Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tididi, Andrews yacht is so elegant!

Seen here in a pre roof fastening picture, Andrews Hartley 37 yacht looks so nice and its not even finished yet.

Check the fancy light fittings, they look to work really well.

PS. I have attached the latest picture. That is the first layer of the top in place just to check for proper fit. Still to be glued in place.

CKD Boats cc supplied much of the okoume marine plywood used in the hull skin and decking of this boat.


Toylander on the move

The works Toylander is now in a new home, a nice family with two sons, one about five and the other is two.

The yellow Toylander is now five years old, the top quality okoume marine plywood and epoxies with 2k auto grade top coats really do pay off over time. The Hillman Californian is now forty seven years old, same again, top quality paints pay off.

Toylander as loaded and soon to be on its way.



Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dix Design DS Sport 15 kit panels

We have had the first set of DS15 sport boat panels cut and they will be shipped to Jim the owner builder this week. Jim has already shaped and glassed the rudder and foil blanks we sent him a while back.

A file picture from the Dix Design web site.

Pictures of the various panels will be posted in the morning!

Now about to be built in South Africa,


Fitting out is the nice part of car restoration

When these cars arrive the years of rust and old paint jobs have to be removed entirely before we can even think of a repaint and then refitting.

New Lucas horns? no they are now about 48 years old but cleaned up well in the bead blasting cabinet.

Type Lucas 6H and model TPAR 545 and TPAR 512.

They are a matched pair with a hi and a low tone, making a very strong sound, later Imps came out with just the one horn to save money, thats how mean Chrysler became in the quest for a higher profit.

Mounted in their box, the original rubber grommet and Lucas colour coded wire, its purple with a black tracer, are fitted and the horns are ready for use again.


Friday, 12 September 2014

Hillman Californian Coupe, fitting out begins

This car was not an expected return to my ownership, its a long story but it now seems the car while having been sold was never transfered licence wise so in legal terms was mine all along? and has been some twenty years or so now.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

So I bought the car back, paid the unpaid four years licence fee (ouch!) and started on this 1967 Imp Caliornians restoration.

I have since found out just 2600 or so were made, of those maybe 55 to 60 are left? this one came off the Rootes Car Co assembly line at the Linwood factory in Scotland February 3rd 1967 and was an export model sent to Mozambique.

RCO stands for Right Hand Drive, Coupe and Export, the number 108 is for the cars original White paint job.

 The car has its original engine, the Vin plate and all numbers match, the engine is still on its original 875cc bore pistons also.

Easy work? well the above front end took me three weeks and at this stage I am far from finshed!

It may be for sale.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Disaster in Hout Bay Harbour

Yet another fishing boat sinks in the fishing harbour, the reasons are many, one reason it seems is the lack of a fishing quota to go out and catch fish?

Click on the image to enlarge it.

The boat is the Barbra, its been tied along side for some years and has not fished as long as I can remember, the part owner has been trying to raise the boat but is way underfunded.


Yesterday and they were still trying to get the boat upright.

They have a small air pump and have managed to get the front of the boat floating.

The block and tackle gear is a good idea but without floats and more power they have made little progress.


Monday, 8 September 2014

The Hillman Imp cooling fan assembly

Now a design that's over fifty years old, once the early Mk1 problems were sorted out, the fan assembly works fine, as long as its kept clean.

I was asked the other day was that the petrol tank filler cap? the reply was No, the petrol tank is at the other end of the car.

Check that huge Lucas generator, all it puts out is a bout 20amps at 12v dc, enough for normal service of course.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wooden boats in Hout Bay

The view from this ply/epoxy Dix 43 shows a perfect day in Hout Bay and looking out towards the back of Cape Towns Table Mountain.

Click on the image for a larger view, the camera was a Canon G1X using the P setting and on an ISO100 setting.

The boats close by are both made from wood, the one just next to the Dix 43 is a Vertue and Carvel planked, she is coming up fifty years old very soon if not already there? It was built by Henry Vink.

The yellow power boat was built using strip plank cedar and epoxy, a very time consuming process but the end result and build came out with a good standard of finish.

The large white boat in the distance is Figaro V also built from wood but using veneers to cold mould the hull, built to win the Fastnet Race for Bill Snaith, he never got to the start line as he sadly passed away before the boat was finished.

The full story as far as I could find out can be read here: http://ckdboats.blogspot.com/2009/04/figaro-v.html


Friday, 5 September 2014

Mirror Dinghy ISAF plaques arrive

As we are the licenced South African  Mirror dinghy kit suppliers, the required ISAF plaques were purchased.

We have ten, all spoken for as one boat was built to proove the CNC process and other kits are on order.

Prices on the various options on request, exports are a possibility.

This is the same set of kit set panels in the picture showing all the parts laid out.

The same Mirror and as the boat builder decided to paint it. We can offer part built to fully fitted out boats as well as our CNC kits, which is a world first and from South Africa!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Traditional yachts on display in the Hout Bay Harbour

I was once asked where all our traditional type craft have gone to? The fact is if we just open our eyes and have a look around they are everywhere.

Open the picture by clicking on it.

A local version of the Flicka 20, moulded here once upon a time, we can supply the hull shapes in MDF if you should want to build your own?

Yacht Flee is the Flicka and is dwarfed by yacht Tara, a South African carvel planked traditional yacht.

The camera I used is the Canon G1X, taken at ISO100 film speed I am finding out this gives better colour than at a higher speed.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hout Bay Harbour today

Hout Bay has long been a tourist destination, some of those toursists arrive by yacht, they may well tie up right here.

You can rent a marina berth by the day, week or month, depends on what the club has and what you want, membership of the HBYC is a requirement, temporary membership is of course available.



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bombaloza scull hull skin panels

Myles collected his plys and epoxies yesterday, he admits to being a total novice boat builder, so his progress will be interesting.

One of the three 4mm Okoume marine ply we cut to make the Bombaloza scull kit

The very detailed builders guide tells you how to assemble the parts.

Sheet three, click on the images to enlarge them.


Monday, 1 September 2014

The Bombaloza scull builders jig

We have one here right now and also the 4mm  CNC cut marine plys to build the actual boat from.

Dave Hartwanger designed the Bomabloza Scull, plans are super detailed and over forty pages long, purchase your plans from Dave and the kit from CKD Boats cc.

Easy stuff!


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Bronze valve guides for the Hillman Imp

In stock now and we include the top oil control seals.

At  R750 a set they are less expensive than some I have seen and we still include the oil control seals.
About GBP 43.00 right now plus postage.


Hillman Imp timing chain

New and the correct size and quality, in stock now.

At R85 this is a good purchase, thats about GBP4.77 right now plus postage.