is the one in the picture.

With permission from the designer, we can also supply the plans and the building instructions, we then pay the designer his plans fee.

This KD 860 was made longer so would really be named a KD 100.

The boat was built here in South Africa.


The KD 860 design as a kit set

We are about to do a KD 860 bulkhead set and export it to the customer.

The design fee and plans can be purchased onl line from the Bernd Kholer K Designs web site.

Please note, the pictures are from the K Design web pages and are representative only.

Contact me for details on shipping a flat pack of pre cut bulkheads to you.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Toy sized Toylander kit

Sized to fit in a large padded envelope and posted to you world wide.

A licence fee to Real Life Toys is payable and will be included with the bill of sale.

The first Toylander kit we cut was full sized !


Friday, 12 May 2017

Superform Bending plywood, do you know about it?

Gavin came in his closed van to collect a few sheets of our Superform bending plywood.

Gavin was a past customer and knew that this was possible.

The sheets are 8mm thick and sized 1220mm wide and 2440mm long.

Superform bending plywood is imported into South Africa by CKD Boats c c

Its also waterproof to a certain extent.

Contact me for pack lot prices.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Didi Mini Transat by Dix Design

One day Dudley Dix called me and asked would I be able to CNC a set of his Didi Mini Transat design bulkheads?

My reply was positive and we took it from there.

Royal Cape Yacht Club, that is Cape Towns Table Mountain in the background.

The bulkheads were followed later by the hull and deck skins, by then I was building two of these boats to orders from customers.

Check the finish, this is a 6mm thick hull skin only but as we used the best quality 6mm okoume marine plywood available, it was a five ply, the surface is stable and takes paints well.

Contact me for details on this and other Dix Design boats.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Boat building materials

This Dix 43 aft cockpit pilot saloon yacht was built by Andre, he sourced quite a lot of the interior materials such as bending plywoods and exotic veneers from CKD Boats cc.

Click on the images to enlarge them

We send congratulations to Andre and on a job that looks really top class.

The boat is now on its first voyage, this one will be by road transport.

All the best Andre and have a good trip.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dix 43 in radius chine okoume marine plywood/epoxy

This yacht was built here in Cape Town, South Africa and by one person.

The hull build time was just six weeks, some help was given by others to set the 18mm thick bulkheads up.

The RCYC slip in Table Bay Harbour

Total time to do the hull and decks was around fourteen months, then the fitting out took place.

This is not one of our CNC boat kits but it does give you an idea what mainly one person can create given the time and effort.

The same yacht and on the HBYC marina in Hout Bay, South Africa.

The yacht at the V&A Waterfront in the Cape Town Harbour.

Back in Hout Bay.

The yacht has since been sold.


One of our Optimist kits has been built in Zurich.

Contact me for the builders contact information.


Hi Roy

Thank you for the optimist kit you sent me.

I have just finished the Alinghi "cult" Optimist. The boat is now for sale.

Please find attached some pictures.

Have a good day?

Friday, 28 April 2017

We have an export order to produce a Fireball kit.

Pricing will be done over the next few weeks, that will be the CNC plywood hull and deck panels, bulkheads, hardwood to framing etc.
North Sails and Harken deck gear will be offered by optional to the kit.

Licence fees may be liable.

Shipping the kits worldwide will be possible, it depends on where you are?

Contact me for more information and pricing.


Fireball (dinghy)

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Klassenzeichen Fireball.PNG
Class symbol
Fireball dinghy.svg
Crew2 (single trapeze)
Hull weight175 lb (79 kg)
LOA16 ft 2 in (4.93 m)
Beam4 ft 6 in (1.37 m)
Mast Length22.3 ft (6.8 m)
Mainsail area108 sq ft (10.0 m2).
Jib / Genoa area35 sq ft (3.3 m2).
Spinnaker area140 sq ft (13 m2).
Class is a member of World Sailing
Fireball dinghy under spinnaker
Originally designed by Peter Milne in 1962, the Fireball is a one-design high-performance sailing dinghy. The Fireball is sailed by a crew of two, and sports a single trapeze, symmetric spinnaker and chined hull. The class is strictly controlled, but has adapted to advances in building techniques. The hulls (plywood, FRP or composite) have a strict minimum weight limit of 175 lb (79 kg) (with correctors).
The Fireball is a highly competitive dinghy, with large fleets worldwide and state, national, continental and world championships held annually. Competitors of all ages help make this class enjoyable for everyone. The performance of the boat is very dependent on tuning as the Fireball's rig can be adjusted in numerous ways.

Friday, 7 April 2017

The Royal Cape One Design as a kit?

A mail today from a friend asked if we did the R.C.O.D ?

I told him about Justins blog.


The idea on the RCOD as a kit has been around for some while, it has yet to become an order.

I suggested to Justin to start the SA Yacht blog a few years back, we were discussing the state of the supply of keel boats, I told him that the RSA yachting industry was far greater than many would imagine, so he started the blog.

It gets a heck of a lot of views these days.

HBYC's Shosholoza (1) during Admirals Regatta 2006
Video clip of Shosholoza finishing last race in strong wind

We can move forward with this design if some orders are placed.

How easy can we make it.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Toylander model kit

This model of the Toylander was created by the man who does our CNC work his name is Nigel.

We have discussed scale models of our various boat kits for some while,with new orders coming in,we needed to check out our Finger Joint systems on the Toylander Series Two we have on file,some joints were not meeting exactly,so Nigel came up with a great idea to re scale down to a 3mm MDF board,this means a 1/4 sized Toylander,

check the joints,find out where the finger joints fit before you build the real thing, so now we have our first toy scale kit!

This smaller scale model of the full sized Toylander kit can be used to get the feel of build in the reall thing full sized.

It  is small and light enough to post to most places.

CKD Boats cc are licenced to produce the full sized Toylander, terms apply and the buyer must first purchase the plans from Real Life Toys who are in Wales, UK.

Our scale kit shows you what our full sized Toylander is supplied as, we have added finger joints to enable a faster build, that should be easy to do in the period of one day.

Only CKD Boats cc offer this service, we can of course supply the scaled down kit as well.

Contact me for more details.