Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fitting Hillman Imp supply pipes.

Thats brakes and clutch,plus petrol and also the throttle cable.

In all my years working on Imps I can not remember seeing pictures of what fits where?

Henry is growing fast

He got Henry to land on some kitchen scales nine days back,just 300 grams was his weight,today he landed on the same scales and tipped it at 400 grams,thats a third more body weight in just nine days!

Henry is now a part of the family,he will copy our movements exactly,such as I was busy doing a tally on some timber sizes on a calculater,as soon as I left the key board alone Henry started pecking the same keys,this is one clever bird.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hillman Imp suspension fitting made real easy

This is a great way to relax and work at the same time,no climbing under a car anymore!

Two Imps,working clean,I do not even get my hands dirty! left click the picture for a larger view.

Front suspensions,I can not bolt this doown untill various service pipes to fuel and brake fluids are in place.

The car is blessed with and all alloy transaxle and engine,fitted at the back of the car there is no weight penalty,the all indipenent suspension was an eye opener on a small car back in May 1963 when the Hillman Imp came out too.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Marine paints are tops on the bottom

I really was not happy with some of the finish work on the Imp body,the cars cills and lower front apron were just not well painted,the undertray was done in a 3M stone chip grey but somehow it was not really what I wanted.

The Cills I sanded and filled,they should have been done I know but so called specialists just failed to do a decent job,at least we can see some results now.The car has sound metal Cills,with me applying liquid epoxy in the right places they are now rust free and will stay that way.

The gloss white is DK type auto paints,its a twin pack and is very hard wearing,shines really well too,thats just two coats you can see.

The suspension sub assemblies can now be fitted,the paints around them are easy to clean and will not stain when oils touch their surfaces,the car is now ready for the next forty four years of use.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Over again

Its nice to work on a car body when access is so easy.

Hout Bays new Mica store

We also have more expert help and assitance in the form of a Midas store that opened just last week,due to me banging on a closed door (they let me in) I became customer number one,or should the read their first customer,anyway I was pleased to be served by the HBYCs own Ian Alexander.Ian is a highly experianced sailor,after I assembled his Tosca 36 he and his wife Sonia took off with the kids and circumnavigated the globe.

Ian is not alone in the new venture and has a partner who is yet again well versed in yachting,both own HBYC marinas so are club members too,Ians partner is Barry Klue,Barrys wife Anne is lending a hand and has a large display of artists paints in the store,find them on the corner of Brighton street and  Victoria Road just opposite the Super Team electrical shop.

Barry will start stocking marine related sealants such as Butyl Rubber and Dow Corning 813 black silicone sealant,he will also be pleased to source what your looking for should it not be in stock.There is a large stock of paints,fastners and tools,check the store out when passing,parking is really easy!

Pictures taken with a Canon Gll and from just in front of Super Teams electrical shop.