Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ferodo VG95 racing brake shoes

Two sets sold this week, so four linings left and as one set.

We have about three sets of four shoes per set left.

Friday, 20th October 2017.

Correction, two sets were sold to New York in the USA today, with two more sets sold to Germany a while back there is just the one set left.

Who wants it?

The Rootes, Ford  and BMC competitions departments will all have used these shoes at one time?

They will fit either 7" or 8" brake drums.

This is the lining when clamped to the 8" diameter  Hillman Imp brake shoe and brake drum.

Only Pounds 11.00 per shoe each, plus postage World wide.

Suitable for the Hillman Imp and Sunbeam Stiletto, the width is 37mm and length 178mm (aprox)

When they are gone they will be gone!


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