Saturday, 10 May 2014

Didi Mini Transat kit to Dubai

This kit adds yet another export country to the growing list we have already supplied.

Backbone frames cut from 12mm thick okoume marine plywood to BS1088 grade.

Perfectly crafted and as designed by Dudley Dix.

Hull or deck panels, note the jigsaw joints which will really speed up your assembly time.

This is the amount of plywood we CNC cut to make up the boats full kit, there are also some sheets of 4mm okoume plywood which becomes the boats moulded radius.

How easy can this be? well I have myself built two of these boat hulls from our kits in 12 days each.

Simple, yes.


See what Dudley Dix has to say about our kit supply here

Monday, 5 May 2014

Making your drop keel or rudder

This has been an addition to the CNC cutting of the normal boat kit side.

Shaping a rudder or foil by hand can be quite time consuming, so we offer a laminated timber blank CNC shaped to the correct profile every 50mm, its then an easy job to chop the excess wood out and arrive at the correct shape required.

How easy can this be, just look at the time we save you!

This is the drop keel from a Didi Mini Transat Cruise which we shipped to Australia.

Other designs are also possible.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

ERA Africa rally

The Jaguar we owned for around thirty one years is an entry in this years rally, by all accounts the car went well on its shake down drive to Port Elizabeth and back to Cape Town.

The rally started at the Cape Grace Hotel, V and A Waterfront, Cape Town at 8am on May 2nd.

This was the basis of the cars preparation for its new owner who was flying in with his wife from Australia.

Greg and Jenny bought the car unseen and on the basis of a phone call. The car is a 1966 Jaguar S type which I restored over the years, it has won the Jaguar Car Club concour' s event five times in its class.

The nice Motolita  wood rim wheel was removed and replaced with the correct and much stronger original Jaguar steering wheel!

This is the route

Twenty six days of rally driving in classic cars,the cost? GBP 24,000 (Rands 430,000?)  for this years entry which was sold out, the next event may be in 2017?

 This is the car.

To take a fine car like this and prepare it for a 26 day rally around Southern Africa is not a low cost item, we can search out and prepare similar cars and of other makes, you will still find this option less expensive than preparing your own car and shipping it to South Africa?


17th April 2014, the news is they are now in Botswana!