Monday 23 September 2013

A small boats main sail SA1 with a trident logo?

This one has me stumped, it was being measured then folded for storage yesterday, there was no sail makers lable on the sail and this far no one recognises the red sort of trident logo, do you?

SA I was of course the sail number given to Voortrekker but this sail is far too small for a 50ft yacht, even when she had the mizzen and was yawl rigged.

SA1 such a famous number but why is it on this small sail?

What class of yacht does this represent?

Does anyone know?


There was much interest in this topic but  I was not able to find an answer until an email arrived, check the link.

Of course that logo is the Greek letter “Psi” so perhaps the Class was called PSI ? 

Angelo Lavranos.