Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Boat Building Epoxies

They are in stock now, sold at R375 per 1.65 kg pack and Vat at 15% if your a South African resident.

Shipping Worldwide can be done but we require a Hazmat certificate for each order we send out.

We also have 2.2 kg packs of Phenolic resin glue in stock.

Contact me for more information.


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Paper Jet 14 for sale

This Paper Jet 14 was built from one of our CNC plywood kits, it was built to the very highest of standards and was also a three issue feature in the South African magazine called Sailing

The offer is complete with a launch dolly.

Good day Roy,

Hope that you are well. I am selling my paperjet if you know of someone interested.

The price is R 28,000 It comes with launching stainless steel dolly Standard main sail jib and spinnaker.

Please contact me to be put in connection with the seller.


Friday, 7 September 2018

The HBYC is to build a St Ayles Skiff.

The first boat was delivered today and as a CNC cut kit.

This pack of plywoods makes up one builders jig and one hull, a second or third hull ( or more ) can be built on the same builders jig, so a very nice cost saving.

This panel is part of the builders jig which will be set up first.

The team will start the building jig frames first, then proceed to the hull stave planking.

HBYC has come up with a number of builder options, one is you become a share holder in a boat, this gets you involved and even allows you to sell on your share at a later date.

Contact me for information and pricing.


Friday, 17 August 2018

Superform bending plywood

Another container load is due in this month.

We import in these sizes :  3mm - 5mm and 8mm thicknesses, the sheet size is 2.44mtrs x 1.22mtrs ( the old imperial 8' x 4' size)

Grain direction is in either short or long grain..

3mm packs are 150 sheets
5mm packs are   95 sheets
8mm packs are   55 sheets.

Bonded with waterproof glue and CE aprooved.

Contact me for more details.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Canon EOS 450D Live view and auto focus

Canon EOS 450 D  Live View settings                                                         August 5th 2018

How to find Live View on the cameras rear LCD screen and activate the Auto Focus option.
Live View is the term that Canon use when you view a larger image through the rear LCD screen that measures 2.5” x 2.0” in size.

Note, you will need to enter Menu and locate Live Viewing and Enable that option.

To set the Live View rather than use the tiny eye window on the top rear of the camera follow the instructtions below.

Use the round selection knob on the top right and select AV.

Press the center button marked SET lower right.

The LCD screen will now display the ‘Live View’

Use the Disp. Button top left to remove or add info until you have a clear screen

Here I have activated the auto focus by pressing the top button and until the white box has turned green, which is when the frame is in focus.

To activate the Auto Focus, press the larger round black button top right and marked with a star *

To start with the auto focus will show a white rectangle center, when this turns green the lens is in focus

To take the picture use the larger shutter button on the right front and top of the camera body where the hand grip is.

Note, the Canon 450D is a ten year old camera as it was released in 2008, it has a 12 megapixel memory and with the standard 18-55 mm lens has an Auto Focus and is Image Stablised.

The Auto Focus will not work when the camera uses the option of Live View via the AV setting option, use the information as above to auto focus or do a manual focus in the normal way.

I find that the option to use a Live View and what is in effect a semi automatic focus suits me and makes the camera just that much nicer to use.

Roy McBride
Hout Bay

The history of The Traditional Boat Association

Colin Davies wrote and had the book published, all proceeds on the sale of the books went to the NSRI.

I have five left and for sale, they cost R200 each and again the proceeds will go to the NSRI.

The book highlights the monthly meetings and talks.

I was asked to do a follow up publication and on the members many classic yachts/

Contact me for your copy of Colins book.

NSRI stands for National Sea Rescue Institute, it is not government funded and requires your support  please.

Pictured is NSRI Station 8 in Hout Bay harbour.


Jaguar 3.8 ltr S Type travels

After some thirty two years of ownership I sold my 1966 Jaguar S Type to a chap from Australia.

This was taken at the hotel Victoria Falls Hotel.

The car also went to Botswana and I believe that it has now returned to Cape Town and for a full rebuild.


Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Roys Hillman Imp new parts

I have been involved with the 1963 produced Hillman Imp and related makes for some fifty years.

If you use Facebook you may want to view what is now available?

Twin Stromberg CD125 carburetor heat shield, made with 304 grade stainless steel.

There is a Word document with most the parts, send me an email and I will forward the  document to you.

Steering rack lower U shaped washers in 304 grade stainless steel.

Steering column top bush and gear shift lower ball, both  made from Vesconite which has 50% less friction than nylon.

Hillman Imp engine block shim, this one was 1mm thick, we can supply to various thicknesses and in either alloy or stainless steel.

Imp saloon front windscreen, in stock now ( no tint)

Rear wheel nut lock tabs, fronts also.


Superform bending plywood

We have been the importers of this product for at least twenty years, available from our retail outlets and not ourselves.

Available in either 3mm, 5mm or 8mm and in either grain direction.

It is water proof and meets EU safety rules.

A container of new stocks will be available soon.


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Nelson Mandela memorial, Midlands Meander, outside Howick, KZN, South Africa

I recently had reason to be in the Howick Kwa Zulu Natal area, while there I was shown a remarkable art form, it marks what is named The Capture Site .

Words will say little, I trust that the images will?

All images were taken by Roy McBride, I used a Canon  G1X  digital camera.


The monument has to be viewed from 35 meters back from it.

The engraved plaque is in front of the viewing position.

The walk down the paved path has sheet metal signs on the right hand side, many have been removed, stolen ?

The sites view and position relates to the capture place, which is across the road.

Close up and there is really nothing much to see?

There are a number of web sites that name the designer and tell the reason this site was chosen.

Being too close or far away to the work will loose the effect that the designer of this art form wants.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Dek-King from CKD Boats cc in South Africa

We are pleased to advise that we can now offer imports of the top decking system named Dek-King.

We will advise on laying methods and the cost per square meter.

Dek-King is UV stable and can be applied by making a template of the required area to be laid.

Various colours are available.

Contact me for more information or view the web site below.


Thursday, 21 June 2018

Chameleon nesting dingy kit

We had the first set of 4mm okoume marine plys that were CNC cut collected today.

The ply can also be supplied in 6mm thick?

We do not sell the plans, those must be purchased from Danny Green who is the Chameleon designer.

This kit is our first Chameleon cut, is it the first one CNC cut in South Africa?

We are using French imported plywood at this time.

We can ship Worldwide.

Now with a jig set to make the Birds mouth spars set.


Monday, 11 June 2018

Chameleon nesting dinghy kit

We posted the Chameleon nesting dinghy by Danny Green of Bermuda some time back.

We have been asked to do the required CAD files so as to prepare a kit.

Please advise if you also would like one of these very usable craft.

Please note that Danny Green must be paid his U$35 plans fee before we will process an order.

We will be cutting one of these boats next week (20/06/18) the boat should be started mid July, we will post  the build pictures as they are supplied.

Please contact me for plans.


Friday, 25 May 2018

Hout Bay and the St Ayles Skiff

The first meeting, which was  open to the general public, was held in the HBYC last night, such was the interest that I think some sixty people turned up to see the promo on the design.

Paul the HBYC Commodore opened the meeting and explained why he was giving his full support t a rowing boat class in the club.

There was a lot of interest in the production that was put up on the big screen, build and launch pictures, racing too.

The club has allocated the  ground floor area of the club to members who want to build their own boats.

The basic costing are now known please contact myself or the HBYC for more information.


Friday, 18 May 2018

May 19th 2018 the Royal Wedding

The Bokke & Blomme stand in Hout Bay Harbour is ready.

Best wishes to the happy couple.