Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sarita, the Proteus 106 seen inside

The pictures say more than I can?

The boat will float to its marks when the mast is fitted.

The design calls for a light ship approach.

This boat has been fitted with twin engines, the original design works well with just the one.

Good storage and counter space for working on.

This makes for a very workable galley.

The internal parts of the yacht are not included in the base kit


Proteus 106 - Sarita is afloat!

This is the first Proteus 106 to have been built as the designer wanted, the K.I.S.S rule applies to this boat.

My thanks to Barry, the boats owner / builder for supplying the pictures.

The boat is named Sarita.

She was launched recently and in South Africa.

A basic roof over your build is great idea.

My thanks to Justin of the SA Yacht Blog for resizing the images.


Please copy and paste, open and read more about this very affordable design.

The builder reported that the kit worked and that the panels fitted.

How hard can this be?

Try one and see for yourself?

Prices, basic CNC cut okoume marine ply and removable staions, allow R180,000 which is around U$13,000 ( prices to material and rate of exchange pending)

The plans are NZ$4500 and supplied direct from Lavranos Design.

All prices subject to change without notice, please make contact for an up to date quotation.