Tuesday 17 October 2017

Building the Dix Design Retro 29 here in Hout Bay

This one is in the village we live in.

Mike has the first bulkhead in place, his daughter looks as if she may be the center of attraction.

Watch this space for what I hope will be regular updates.

Below is the boat as it will become.

This is the okoume marine plywood kit set we supply.

MARINE PLYWOOD 1,22x2,44m (4'x8') (preferably Gaboon or Okoume plywood)
4.5mm (3/16") - 8 sheets (use 4mm if 4.5mm is not available)
6mm (1/4") - 4 sheets
9mm (3/8") - 24 sheets
12mm (1/2") - 6 sheets

CNC  cut and shipped to you World wide.

You can have a tradition gaff rig or a cut off main racing rig.

We can supply North Sails to each buyer of one of our Retro 29 ,kits either with the kit or at a later date when your ready for the sails, the option is yours?

Delivery was made from the back of an LDV

Everyone helped, these are exciting times!

From Justins SA Yacht blog

Monday, June 4, 2012

Didi 29 Retro!

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing!
I wonder if musicians can appreciate written music before they have heard it played? I guess they probably can otherwise how would they write it? Anyway - this is the first boat review I am prompted to do on a boat that has not actually been built yet. Its also the first one for which I have been prompted to include an exclamation mark in the name! You'll see what I mean . . . there will be more to come when we see it on the water.

This is an extraordinarily interesting design from a number of perspectives. When I first saw the outlines on Roy McBride's blog I responded with a short email commenting on the design which he immediately published, and the interest in this design has been immense.



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