Friday, 10 November 2017

British Seagull, serviced, just add fuel and marine grade two stroke oil

The day went well, this 1961 Seagull engine has now had a decent service and up grade.

Those hex headed nuts that were removable I fitted re chromed ones for my stocks. They are a special hex size and also the thread.

Note neither imperial or metric spanners will fit the Seagull motor.

Click on any i.mage to enlarge it.

The original fuel tank is in need of a total rebuild, at least one end will have to be cut off and hammered out then refitted.

I have used a tank of a spare motor for now.

This motor is not for sale, I do have various other that may suit you?

The motor is now on the bench and the gear box oil is draining out, I will next half fill ( do it with the unit standing up ) again with the Castrol 140 grade gear box oil we stock.

Next there is the question of a boat to fit this on and try it out again.

How hard can that be?


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