Friday, 1 May 2015

Hillman Imp Californian circa 1967

Progress has moved to a trial fit of the cars new interior. The trim uses the same panel layouts and black vinyl that the Rootes Car Co, Scotland used.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The door cards and padded top door caps have since been fitted.

The interior was re made by one of the best trim shops we have.

The engine was running when this shot was taken, note the 50 pounds oil pressure, the amp meter is not connected.

Imp Californian

This is the original engine block, all numbers match, the block still runs the original pistons, crank and all bearings, we fitted new piston rings some time back.

The interior will next be removed pending the completion of some parts the the new paint works.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lotus Elan Dash Board and Glove Box fittings kit

This parts kit, is as far as I know complete, I say this as it was myself that removed it off the Lotus Elan glove box facia.

The key was not with the parts when I was given it.
The parts are originals, not a job lot made up from other cars, all came direct of a genuine Lotus Elan.The switch to the glove box light is included.

I was asked by a guy named Chris to do a new walnut dash covering to a Lotus Elan.

Veneercraft charged me about R960 to laminate the veneers to the dash, plus my labour etc etc.

The customer never paid me but I did keep the parts in the picture.

They should have value to the right person?

Contact me if your that person to discuss pricing, we can ship world wide.



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Proteus 106 kit scarph making process.

The  pictures tell the story, this is the boat we shipped to Caracas, Venezuela.

Kit method of aligning splices etc, see attached.


Angelo Lavranos.

The peg holes are pre drilled for you,all that is required is a suitable dowl fitted in place to line the panels up 100%

This is task is repeated as the hull and deck panels are assembled, it is not difficult work in anyway though.


Monday, 27 April 2015

Superform bending plywood

This product is now available in many board stores in the Cape Town area.

CKD Boats cc, formerly Commercial Lumber cc have imported bending plywoods and veneers for over twenty years. We know the product and we know how to  use it.

It has always been waterproof, it can now be supplied to special order as fireproof as well.

Contact me for details and a specification sheet as a PDF.


A Proteus 106 looking back in Thailand

This is the view looking aft from the decks of Ricks Proteus 106 catamaran.

Rick had his boat built for him before the start of our production of supplying CNC cut kits, the builders built the longer way and from plans.