Monday, 21 September 2020

Our Optimist kit is an international design which we have shipped to many countries.

The package we can supply may be the CNC cut plywoods and builders jig only, or we can include a North Sail and a Harken deck pack as well.

The image above shows the builders jig which is standing up as a full panel, with the bottom of the boat and a center bulkhead laying on the floor.

 Please contact me for the PDF file on the Optimist kit, it includes the many options and many more pictures of the kit and its packing for transportation.


Saturday, 5 September 2020

 We have sold the  Argie 15 as a kit Worldwide, yesterday another one was collected by our shippers who will forward it to New Zealsnd.

Packing securely is part of what this is all about, that large crate will weigh about 80 kgs and has the eight sheets of CNC cut plywoods, plus the required meranti woods, 65 meters of 2" wide ( 50mm )  and filler powders as well.

Panels when they need to be end joined have the jigsaw joints in them.

There is a roll of 65 meters of 2" wide glass tape and some packets of fumed silica, plus micro balloons, both made by 3M, we can also supply North Sails and a Ronstan deck pack to this design.

There is an updated PDF on what we can supply with prices right now, please supply your email address if you would like to receive that file.


Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Argie 15 kits

The Argie 15 and Argie 10 dingy kits now use jigsaw joints for ease of assembly.

Plans and kits are available and can be shipped Worldwide as a kit in a steel band crate.

We are using top quality okoume veneer plywoods imported from France.

Please contact me for  PDF with more information and pricing.

Note, the pictures are from the site

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Liverpool FC are the new champions

With myself having been born in Liverpool City and Anfield there is really only the one team that I would support, yes it is Liverpool.

Waiting thirty years to win the title again has been a long wait but it was worth it !


Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Argie 15 kits are really popular, we have supplied them locally and also to Europe and the UK.

Hello Roy,


This is my Argie 15 kit build.

Regards Alan.

Below is another Argie 15 kit build 

They are made from six sheets of 6mm marine plywood, if the optional side seats are required we cut them from another two sheets of plywood.

Please contact me for a PDF file with further information and prices.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Class Globe 5.80 kits

For those who are thinking of the new and exciting Class Globe 5.80 race boat please contact me for pricing.

Our introduction price is ready for sending to you as a PDF, we are also able to supply the keel plate CNC cut to size and shape with the lead ballast holes pre drilled, the top plate also with the bolt holes to the bottom of the boat and with the mount holes will be included.

A 316 stainless steel fittings pack CNC cut to size is an option for those who want it.

They are a plywood construction and building them is straight forward.

Hello Roy

News from the class founder Don Mcintire:

The new One Design Mini ocean racing yacht. 

Conceived for amateur plywood epoxy construction, the 5.80 Class was launched just a few weeks ago. Already we have around 50 sailors in over 16 countries starting to build. We are expecting many more in the months and years ahead. The interest in this new class and proposed events ( Including solo Transat and Mini Globe Races) is highly appreciated by sailors and well received by sailing media. 

The route around the World has logical stop overs.

As the official kit supplier for this design in South Africa ( exports are also allowed) we can offer those working from plans  French made Joubert okoume marine plywood as well.

Please contact me for information and pricing.

Roy McBride trading as CKD Boats .

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Lucky Fish Wharram 38 kit

When I first met with Dan he was wanting planed timber to use on his new Wharram Tkki 38 build.

Little did I know then that the build would be done so well and that Lucky Fish as he named the boat would become one the the best built Tikki 38 boats out there.

Recently I have re costed the okcoume marine plywoods that we also supplied, those plywoods were then CNC cut to shapes and sizes as Dan required and we ended up with a 55 plywood sheet kit.

The plywood we use is imported from France and is top quality.

It includes 41 sheets of 9mm , 9 sheets of 12mm and 5 sheets of 18mm thick plys, the sheet size is 2500mm x 1220mm.

CNC cutting includes the Lower and upper bulkheads,  Lower and Upper hull panels, Cross beams, Mast beam, Engine well, Stems, Beam trough hull doublers.

The cost ex works Cape Town, South Africa is R181,240 or U$9550 subject to R.O.E at the time of order.

We can ship Worldwide to those who have paid for their plans.


Saturday, 21 March 2020

LED lights for the Toylander

The idea to fit some spare LED white lights as front side lights went well.

The LEDs are far brighter than the lights with festoon bulbs.

They are a brilliant white and as they use a fraction of the power of the festoon bulbs have to be the lights of choice.

They draw milliamps while the two head lights which have 10watt Festoon bulbs fitted draw 1.8 amps together, then the same for the red rear tail lights.

As the LED lights are also brighter I will be fitting the LED bulbs all round to save on power.


Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Toylander 2 front windscreen kit

The base kit now has the addition and option of the windscreen.

There is some perspex panels loose fitted, when the paint has dried they will be bonded in place with a white sealant.

Note for production, 6 mm thick tempered glass is the better choice due to cost and the ease of cleaning.

The frame is made from the same okoume marine plywood that we make the Toylander body from.

The size of the windscreen means that we require an extra panel of 12mm ockoume marine plywood.

The frame can be supplied on its own and with a glass template in 3mm MDF  or with two clear and toughend glass insert panels.

The screen folds down easily, friction on the mount bolts hold it in place when it is raised.

Prices are on application.


Friday, 6 March 2020

Toylander Mark 2 speed control and plans

A motor speed control for a 12 volt DC 30 amp motor is now available, it is an easy instalation job and has an Off position, which is then a rotation clockwise to speed up the electric motor.

The controler will handle 60 amps, twice the load from the motor being used.

The plans for the Mark 2 Toylander can be copied at cost ( 74 A4 Pages ) once the 49.50 pounds royalty has been paid to Real Life Toys in Wales, UK.

Contact me for pricing on the plywood CNC kit, wing corners and pre shaped bonnet .


Thursday, 5 March 2020

An Optimist builders kit from CKD Boats

We were asked by the Knysna Yacht Club to prepare and cut five Optimist dinghy kits, before we had finished that order became three more kits.

The KYC had the building of eight Optimists featured in Sailing magazine news section.

Five of the builds entered the SA Nationals in the Novice class and four came in placed in the top five positions.

One of our Optimist kits completed and sailing.

The supply of the first eight boats proved to be many more but those first boats came from the experience of having to build the first hull some five times ( adjustements ) as the official hand book for then and from the Optimist Asso, gave measurements which were wrong, simply put it was too large when measured!

We did of course build more than the one and it was from those builds that we developed our detailed builders guide, its twelve pages long in an A4 folder and has lots of pictures along the way.

Nigel who built this one is checking to see that the tub is straight, note the builders jig, which is our own design, it can be used more than once. Nigel cuts all of our CNC kits on his large format CNC machines.

The MDF or chipboard jig is simple but effective, it is also reasonably priced.

Jean lending a hand to cut the dagger board slot clear.

A dry assembled Optimist tub, it will then be measured to ensure that it is correct to the Optimist Wood / Epoxy rules which we supply extra to the printed build instructions we supply with each kit we sell.

Our Optimist kits have now shipped as far as California, New York, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, and a whole lot of other places.

We also offer a North Sail and a Harken deck package as an extra.

We are expert at shipping and in a purpose made crate.

This one was built near Johannesburg in South Africa.

One of our test builds and finished in pure white.

We can also supply a North Sail, with colour corner patches to your choice if required.

A Harken deck package is an extra choice you can make.

We only produce the Optimist kits using ockome marine plywood, the outer hull skins are a five ply construction which is the strongest, French suppliers are used , the brand may change with the imports?

Our kit includes the hull skins, sides, bow, transom, dagger board case, thwart, dagger board and rudder.

Please contact me for pricing.


An Argie 15 kit from CKD Boats

We cut and sell many boat designs, plans also , one of the most popular is the Argie 15 by Dudley Dix.

We can also supply the epoxy for RSA residents, glass tapes also.

North Sails and Ronstan deck fittings are a popular addition to the base plywood kit.

This Argie 15 was built here in the Cape Town area and was from one of our plywood kits.

All of the boats posted here are from CKD Boats.

 This one was built in Hout Bay by Alan.

Nick built his Argie 15 near Noordhoek in the Cape Town area.

Jaap built his Argie 15 where he lives on the East coast of South Africa.

I would like to thank Justin for including the design on his SA Yacht blog, please view the pages to see more on the Argie 15.

Please contact me for prices and shipping information which we can handle Worldwide.