Saturday, 27 September 2008

Didi 38 kit building in North Africa

The building stocks to a new build Didi 38 are looking good,we supplied the treated pine as part of our kit,this is normal with all Dix Design kits,saves the customer searching for the right timbers himself.The setting up of the bulkheads comes next,watch this blog for more pictures and news.

Its nice to get any kit order,large or small but especially so when the buyer is in some far flung part of the world and he can find no marine store of any sort at all,these place exist and it because of this we tend to get the enquiries,later the order when all our pricing has come to hand.One such customer is Tom,here is an email message from him as he starts his build.

Hi Roy

Just a quick update finished the building stocks (see photo) and started
gluing the first of the bulkheads. The phonelic resin is great stuff.
btw your packing system is brilliant I was worried that I would have to
hunt through forty odd sheets but to my pleasant surprise all the pieces
are grouped. Your attention to detail is fabulous !


Thursday, 25 September 2008

CKD Boats has Fluid Film in Cape Town,stocks arrive,one ltr packs only R180 each

The first stocks have just arrived,some now being pre sold we needed to get some on our shelves,discussion with the supplier tells me application to things like nuts and bolts on out boards,spark plugs are a must,ensures that strip downs are rust free,plug outer surfaces are always clean and never rust.Fluid Film will also work perfectly on a mixture of disimilar metals such as alloy and stainless steels.We have it being used on yachts in Hout Bay Harbour Marina on stainless steel wire rigging,chrome turnbuckles,stantions,winches and waterproofing the antenna wire connection from an SSB radio to the insulated backstay too.

Fluid Film has already been "Brand Specified" by the South African Navy for exclusive use on the new Subs and Corvettes, it is used by the N.S.R.I and the Red Cross Air Mercy Service and we are making inroads into the heavy construction and excavation industry.
Fluid Film Anti-Corrosion and Lubrication Polymer, the most powerful longest lasting all round protection and lubrication polymer on the market.
Made from Androgynous Lanolin Fluid Film will protect your boat and vehicle for up to 2 years per application, THIS MEANS THAT YOU ONLY NEED TO SPRAY FLUID FILM ON YOUR MOTORS ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS, you can now throw away all your oil and grease anti-corrosion and penetration products cluttering up your garage, Fluid Film will protect and lubricate all metals, electrical systems, hinges, suspension springs and winding mechanisms better and for longer than any other product available world wide.
Fluid Film will protect your electronics, GPS, Radios, Radar circuit boards from salt water immersion for up to 2 years and more, it can be sprayed directly onto printed circuit boards.
Fluid Film will stop any existing corrosion that affects your boat and vehicle, no more sticking locks, removes sweat stains from leather upholstery, if used as a polish Fluid Film will prevent road tar from sticking to your vehicle body work, it is none toxic and will cause no environmental degradation
Because Fluid Film contains no toxic components it is safe to use on dry and chapped skin and will not cause dermatitis's like other oil and mineral based anti-corrosion products
Just one spray into your tool box every 2 years will prevent tools, spares and any other metal parts from rusting because it will not wash off, is not greasy and is salt and chemicals worst enemy.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Series Drouge as made by Susanne for her boat 'So Long'

Left Click on this picture for greater detail.

Susanne on her yacht So Long and along side Flying Cloud,the picture was taken at Hout Bays Yacht Club marina on the 6th of April,2007,Susanne was busy preparing for her next voyage,which was to Austrailia,followed by New Zealand,she made good use of her new AIS reciever I am told.

This picture of a Jordan Series Drogue on board "So Long" was taken by the skipper of Kismet - an Etap 38. They are amazing devices for steadying a vessel in large seas, and have been well proven

'So Long' in Figi and visits Minerva Reef

Honey,Susannes dog,having a welcome paddle on the reef at low tide.

One of the really fine things about living at the end of a continent like Africa,is that we do tend to meet a lot of nice people sailing past,some stay over our winter period and get jobs done or return home by air but eventually they sail off and now and again we get news letters? One such pair is the husband and wife team of Tony and Susanne,you could say they are special,as they have two yachts,Susanne sails the big one and Tony the small one!Here are some recent pictures.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sergey launches his Didi Mini Transat in New York

We enjoy our regular feed backs from customers who are building our kits world wide,here is a message from Sergey who built a Didi Mini Transat in New York,he took the kit first,then the keel,lead ballast bulb,rudders and foil,steering,North Sails and we shipped that later,this is the message from him,we have asked for specific installation advice on his fitting of an in board diesel to his new boat,this will be made available to others soon.

Hi Roy,
I did it! Thank you for great support and warm wind from Afrika. I made some changes in design including installation of inboard Ianmar engine. I can share it with anybody, who will interested in.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Fluid Film corrosion control

With the stepping of the brand new an shiny clean mast,it crossed my mind it would be a fine idea to keep it looking that way,how to do this and not have damage or hours of hand polishing was my problem,then we were asked to try Fluid Film correction control,a liquid that can give two years protection to bare metals,we have the first sample already,testing begins this week,the product sounds super safe too,read this from the suppliers:

It lasts up to 2 years per application (outboard motors, trailer, winch, fishing tackle), is none toxic and none staining.

Fluid Film does not contain any oils, grease, wax, teflon, silicone it is made from Lanolin and is a Lanolin based long chain polymer.

Fluid Film has now been "Brand Specified" by the SA Navy for exclusive use on their fleet of new Subs and Corvettes, is used by the NSRI and the Red Cross Air Mercy service.

Pack Sizes:

Aerosol 12oz R105.00
1 ltr trigger pack R180.00
5 ltr pack R632.50

Plus Vat and postage if applicable.