Saturday, 5 December 2015

Dix Design cruising boat for sale

This Dix 43 has been built as a cruiser, it is well fitted and carries most of the equipment we would expect to find on such a craft.

Launched in January 2000 she is now for sale at a fraction of the expected replacement cost.

Our friend Druma checking for the seals and sometimes a Sunfish.

This boat has great sails and you will have no need to buy more?
The canvas spray dodger has since been removed and one of the  hard dodgers has been fitted in its place.

Contact me for more details, the price and a Word document on the boat.


Friday, 4 December 2015

The TBA meets again

The TBA which stands for Traditional Boat Association was disbanded a few years back, the ex members still exist in the cape and now and again we meet up with each other.

Yesterday and on the yacht Flying Cloud, a wood epoxy built Dix 43 by Dix Design,
we were pleased to meet up with Tim and Rob and welcome them aboard.

Tim is in the dark shirt and Rob in the light shirt, its Rob who was a TBA member, we have not seen each other for over a decade.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Rob knew nothing about the TBA publication written and published by Colin Davies, I issued him one and received the standard R120  donation to Hout Bay's Station 8 NSRI (sea rescue) the TBA lives on it seems?

I have about five copies of the TBA book left, please contact me to arrange your copy with postage if you cannot collect?


I sent Rob the above pictures later that same day, his reply is below.

I am much impressed - TBA seems still alive, if not formally

Appropriately now incorporated as a fata morgana.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Basil builds his Optimist kit

This Optimist kit was flown out to Zurich, Switzerland about three weeks back, Basil has sorted the plans out and has got his shell part built already.

Each kit we supply has a fourteen page builders guide and fourteen more with the Optimist class plans and dimensions on them.

Hi Roy

I managed to figure out my questions, studying the plan. It was good advice from you!
Thank you for your patience.

From Basil.