Monday 4 December 2017

The DS 15 sport boat

This was a reply to my idea that a client may like the Dix Design DS15 boat.

This DS 15 was built using one of our kits.

A DS 15 that was built using a CNC kit.

Click the links to see the various options.


The Didi Sport 15 may do what John wants. We have info about it on our website at for computers and for smartphones. Both have links to build and sailing photos and there is a sailing video at .

This is a very fast hull shape.

All images are from the Dix Design website.

 If required, a study pack can be ordered from our pricelist at

 Roy, the white boat was built from a kit that you supplied, the blue one was built from a kit cut in USA. The current issue of Wooden Boat has a review of this design.


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