Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Aries Vane Gear steering wheel rope clutch

This is the real item sold to me by Nick Franklin the founder of the Aries vane gear.

It is in very fine condition and while it has been used on two South Atlantic Ocean voyages it has never been left out in the weather when we were not passage making.

Click  on the image to enlarge.

Just about as new and ready to go again ( you will need a vane gear to use this, Aries, Fleming etc.

Two adjustable turning blocks are included.

The Vectra pre stretched lin eis brand new.

R4000.00, which is about U$277 only, we can post to most places, Pay-Pal or a bank draft etc.


GRP Duckling sailing dinghy for sail

We are freeing ourselves of some of our sailing past, the sextant and naval charts have just been collected by a buyer.

Next to go on offer is the family sailing dinghy.

The package will include the GRP dinghy, its about 2.7mtrs long and holds a family of four quite well.

The mahogany oars and plastic rowlocks are included as it a rudder and dagger board.

The boat sails really well and also has a mast, boom and North Sail, which is in as new condition.

There was a blue float that fits around the outside, you would have to have a new one made if you want that extra.

There is also a Mercury 2.5hp outboard in perfect condition, not part of the package but we can discuss that.


me for pricing.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Dabchick dinghy news update

In June 2016 we were asked to build a Dabchick, this of course would be a CNC kit built boat.

As it turned out nothing happened but today we have been asked about the supply of a good number of them and for a yacht club ?

If anyone is thinking along the same lines please make contact with me so we can discuss the idea and the way forward.


The Dabchick dinghy as a kit?

The Dabchick dinghy is mentioned in the April copy of Sailing (SA) magazine.

We have been asked to consider building one and if that was to happen we would produce a Dabchick kit.

The design is coming up for sixty years old now and depending who you ask has seen some 3000 to 5000 built to date.

Please contact me for more information on a kit.

There is lots more info on the Dabchick design in the link

Thanks to Mossel Bay Yacht Club for all these pics,
and to Tracy London for bringing them to my attention!
From the SA Yacht Blog, please view it and see the other pictures.

PART 1                                                      INTRODUCTION
In the year 1955 the prototype of the Dabchick was designed by Mr Jack Koper of Cape Town.  He studied the Sailfish, an American designed 'skimmer', but  arrived at the conclusion that she was unsuitable.  He then worked on a plan  to make a flat bottomed boat out of three sheets of plywood and this became  the basis of his thinking and design.  Knowing that plywood is not easy to  bend or twist the rounded bow was adopted, and so the Dabchick was slowly  planned - much of it during sleepless hours in bed.

The first boat was narrower in the beam and had a more rounded bow and a curved transom.  This design proved rather a headache for youngsters to make.  After a season's sailing where she proved herself, a small jib was added and  this improved her performance.  The designer went to work on improving the  design.  There was enough plywood to increase the beam, the bow was widened and a genoa-type jib added. The plans were first published in June 1956.

The growth of the Dabchick was phenomenal and over 3 600 plans have been  issued to prospective builders.  The boats are normally constructed of wood but G.R.P. boats are also available.

The designer handled the class single-handed until the 1st February, 1970,  when the South African Yacht Racing Association agreed to the formation of an Association to be known as the Dabchick Association of SA ( DASA. ) to promote the development of the class, the training of its members, and to  ensure that the boats comply with the rules of the class as approved by the Council of the South African Yacht Racing Association.  A Constitution was drawn up and approved by the members on the 6th January 1971, and the Dabchick was given National Status by the National Authority.

Eric Burner, commonly known as "Father Dabchick" was the first person behind the formation of the National Dabchick Class Association in 1970 and through his efforts it soon became a South African National Class.

The Dabchick has proved herself over the years to be an excellent trainer for the young of both sexes between the ages of seven and eighteen years. The Dabchick can be sailed single-handed or with a crew.

The Dabchick has helped young people to learn how to sail. A number of them have shown top form in senior classes, obtaining the award of National colours.

Since 1985 the Class Secretariat has been administered first by the South African Yacht Racing Association and from 2002 by South African Sailing.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Car licence plate for Mozambique in 1975?

Mozambique in 1975 may be incorrect but it will be a fair start?

I am trying to find out which town or city and in which province the number plate MLH-27-23 belongs to?

The picture was taken in a Johannesburg police pound prior to an auction when the 1967 Hillman Imp Californian was sold. The date is not known but circa 1980/82 as the car was then licenced on the Transvaal roads by the new owner in 1982.

It is known that M is for Mozambique and the next two letters for the town or city that licenced the car, which town is that?

A further clue may be the red tax disc on the windscreen, does the red disc denote a month?

The car as it is today.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Davis master sextant for sale

Just the job for the next trip you make.

This item has since been sold, thank you for looking at my blog.

Just R1500 plus postage to where ever you are?

By Postnet and in the RSA it will cost just R200 to pack and deliver to you.


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Flemings jeans from Liverpool.

Circa 1963 before and after, these well made jeans were sold close to Tysons Building Contractors of 5 Dryden Street where I worked and just off Scotland Road , Liverpool.

They can now be bought once again!

A Brief History of Flemings

The first and possibly the most credible name in jeanswear to come out of Merseyside. W H Fleming founded his clothier company in the Scotland road area of Liverpool in the year 1881. Eight years after Levi Strauss won the patent for riveted pants in the USA, W H Fleming had imported the idea and began manufacturing similar work- wear for the seamen of this fair port.

Size 34 will cost you just GBP30.00

Postage to RSA is only GBP14 so still less than you will pay for Levi's in the UK today?

They offer a logo with the Liver Bird on the pocket or without it, also the name on the back of the jeans as we normally find.

A letter head and a note as a reference?

Dated 12 /01/1911, does 150 Scotland Road in Liverpool still exist, it was on the city end of the road and a lot of road re planning has taken place down there over the years.

The shop that Flemings opened further out of the city can be seen here, the Astoria  is the building on the left, the area is known as Walton Road. The date was in 1973.

My thanks to   for the use of their picture.

There is a new brand logo now, is it new or a copy of the old one?

In case your wondering, I have no asscociation with Flemings and I have never owned a pair of their jeans, maybe one day?


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Huguenot Monument and two classic cars

This will have been circa 1970 or thereabouts?

The grey car is a 1964 Hillman Imp, the Mini will date from about the same period.

Jean Paarman is inside the Imp, that is George and Colleen standing on the lawn, the Mini belonged to George.

The monument still exists but I doubt that the cars do?


Saturday, 9 July 2016

Judy Reid, at the RCYC in 1982

This was the year that the Cape to Uruguay ocean yacht race was on, Judy was selling the race programs.

Picture taken by Ivor M (name obscured in the cutting)

The picture was taken from one of the Cape Town news papers, I have kept it all these years!

We are still in touch with Judy (now Timms)  who now lives down on the island of Tasmania.

She was in Cape Town last month  ( June 2016?) 


Friday, 8 July 2016

Restoration of a Hillman Imp Californian car

The 1967 Hillman Imp Californian took some 24 months to restore,

The car is now close to complete, the fitting of new disc brakes on the front may be the next job to do, the discs are in stock, so an easy job to fit.

This is how the front disc sets look when fitted to the Imp car, this one has extra length studs to accept Supalite alloy rims, which were fitted on a race imp in 2012.

The calipers are Ford and suit the Imp when it has the 13" rims fitted.

With the Imp Sport engine conversion this 875cc engine gives a good acceleration over the standard Imps engine.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

British Seagull 102 series restoration?

This will be my last 'customer ' restoration of a British Seagull?

Click on the images to enlarge them.

I say 'the last' as the cost to parts and labour just is not cheap, time taken is countless hours, which if I charged on a normal mechanics or a plumbers hourly rate would escalate my charges beyond affordability?

I have one more 102 series similar to the one in the picture, that will be done as an in house stock motor and for sale.

The engine above came in last February 2015, that is over six months ago, the time to source spare parts comes to much of that time and of course the final cost to the restoration.

The same engine, bench tested and ready to be collected?


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Basils Argie 15 build in Switzerland

This is another kit set we shipped out.

Basil is doing a very neat assembly job of our Argie 15 kit set.

Hi Roy

I have just painted the daggerboard case and glued the mast step.

I have a question.
Do you know where I can get the 6 meter mast and boom?
Can you supply this or you have a idea where i can order it?


We have supplied Basil with the information he requested and he should be able to source his mast and boom now.


Optimist kit builds in the USA

We shipped three of our CKD Boats cc Optimist kits to a sailing school in the USA.

This image is titled " Three on the floor"

The idea is that the children build the kits with assistance from a teacher, then learn how to sail what they have just built.

This image is titled " It Floats "

Next we hope to see the boats completed and with the builders ready to sail.


Friday, 1 July 2016

British Seagull 102 series runs again

This Seagull engine may be all of fifty nine years old (1957) today it was started and test run on the bench.

Check that four blade propellor, its turning well. This size engine has a clutch, so the drive to the prop shaft can be cut.

Checked it out, no bad exhaust smoke and rather good for a bench run.

JP, comments:

You know Roy there is something awesomely beautiful about those engines - a design led purely by function. So British, and so historical. Everyone should be forced to own one of these at some stage, it would ground quite a few people I know!!!


Four British Seagulls of various types and sizes are in stock and ready for your order and restoration!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Series 102 British Seagull complete

With a new coil fitted this restoration can be said to be complete.

The size of this outboard is quite a challenge but it will push a decent sized work boat all day long with ease.

A new coil was imported and fitted today, the old one looks fine but one end wire was showing signs of turning green and broke easily.

The flywheel was cleaned with our bead blaster and is now back on the engine.

Ready to go!


Teepol Orange detergent

Teepol Orange, simply the best there is and since 1938.

No available again,

5ltr and 20ltr packs.