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Classic Car Of The Year 2013 last five cars chosen

The JoLon Imp had already made it to the history books by driving the 14,000 kilometers from Johannesburg, South Africa to Coventry, England but now has also made the last five chosen for the CCOTY awards at the NEC, Birmingham, England as well!


Re: Classic Car of the Year 2013 - YOU VOTED - THANKS!!

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I'm really pleased to officially announce that the JoLon Imp is one of the TOP FIVE cars for this year's Classic Car of the Year Awards :P

To me this achievement clearly recognises and acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of Terence and Geoff made in getting this special Imp all the way from Johannesburg  to Coventry for the Imp 50 Celebrations. Thanks to everyone who voted for it in recent weeks it's much appreciated by Terence and myself.
I'll remember Terence whoop of joy on hearing the news for a very long time! :lol:

The car will be featured on a dedicated stand with the other four (unknown) cars at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November. The announcement of the outright winner will be made on the Saturday afternoon.

The club will be doing all it can to highlight the story behind the car at the show and work on this is already underway.

The club has a larger stand than usual as part of our Imp 50 celebrations so there's all the more reason to visit this year!

In the meantime look out for details of the show and advance ticket info in Impressions and the motoring press.

Graham Anderson, Imp Club Chairman

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Lavranos Leisureliner 2 on display at the Cape Town Boat Show 2013

In the main hall there are no yachts on display really, just one very small one that's an unfinished product and the same one as displayed looking the same last year!

What is being promoted is the new version of an old favourite and with an upgrade by its designer Angelo Lavranos who tells me he will be trying the first LL 2 in Langebaan late December, after which he is sailing in the 2014 Cape to Rio yacht race.

CKD Boats cc will be introducing the new Deluxe Light Ply and Teak & Ash laminate flooring to Admiral Power Cats, the builders of the new Leisureliner 2.


The entry discount for yacht club members is 50%, so take your membership card!

Friday, 4 October 2013

The 2013 Cape Town International Boat Show opened today!

As normal I was in the doors  early and was pleased to note that my HBYC membership card still gave me a 50% entrance discount, my thanks to the organisers for this offer.

As always Richard Crocket of Sailing magazine has a very well set out and double stand, just check how he has used those overhead lights to good effect.

Richard was talking to Jan Hofmeyer of SAS, I wonder was it about the new ideas that SAMSA has on our Restricted Radio licence?  in a nutshell it may be made obsolete? and we will be forced to sit a long and very expensive new licence that also covers the DSC on a VHF.

Note, I have owned an Icom VHF with DSC for some years, ICASA who licence such things refused to give me the required MMSI number the DSC part needs, mind you the NSRI station 8 here in Hout Bay told me they had the same response from ICASA.

In fairness to SAMSA I spoke to the man in charge and he advised me that its still far too early to know what the new rules may be and who would control them, he also thinks that asking about 70,000 VHF and HF marine radio users to sit a new exam is probably not workable?

Another I spoke to at the same show suspects that certain marine education (sailing schools) may well be behind the idea and that SAMSA just happen to be the body who may have to try and enforce it?
There may well be a situation where SAMSA seeing that smaller ski boats and rubber ducks are more the issue, then ask SAS to work with the yacht clubs and promote the new licence with them, I would hope its an extention of the licence we now hold.

SAS means South African Sailing, this really is where we are at, we need to control our own sport or way of recreation and not be dictated to by a larger body that includes vessels of all types.


Note,  I see that Sailing magazine has a very special special offer posted on their stand, 12 magazines at just R210 and a saving of R150 off as a twelve month subscription, so  go and sign up for a year now!

Superform bending plywood in Poland means GM ORFIN

We are the importers of Superform bending plywood in South Africa and GM ORFIN is the importer in Poland. They have just made a good showing at a boat show there.

Click on the picture to make it larger.

They are displaying the Stoneform as well as the Superform.

The show went well and it was felt that most vistors to the show looked at the GM ORFIN stand.

They say that the Deluxe Light Ply is causing a lot of interest, its waterproof and lighter than okoume marine ply, so should have a future in boats.

6mm – 5 veneer
8mm – 5 veneer
12mm – 7 veneer
15mm – 7 veneer
18mm – 7 veneer

Note that even the 6mm thick ply is a five ply, so very strong.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Flares, how to store them?

This subject came up today in a conversation about used flares, the topic was an idea by a fellow HBYC member and can we hold a controled demonstration where members with old flares could practice setting them off?

Flares well out of date and made in 1984, so expired in 1987, they are still in a good (visual) condition having been stored in a red plastic screw top container.

They were always kept with the screw top to the top, the flares may have been either way up though?

The same flares and lying down, which I am now told is a mistake as its possible for the chemicals inside
to move to one side, this can be responsable for flares launching sideways as has happened in local waters.

Please store your flares in dry containers  or a dry cupboard and always with the flare the correct way up and never use a RED flare for testing! It should be noted that normally Port Control is required to give permission for any type of flare testing.

The place where flares are stored should be well marked.

This is under the deck head and a very dry place, flares are the right way up and share the same cupboard with other safety related items. The emergency water proof lights are upside down to ensure that the slide switch will not come on while in storage, they are fitted with Duracell batteries for long life.


Note, the sea safety expert I spoke to does not think testing used flares to be a great idea, as I was told 'Even the new ones can discharge wrongly"

International Paints Interthane 990 polyurethane top coats

This is a product I have worked with for a long time, its a cost effective way to get a long life, made in South Africa for International Paints (akzo nobel) so we are not paying import duties!

The almost finished job, with just the small triangle up front needing finishing.

Click on the pictures to view in a larger size.

All of this work excepting the cabin sides was painted using small foam rollers.

The white is a standard mix, in the case of the light grey I mixed white with a small amount of black but International Paints do the same shade, you just have to buy in 5ltr packs.

The best way to mix small amounts is with a digital scale set, the mix is then 100 grams of base to 14 grams of hardener. The coach roof in the top picture required just 400 grams to do two coats.

Its important to pre wash the old paint using Teepol Orange (clear) liquid soap then rinse off with clean water, no Sunlight soap please!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Marina rope work, a special wonder knot

Meaning, I wonder when it will come undone?

This beggers belief, just what was the person who made this mooring warp off  thinking about?

Is it a joke, is it a temporary fix?

The boat it secures is a 45ft power boat, the owner is in Thailand, so I will sort it out for him today.

The truth was that the other end has a soft eye, that is over the deck cleat and will not allow the line to be made any longer. I have moved the line to a cleat that is closer and made it off as you can see.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Superform bending plywood column feature

We probably see very little of the creative works done with the bending plywood we import, does it go into furniture, construction, even suit case sides was one use we heard a rumour of.

To be sure its the task of both designer and artisan both to make such works, you need a creative mind and talented work shop but the product bends far easier than one may expect.

This is a sheet of 5mm Superform cross grain, check the complete lack of stress, it just needs applying around or over a former, how you secure it will depend on the product run.

Yes it is water proof and also CE approved.  check the link to find a store near you, other areas across South Africa required.


CKD Boats cc flyer

Seen here is the info sheet to show what Superform bending plywood has been used for.
There are other materials as well, Deluxe Light Ply, Flexiveneer and Stoneform being a few of them.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

For a supplier near you view this link.

Scroll down the page and find the map, click on the icon nearest you to find the name of the supplier.

If your in retail boards and want to be added to our map please contact me for trade prices on full pack loads.


Monday, 30 September 2013

The SA Yacht Blog comes of age

Yes, with some twenty one South African yachts posted now, the SA Yacht Blog is now 21!

This seems to have come about by my mentioning to fellow HBYC member Justin Phillips, that we need a reference manual to find out what boats built in South Africa are like?  The fact is and it will
surprise many, the yacht building trade in South Africa has been very busy over many decades building all sizes of yachts from designers world wide.

Justin on his own yacht which is a Flamenca.

I had asked the national sailing magazine to feature used sailing boats to be found in a similar fashion, its done over seas and I think its a great help to brokers and buyers alike, well the idea fell on deaf ears here, that was until Justin started!

Try this report to start with, its a very interesting story and a great boat to own!
The one in the picture is for sale by the way.

Pictures by R McBride using a Canon G11 on auto but with some tele lens.

Justin tells me he has more SA yachts in the mix, if one you know about has not been featured, why not contact him.

What about the Mistral, designed by Fred Raas and when in this country, that design is now forty years old and some 140 were built, seems they were making one a week at one time! The one on the HBYC marina is sail number 107 by the way.


Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Gurney Flap

I was making some coffee just now and some words came into my head, The Gurney Flap.

You have to be of a certain age to remember the American F1 driver Dan Gurney but was it actually that man who invented it?  seems it was.


Dan Gurney, France 1964.
Gurney Flap on the Eagle
Dan Gurney Was One of the Genuine All-Time Great Drivers, But Perhaps His Biggest Contribution to Motorsport was the Provision of Extra Rear-End Down Force With Minimal Aerodynamic Disturbance.

By Keith Howard, Motorsport Magazine, England, September 2000

Few people, even the greats of motorsport, get to have their moniker attached to something they invented. Colin Chapman, perhaps the greatest innovator of them all, had only the Chapman strut named after him, and that was hardly his finest creation. For a driver-turned-team owner to enjoy the privilege is virtually unknown. There's no Brabham caliper or Surtees inlet, for instance, or Prost linkage come to that. But there is a Gurney Flap, named after Dan Gurney - a device, moreover, which has retained its currency in a way that Chapman's minimalist rear suspension never did.

If you understand anything of aerodynamics you'll know what a flap is: a (generally) hinged device at the trailing edge of a wing which can be lowered to increase lift when an aircraft is taking off or landing. The prolonged whirring you often hear a few minutes before a commercial airliner touches down is the flaps being deployed: large, hydraulically-actuated auxiliary surfaces which sprout from the rear of the wing and curl down like a crooked finger.
- See more at:

Please open the link above for a heck of a read!

Gurney Flap was named after Dan Gurney who invented it. He was the driver and constructor of the Eagle F1 cars (the one in banner of my site) and Eagle Indy cars. 
If you adopt this device on a single element wing, its effect is phenomenal.
This device has retained its value in a way that Chapman's minimalist rear suspension never did.

Now why did I think of a Gurney Flap?

Winning ways and back in 1968, today such flaps are on all race cars, plus air planes of course.

This has nothing to do with boats, or does it, what about those crazy Americas Cup racing boats today, flying on foils and at 40 knots!

I well remember these cars, great days for F1 motorsport in many ways.

American F1 cars and drivers just do not exist now, why I wonder, even F1 Mercedes have their cars built in England!

A Micheal Turner painting, the Eagle F1 at Spa, Belgium.

Click on the pictures, they should enlarge, the painting will become full screen size, its magnificent!

Plywood Aile class yacht restoration in Mauritius progess

News in from one source and a picture from the customer for the okoume marine plys we shipped to him looks good.

Hey Roy !

Here you go.


On the subject of the resurrection of the old sailing vessel, for which you supplied the timber, ( to Pipo, real name Phillipe), we will not be here to see the relaunch, but as of yesterday, all the frame work has been completed, the hull below the gunnels is complete and epoxied, and about 35% of the deck is fitted, (screwed and epoxied) and ongoing. All looking very fair and professional.

Taffy and Shirley, yacht The Road of HBYC, South Africa.

Check the link to see what they started with.