Sunday, 2 June 2019

Automobile Year book collection

Automobile Year volumes 1953-54 which was the first one to 2012-13.

Sold as a collection which is sixty years.

They are all in English, two early volumes exist in French which are not included in this offer and will be sold in another offer.

The price is 1550 pounds, buyer pays for shipping.

They are in Cape Town, South Africa.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Yacht and Boat parts for sale

Over a number of years I have collected a varied range of marine products.

CKD Boats cc Boat & Yacht parts

The above is a Facebook name to a new site that I have startted.

On that site are brand names such as North Sails, Harken, Lewmar, Volvo, BMW, BMW/Hatz, Hurth, ZF, B and G , Autohelm, and a host of other well known names.

You may find what you are looking for if you visit the Facebook site/


Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Okoume Marine Plywood

Most of the boat kits we supply use the better grade of plywood that is made from okoume veneers.

Genuine marine ply to BS1088 should have a uniform layer of veneer thicknesses.

We use plys from various countries, Spain and France  being two of the countries.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Optimist training dinghy

The smallest boat we supply will be the Optimist dinghy.

The kit we offer has a builders jig which can be re used and is a good offer for clubs to build one after another.

We can also supply the North Sail and Harken deck package as part of the order.

The plywood we use it the correct grade of okoume species veneer which at this time we us from France.

Shipping World wide is possible, two customers from the USA were supplied in 2018.


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Vuvuzella double scull

We have the plans and can now make a double scull CNC kit for you.

The image is the quad scull.

Contact me for details please.


Sadler 26 rudder order

We will be cutting a new rudder blank for a Sadler 26 soon, does anyone else want one?

The profile is pre cut and the shape of the foil is outlined, you then release or free off the extra  plywoods and the foil shape comes to life.

We use imported okoume marine plywood and the correct phenolic glue to laminate the plys with.

Shipping Worldwide is not a problem,


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The launch went off well and the HBYC St Ayles Skiff was in the water

Seen here and in the water for the first time, the ideas on how to move the boat came very quickly.

There was a Scots piper to play the boat all the way from the HBYC club house and into the water.

Tradition has it that the best way to handle  an oar when close to or near another vessel is vertical.

Chris Sutton who did much of the woodwork and assembly of this  new boat kit takes a welcome break and is on the helm.


The St Ayles Skiff has been on its first trip

Seen here and in the Hout Bay Yacht Club boat park the finished St Ayles Skiff is ready to go again.


Reinis Navigator build progress

Just in some images and news from Reini who is building one of our CNC kits in Australia.

Hi Roy.

Boat all framed up, ready for stringers.

3 coats epoxy on, all done prior assembling and gluing.

All spars also completed, so coming along fine, reasonable on schedule for an August launch

Regards  Reini

The progress and standard of work really does look good, kits can be shipped Worldwide, the Navigator designer, John Welsford will supply the plans.


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Building our St Ayles Skiff kit in Hout Bay, South Africa

The first kit was started late last year, it has since been built and will be launched in the Hout Bay Harbour on Sunday 17th February 2019 at the harbour slip next to the NSRI Station 8 and at 1400 hours.

Pictures by Paul Tomes of the HBYC.

Ten persons lifted the boat out from its building place under the HBYC club house.

The finished job is a credit to the group who joined hands, funded the kit and built the boat.

Contact me for a kit and pricing, shipping Worldwide is possible.


Saturday, 9 February 2019

British Seagull engine restoration

The Seagull engine has long since gone out of production, those that still exist tend to be in need of spares or in some cases a full rebuild.

Not all engines are in such bad condition as this one!

Your own British Seagull engine can be restored, labour for one like this early 102 series maybe R20,000 or about U$1600, plus spares required and electro plating.

What you get in return will be a collectors item?

Re conditioned motors are normally test run before they are returned to their owners.

This engine dates to around 1963, it still runs and runs well on a 25:1 petrol to 2 stroke mix as the jets in the Amal twin jet carb were changed to allow the leaner mix.

Shipping World wide is possible.


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Having fun in the USA building our Optimist kit

We shipped an Optimist kit out to Stuart in the USA last November, some pictures have arrived showing the family and the kit.

The little lad is a regular in the garage it seems.

All this work means its time for a sleep for this little man.

It will be fun watching the build progress and then the grandchild can start to learn to sail.


Monday, 28 January 2019

B&G Network Speed transducer

This one requires a new paddle but is otherwise in working condition.

A replacement paddle can also be supplied.

There is also a selection of the various Network instruments.

Contact me for pricing.


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Folk style Harp offer

I posted about a Harp that is being made locally, today the strings were fitted and the sounds from those strings really do sound good.

A qualified engineer made this instrument and the quality is easy to see.

The tuning levers have still to be fastened in place.

While this harp has been made for the makers personal use, more can be produced and to forward orders, shipping Worldwide is not a problem.

Please contact me to discuss your order and pricing.


Shipping to the USA

One of the kits that we sent to the USA last year was an Optimist kit, that included the North Sail and Harken deck gear.

The 4 and 5 year old granddaughters keep bailing while 2 year old grandson Elliott is hanging in with me.

Already thinking about next kit boat,

Best regards,


Patrick collects his British Seagull motor

Good Evening Roy

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase such a classic restored workhorse
Will keep you posted on her performance


The British Seagull in question was in a box of loose parts which I selected from to make the motor that Patrick now owns. It dates to 1962/ 63 and will be a 5hp model.

The container that I am holding is the Castrol 140 grade gear oil, I still have a few left in stock if anyone wants some?


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Packing of our orders ?

Not all of our orders are plywood kits, some are related marine parts or even classic car parts?

This order is a refurbished Aries Mk3 self steering vane gear, plus a 10kg Bruce anchor, it is an original forged steel one, not a copy.

Note that each item has been secured in place with some 16mm wide steel band strapping.

When the 13mm ply lid is in place and screwed up the crate will then be steel band strapped for extra security.


Friday, 11 January 2019

Aries vane gear restoration

In between the boat kits I keep myself busy with various projects, one was a Mk3 Aries vane gear.

When it came in it was frozen solid, it took over a day to unfreeze it.

It is now complete and my next job is to make a packing crate so as to ship it to its new owner.


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

British Seagull 102 series running

This engine dates to around 1962/62, it has been rebuilt and restored .

We first test for coolant circulation with the rubber feed pipe disconnected.

Check the cooling water coming out of the side fitting,  that is the tell tale to allow you to check that you have water circulation.

The test tank.

This  is the long leg version and suitable for a workboat.

We may have enough parts to build one more 102 series British Seagull and to order.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Building our Optimist kit

Another customer in the USA has just received the Optimist kit we packed off to him late last year.

We were asked on some details and replied by return and included some pictures to help show the assembly process.

Nigel who also cuts our kits built one of our Optimists to really get a first hand feel of the process.

Assembled and still with the two spacers in place, they will be removed after the Meranti wood side rails have been fitted.

Often selected pictures can help builders understand the assembly process better?

Details of the thwart showing the center Hog and side Stringer.

Each kit we supply has a detailed 14 page builders guide, it explains the build process and contains pictures, also included are the official measurement , related drawings.

Contact me for kit and shipping prices.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

Finding a New British Seagull outboard

The word New is an indication as to the engine I will post on here.

Of course as the engine dates to 1961 / 62 it is far from new as it has been used.

The trick is that when it was used the water it was in was fresh water and in the Vaal Dam, South Africa.

Part of its restoration has been done, new fuel tap cork seal, new fuel line, new spark plug cap, new filler cap cork gasket, new fuel bowl, new hand grip on the tiller arm, the nuts on the engine were removed where possible and re chromed ones fitted.

The down tube for the drive shaft has very good chrome work, the main down tube is  the nicer stainless steel option.

The engine really just needs the damaged petrol tank sorting out and a new British Seagull transfer sticking on.

This is a 4 hp motor, it runs on a fuel to oil mix of 10:1 but it may be able to run on a 25:1 mix if I re jet the carburetor?

I bought  this for my own use, it may now be for sale?


British Seagull runs again

This engine is the 102 series and dates to around 1962/63, the series was first introduced in 1931?

It has the Villiers coil and also the gear disengage option.

The Amal 2 jet carburetor had to be imported for this restoration.

Given that the engine runs a petrol (unleaded) to 2 stroke oil mix of 10:1  it was pleasing to see that when dry run on the bench there was very little smoke.

Made from parts that I have in stock, this motor sort of came from my store shelves, it has since been sold.

It has been wet tested .

Most of the engines chromed parts were taken to be re chromed, what parts that can be replaced such as the throttle cable were changed from stock parts.

I have a smaller 4hp Seagull Century series engine here that dates to 1961 / 62, it has very  few hours on it, was used in fresh water on the Vaal Dam in South Africa  and is for sale, either as it is or restored.