Saturday, 12 March 2011

Winchcombe in winter

This is real but it looks like a Christmas Box scene,sent to me by my old mate Ken who lives right there,I will see him and some others for a chat and jar or two quite soon.

left click toview in a larger size.

Pictures supplied by Ken Galletly,many thanks Ken.

Attached another one from December when we had -20C with 1 meter long icicles,

The Didi Mini Transat Cruise from CKD Boats cc

This boat was to be the Mark 2 race option,the owner builder changed the deck layout to a Didi Mini Cruise when he re thought his sailing program,its looking really nice this far.

The boat is in KZN South Africa,we can ship world wide of course.

Friday, 11 March 2011

South African Hillman Imp roll cage

Seen at the panel shop,now in various states of primer,I am hoping the car will be painted and a finished shell on my return from the UK in two weeks time,the car will be blue over white and in the Fraser Race Team colours.

Note,anyone wanting Hillman Imp tuning parts should contact me now,as I will be bringing back various other special tuning parts from various  specialists.

Also part of the same build program is a 998cc engine conversion with a full race fabricated inlet and exhaust manifold.

The British Classic Car race scene

Brands Hatch. Maybe the Brands race meeting was on the Sunday after the cancelled RAC Saturday start. 26 November? Ray Calcutt.

source: Thomas Lundevall @ (Aug 20 2008); Lars Helmer private collection

Many thanks for the use of this picture,Roy
The scene was mid sixties but the photo can be taken again most weekends even today,such is the size of the classic car racing scene world wide. I will be assembling a look a like Fraser Hillman Imp quite soon,check the car on the left with the white cross on its roof.
As of next week I will be in the UK for ten days,parts will be collected from Bob Allen of the Imp Club Spares Dept and also Ron Aspinwall of Impspeed,both are in Englands North West in the Merseyside/Liverpool region.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Compass swinging

Swinging a compass normally requires a known heading and steering the boat on that,to see what the ships main compass tells you,then either adjust it or make a note of the heading for navigational works and adjustment on your paper chart work.

In our case this was not done in that method,we had an electronic compass that needed a 360 turn,it will then program its memory and know its headings,check the two circles on the plotter (enlarge with a left click on the picture)

Crew member Hamish gets some hands on compass instruction from his grandad Notty.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Energy Diet and Napoleon Bonaparte

Whats the link,is there a link,must be,check out for the reason why and to see just how far our Russians have now sailed since leaving Walvis Bay,the shark in the cartoon,read the the story in Tempest Sailing blog!


My thanks to the person who did this cartoon,the comment below is from Tempest Sailing (karin)

Going back to look at this cartoon over and over - and laughing every time - I started wondering: Why does it work? What are the characteristics of a good cartoon? And I found the following answers by well-known artists:

Muhitin Koroghu

A cartoon which contains as few words as possible and be able to convey the message perfectly

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More UHP in Hout Bay

Given the close nature of other boats in the boat yard,Ultra High Pressure blasting of a steel hull with clean water is the only way to do some jobs,a visiting yacht from Denmark has contracted to have their steel hull UHP plasted and primed with Sigmacover primer,the top coats of polyurethane paints will follow.

A skilled team sets up the equipment,in this case they supplied the scaffold and dust sheets to protect the rest of the yard.

Years of primers and paints are removed layer by layer untill the original steel surface is exposed,if it was grit blasted the resulting 'key' is not polished,an important factor for the Sigmacover etch primers that will soon follow the UHP work.

Still drying off,it will be then washed off with a clean application of fresh water,then Sigmacover etch primer will be applied.

The equipment is on a road trailer,we can send units country wide,contact me for rates.


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