Wednesday, 1 November 2017

British Seagull outboard restored and for sale

This motor has had lots of care and attention given to it,  check the new chrome and paint works.

Click on the picture to view in a larger size.

The owner has taken it back now but we do have a second one and it will soon be  for sale.

The motor is a 5 hp and long shaft, so suitable for a work boat or possibly a small yacht.

British Seagull motors in stock and for sale are 2hp, 3hp and a 5hp with the longer shaft.
These motors require work and parts to your requirements.

Contact me for details and pricing.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

LignoLoc wooden nail system, now in South Africa

This wooden nail system is brand new, it was only released in September 2017 and already we have a gun and nails to do some tests with.

The wooden nails are Beech wood and from a renewable source, they are pressure treated and impregnated with a resin to harden the nails.

More info can be supplied by sending you a PDF brochure.


Sunday, 29 October 2017

British Seagull engine servicing in South Africa

We have done a good few British Seagull services and even full restorations.

Parts are sometimes in stock, otherwise our suppliers in the UK send them to us.

This one is a five HP one and dated August 1978, its quite new despite its years.

When it came in it was very much a none runner and needed an acid clean of the petrol tank, plus a stop cock service kit which was ex stock. Its ready to be collected now and can run a few decades more!

This is the two jet Amel carburetor which comes as standard to the 25:1 petrol oil mix, some Seagulls can be re jetted to use this mix but not all of them.

The engine was given some fuel, I allowed some to go free through the black pipe to make sure all was clean.
I then  reconnected the pipe, tickled the petrol cap button  on the fuel bowl , pulled on the starting rope and the motor fired up first time!


We have British Seagulls for sale, 5hp long shaft, 5hp short shaft and a 2 hp short shaft. They can be sold as runners and also as a fully restored motor, ask for details and prices.

Below is a quite old 5hp motor that had the full restoration works done to it, check the chrome!

Click on the image to enlarge it.
Many chromed and nickle plated parts are kept in stock.