Saturday, 8 August 2009

Cabedelo,Brasil,where is it?

Sunset at Jacare.

A waterside bar at Jacare,it can be quite noisey at night!

Cabedelo Nautica Ltda
Praia do Jacare, Cabedelo 58310-000, Paraiba, Brasil
Telephone/fax, email and mail holding service
or try Brian on and give him my regards,his cell number is +55 8399814048,thanks to Renata of Dixi Rollar for this information,she is a local girl from the area.


Jacare and the anchorage at Cabedelo Nautica,(brian stevens prop,) is at the very top of this picture and to the left hand side,the entrance to Cabedelo can easily be seen below,as can the long reef off the beach!

Simply put its north of Brasils large city Recifie and at a position of Latitude, 6.967º S. Longitude, 34.833º W. Please take great caution when entering this port as the beach off Cabedelo has a long reef that is low in the water,Cabedelos shipping channel is well marked with bouys,so once entering you just follow them in.The village of Jacare where Brian Stevens runs Cabedelo Nautica ltda, is some way up the river towards Joao Pessoa and south of the river entrance,use your depth sounder to find the deeper water,as the navigational channel moves from side to side of the river.

Jacare,on the poles (drying rack) Ocean Cloud

We had first try at using this rig, it being my idea I suppose I had to proove the thing would work? At the right time of the month the tide is a good two meters,which is plenty for for most boats.Here we can see Ocean Cloud tied up to the drying rig,the tide has already turned and will soon run out at four knots or so,Rob from Wings is watching by on his rubber duck,I think it will have been he who took our lines ashore,in the back ground to the right is his boat Wings,a Muira design by Berkemeyer.The other yacht to the right must be Fiddler,a Mauritius 45 belonging to the Frye family from Hout Bay.

Shellyco,an Endurance 37 on the poles at Jacare.

We had three Endurance designs (peter ibold) using Brians facilities at Jacare,Brasil,Brian Stevens is a great guy (he is still there),always willing to help us yachties in return for what ever he could source for us at good prices,batteries,antifoul and having our 9kg gas cylinders filled too.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Tumlaren 27 as a kit

Knud Reimers designed this boat in 1934,one that was built in Sweden came out to South Africa on the deck of a Whaler,she was boat number eight (8) built and named Astra,her lines are just a joy to look at,we can create a kit using MDF as the formers,the construction would be in strip plank/epoxy but cold moulded ockume marine ply to BS1088 grade with epoxy,is also possible,contact me should you be interested.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ocean Cloud on the poles at Cabedelo,on Brasils,east coast.

This was back in 1988,we had an unusual gathering at Jacare,when HBYC yachts arrived and none planed to meet the others that I remember,Ocean Cloud,Endurance 37,Fidler,Mauritius 45,Baywood a 38ft Pheonix? with Alan and Mary Gold aboard and with their son and daughter aboard, were always called The Goldies. We also had other South African yachts arrive too,Dave on Pearl,a trimaran,Baraka,an Endurance 40 in a ferro construction with Sharon and Ian,then Niels and Millie on their Bongers 39,Gypsy Girl,Dancing Diamond,a Cape Cutter 27,Wings,a Muira, and Shellyco,another Endurance 37 like our own.I was pleased I had used this rig by now, as I had made a plan with Brian Stevens in that I design the rig,he buys the materials and all the yachties build it,then use it once and when we sail off ,Brian gets to rent the rig out,it was a succesfull win win situation on both sides.

Hillman Imp fuel injection system

We are now looking to produce a fuel injection system that will replace the normal Weber DCOE or similar carburetor,the basic idea is we can supply you the injectors and engine managment system plus our well known full race inlet and exhaust manifold,or if you have a manifold already,remove the Webers and replace with our injection system,which will also have all the required linkages.No pictures just yet but watch this space!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Those big Fife boats!

Eileen of Fife was one of those boats that just looked right,then or now,with some new classics still being launched even today,they dont get any better than Eileen of Fife.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

We built the very first boat with a canting keel launched in South Africa

The picture is aptly named First Touch,its a very nice picture and I think Andrew Edwards took it? the boat was built in house from one of our own CKD Boats CNC kits,to special order and one of two such boats that same year.

Sunbeam Sport large bore Janspeed type exhaust manifold

This is one of two exhausts we are supplying to the same customer in Germany,the other being a full race type with twin Weber 40 dcoe carburetor inlet manifolds too.The engine it fits can be the standard 875cc Hillman Imp all alloy motor,or the larger 998cc block and larger oversizes too.The Singer Chamois Sport and Caladonian Imp used the same engine.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Even more wooden boats of Hout Bay,the Cornish Lugger named Guide Me

In 1988,Judy Brickhill and Jon stayed over on the Hout Bay Marina some while with Guide Me, while Judy had another child,we knew them quite well at the time,I remember Jean and I having an invite for tea one day,Jean and I went below,its just and empty space inside! no toilet,thats a bucket and chuck it job.This boat did (Rio?) South America to Hout Bay,South Africa, in just 27 days with no engine,we did the same trip in 32 days in an Endurance 37 and we used the motor when ever it was calm,makes you think hey.

Guide Me,on the mud at Gweek,Cornwall,England,a recent (september 19th 2007) picture taken by Martin Halley.

FH 233

One of the last winners of those turn-of-the-century sailing races in Looe Bay, the Guide Me has sailed extensively across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and the East Coast of the States – despite having no engine. Built by Peter Ferris at Looe in 1911 for W Pengelly, she is 40-ft overall with a Cornish Dipping Lug rig and is now owned by Jon and Judy Brickhill.

They found her in the spring of 1977, rotting quietly away up Fareham Creek.

‘We knew she was a proper Looe lugger by her shapely hull but it was only after we’d bought her and motored her down to the Helford to start rebuilding her, that we discovered a little more of her history,’ recalls Judy.

A pilchard driver and long-liner, she fished out of various

South East Cornwall harbours until being sold on to the Solent in 1966.

In 1988, the Brickhills sailed south, via the Douarnenez Festival, to Spain, Portugal, Tenerife, La Palma and a two-week hop to Brazil for Christmas. They returned, via Cape Town, and later headed back to the Americas’ coastline.

Now based at Gweek in West Cornwall, the Guide Me remains a very swift sailing lugger.