Friday, 25 July 2008

The weekly currency rates guide

Rand per foreign currency unit

Description Code Bank Selling rate Bank buying TT Bank buying TC's Bank buying notes
EURO CURRENCY EUR 12.2293 11.7546 11.7245 11.7427
BRITISH STERLING GBP 15.4729 14.8738 14.8250 14.8588
US DOLLARS USD 7.7510 7.5194 7.4634 7.5118

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Morris Service Parts List,Wolsey 6/99 & 6/110,year 1959

Used but not abused,genuine Wolsey Parts Book,contact me for copies and prices

Austin Mini Cooper genuine parts manual,volume AKD 1932

Not many original BMC Mini Coopers probably exist now and even less 'First Edition' service parts books! this one is in virtually unused condition,it shows its age but I see no smudged finger marks,its dated September 1961 ,2 door saloon C/A2S7 Car number 138301 Body Number 101 Engine Number 9F101.For sale as copies can be made,you dont want to have a CD copy only do you!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Rover Cars early side valve head gasket sets

A quite new set of four cylinder Rover Cars head gaskets set,enough to do two cars? I have no idea which model they came off, marked on the ORIGINAL packing:

Decarbonising Gasket Set

Part N0.272677

please note,this does not fit a Rover V8,honest,I have been asked three times on Gumtree so far!

Porche Engine and Cylinder Head Gasket Set

This is a new set of gaskets,said to fit a 2.4 or possibly a 2.7 Porsche engine,the buyer must confirm.They are in the original makers box,in good condition,excepting surface rust on what I assume are the gaskets to the cylinder bores,I would probably change those,R2000 buys them.

Nicks Didi 34 building pictures

Nick has just supplied some great pictures of his Didi 34 build,we asked for them to allow us to email to a customer just about to set up building his Didi 38,its the same boat,just larger,so the build pictures will look much the same.This means we can supply a building CD with our Didi kits now.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Hillman Imp Competition manifolds

LARGE BORE MANIFOLD,silencer is an extra.We can also now offer in 304 grade Stainless Steel.

We are receiving quite regular requests from world wide on quality exhausts and inlet manifolds,I assume this is because mention is found on our Blogger Pages,we can make just to a standard small bore exhaust Sunbeam Imp specification,the same manifold was fitted to the Singer Chamois Sport and also the Sunbeam Stlletto,or to a large bore 180 series Sport head size suitable for competition,larger carburation and a wilder camshaft,this set up is a large bore type.We will need to know what cylinder head you are using,as while the Sport manifolds will fit over the Mk 1 and 2 ports,the reverse is not true.We aim to supply the same top quality as found on the works Rootes Competitions dept,Fraser and Hartwell Imps,equal at least to such fabricators as Janspeed etc.