Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Volvo MD21 Hurth gearbox identity?

Can anyone tell me anything about this Hurth marine gear box?

There is no makers plate on it but it has the word 'Hurth' cast into its end plate.

It is sitting on the bell housing for a Perkins 4108 marine diesel.

It was removed from a Volvo MD21 marine diesel engine, it has no raw water cooling and has a forward gear reduction of just over 2:1.

I would like to know what model it is and if there is a workshop manual available?

What oil does it use, I think it had engine oil in it?


Monday, 12 October 2015

Sails for sale

New and unused, each sail has been taken out of their new sail bags just the once.

Suitable for a larger sized vessel and intended to fit an Endurance 48 designed by Peter Ibold.

Made by  Ellens & Hudson in tan Dacron.

Both sails have bronze piston Hanks, I can arrange to have a Bolt Rope fitted if you want to use the sails on a furler with bolt rope groove in a foil?


Number one Yankee, 75%,   Luff 15.00 mtrs Leech 9.50 mtrs  Foot 8.40 mtrs weight of cloth is said to be 325 grams. Area is 36.28 M2 or 390 sq feet.

Price R9000.00  or about U$ 670 at the expected exchange rate.

Drifter, 150%,  Luff 16.00 mtrs Leech 15.10mtrs Foot 10.60 mtrs , weight of cloth is said to be 250 grams.
Area 77.40 M2 or 833.10 sq feet.

Dimensions are ex the Peter Ibold Endurance 48 sail plan.

Price R12,000 or about U$888.00 at the expected exchange rate.

All prices are sold in Rands and the exchange rate fluctuation is to the buyers account.

Shipping world wide at the cost to us can be arranged.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Proteus 106 sailing catamaran

This is very good package, we pre cut most of the 120 sheets of imported okoume marine plywoods, plus the 10 sheets of pine exterior ply that are used as temporary spacers.

Plans are direct from the office of Angelo Lavranos in New Zealand, Angelo has a very detailed study package and at no charge, please contact me for details.

We can ship these kits country or world wide.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Hout Bay Yacht Club marina approach

With the annual yacht cruising season fast approaching South Africa, it will be a good idea to post how to enter the Hout Bay Harbour and the HBYC marina.

Looking towards Chapmans Peak from the main quay of the inner harbour of Hout Bay.

The marina is laid out in a letter H , this gives a boat the chance to face the main wind we get which is from the South East and from the Chapmans Peak side of the bay.

The club is a short walk from the marina and along the quay side that the fishing boats use.

The office is run by Anne and Alan, who is both the club manager and also the marina manager.

Main office phone number 021 790-3110  Anne

Marina phone number 021 790-7095         Alan

These phones are both in the same office.

Alan Batley has a cel number also 082-337-2208

Picture by R McBride using a Canon G1X digital camera set to auto.

The marina and looking South West, the mountain to the left is Chapmans Peak, to the right is The Sentinal.

My thanks for fellow HBYC member and past commodore, Justin for setting up the clubs blog pages and for the availablity of the picture and diagrams.


Friday, 2 October 2015

For sale, a Dix 43 with a Hout Bay YC Marina, South Africa

This was taken a few years back as the canvas spray dodger has since been replaced with one of our hard dodger kits, also now changed is the mainsail cover, a new one was fitted using Sunbrella cloth and tailor made to fit the boat.

The boat has seen continual upgrades and is in a nice condition, its a true blue water cruising yacht and is now for sale.

The boats marina berth will also be sold, this could be part of the sales package with the yacht.

The boat has Lewmar self tailing winches all round.

Chapmans Bay and looking back towards Hout Bay where the HBYC marina is.

This boat is set up to be sailed by a crew of just two, with  many of the control lines are accessed by the helmsman.

The boat has a C.O.F group C classification with South African Sailing ( sas) the classification can be upgraded to an offshore level by adding a number of extras etc.

Contact me for the 'Word' folder on the boat.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Superform bending plywoods

The last order has now been sent to our retailers, so stocks are good in the Cape Town area.

We also have a stockist in Durban, please contact me for the contact details.

Superform, it is waterproof and simply the best.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fred's Cape Henry 21 progress

Fred is from Seattle, we sent him a Cape Henry 21 kit a while back.

When he can he sends some progress pictures.

We also supplied Fred with the steel drop keel and a 316 grade stainless steel deck fittings package.

With the favourable exchange rate for those buying from South Africa, our prices are the best they have ever been.


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Stainless steel fittings for the Cape Cutter 19

We are again able to offer the 316 stainless steel package to the Cape Cutter 19, also the Cape Henry 21.


Prices are now in and with the low value of our Rand currency we believe they offer a better value than ever before.

Parts are CNC cut to the exact dimensions on the plans.

Mast Hounds and tangs.

The round drum is part of the keel lifting gear.

We can also offer the drop keel to both boats.

Profiled and milled to shape by a CNC machine it beats trying to make it yourself.

Please contact me for pricing.

We can ship World wide.


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fitting a keel to a wood/epoxy Dix 43

These things take time, so its best to start the program early and work on the keel shoe long before its required, that is what I did anyway.

I was fortunate that a very talented guy named Eroll was sharing the premises I was in, Eroll was the master steelworker, he set things up, then his son Jeremy did the main part of the welding under Erolls supervison.

Jeremy is on the left, he was assisted by Mike and Alfred.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The keel shoe on its own weighed one ton, I then had to add five tons of lead to bring it up tothe required weight, as I said,starting early gave me time, it was two years in the end.

The keel bolts  number fouteen (14) then there are four (4) diesel fuel access pipes as well, totals eighteen (18) holes in the boat which have to match the keel exactly.

The day of the lift Ian was there to give me a hand.

The moment of truth, yes they all fit in their related holes!

My mother Doreen, she is now some ninety years old, it was my late father Robert Henry,  who took all the pictures.

Out of sight but always there was John Holmes, who helped with the line handling and took charge when the propping  of the boat was required.

The next day Ian and myself poured epoxy into the keel bolt stud holes to make sure they would never leak, then with the cap plates and nuts tightend up the boat was left overnight for the epoxy to set.

We launched the boat the next day, that's John standing on the aft deck!

Note, this keel has never leaked a single drop of water.

The boat is now for sale, contact me for detailed Word document and inventory.


Friday, 25 September 2015

Plywood and kit boat suppliers

Things we do?

Okoume marine plywood, Superform bending plywood, flexible veneers, thin plywood, epoxy, and a line of suitable powders to make epoxy fillers and pastes from.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

We also sell boat plans and supply CNC kits to most of the plans we offer.

Delivery national and world wide is a speciality.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa

So we have a day off and lots of sunshine, its said to be a National Braai day, that is a barbacue to some.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Sailing around Hout Bay is a real pleasure when we have nice weather.

Looking back at Hout Bay and from Chapmans Bay.

Druma our dog was a fine sailor also.

This is the very nice view from the deck of the Hout Bay Yacht Club, Castle Beers are being discounted while the RWC is on!


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Thin plywood, a three ply just 1.8mm thick

We can make this (so can you) if we use our special flexible veneer sheets, which are just 0.006 mm thick ,then cut panels to 60 cm square we can press a nice 60 cm x  60 cm three ply up.

All veneer species are special imports.

Note, due to the different stock veneer thicknesses from species to species, the finished panel may be between 1.8mm to 2.5mm.

The finished panel is reasonably flexible and is also moisture resistant.

The materials are all imported, this includes the special glue, which is applied with a foam roller.

The work require  hand cutting of  the veneer sheets to size, then the application of the glue on  all four contacting faces.

The special jig then needs clear plastic sheeting applied to ensure the ply faces do not bond to the jig.

Then the veneers need loading to the jig and the pressure is applied, this is all done by hand as small orders do not support expensive machines.

You can of course press the board yourself but do you want to?

We use a moisture proof  PVA glue imported from Germany.


Thin Plywood in Cape Town,a new product from CKD Boats cc

This thin ply sheet above is in African Mahogany, we also have white and pink beech, white maple, cherry,teak ,we can post anywhere pending the size of your order.

Now ex stock and a three ply in American Cherry, grade A pre sanded faces with no slicer marks!

This product should be perfect for model makers.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Special price offer on our Mirror dinghy kits

They are available ex stock and we can ship country and world wide.

The worlds first CNC cut  Mirror is laying on the driveway, it was assembled by Peter a top boat builder, it measured just fine.

The boat was assembled then fitted out and it was ready in time for the Mirror Worlds in January 2015, which was held in South Africa this year.

They are on a special offer right now, on the basis that they are discounted holding the post production cost of just R9990.00 ( plus Vat if you are a local resident?)  there is no Vat on exports.

That price and say to the UK is only GBP499.00 plus shipping, which we can arrange easy enough.

To the USA it would sell at just U$715.00.

Subject to the  exchange rate on the day of payment etc.


Monday, 21 September 2015

Hillman Imp cylinder head bronze guides and oil control seal set

The first set has been machined, we will soon have them ex stock.

The set in the picture has a buyer in the UK, more sets will be ready in a day or two?

Make that a week!


Superform bending plywood

We have been importers of bending plywood' s for around twenty years now.

simply the best quality and its waterproof as well.

We import 3mm, 5mm and 8mm in a 2.44mtr x 1.22mtr sheet size and with the grain going either long grain or cross grain.

The next generation of bending plywood will be pre veneered on one face with exotic wood species like White Ash.

Seeing is believing,

Contact me for more details and stockists.