Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tims car,a most collectable Imp

Tim Fry was the designer of the Hillman Imp for the Rootes Motor Comany,he did of course own one himself,this is it below.

Very much a nice car and I wonder who owns it now,his family possibly?


Thursday, 10 November 2011

B & G Hornet output cable still wanted!

Since the entry was posted yesterday,I have been able to make a temporary connection to at least test what we have works,by inspecting inside the computer box, I could trace down the required pins that need hooking up to the B & G sixty knot display.We still would like the correct plug,so please do contact us if you have one to spare.

With a decent readout from the type C mast head unit and a breeze supplied by a hot air gun set on low,we get a steady read out at 14 knots.

Heath Robinson would be quite at home in this workshop,the cups on the MHU are actually spinning very well,the camera has just frozen the action.

The Hout Bay Yacht Club needs a wind speed display down on the marina,this will indicate what the wind speed is down there and if we add a factor of 20% give the sailing fleet a good idea of what the wind speed is in the bay? I have the main parts of the system,this includes the original C type MHU ( mast head unit) and cable.There is also a wind speed indicator which reads to 60 mph (miles per hour) and we see that now and again in Hout Bay.

The owners hand book,do you have a set of this type hidden away and doing nothing,if so can we have it as spares,we really just require the ten pin female plug and wire that fits the grey control box and feeds the instrument displays,have you got one,can the HBYC have it please?

The insides look really good,the fuse works and I hope the system does too,I am busy drying out the desicator tube on the left of the board,it unscrews and needs drying when it shows pink,its dry when its blue.

The owners hand book says it was printed in 1975,so we are looking at equipment that is now some 36 years old,will it work,time will tell.

The plug we need is the missing one on the left,its for the output cables, externally it looks exactly the same as the one next to it,which is a male pin with 10 pins inside it,we need the female plug with 10 holes instead,have you got one,if so can we have it please! (we will pay postage of course)

Phone on Cape Town,South Africa 021 790-3859 or by email.


Bokke & Blomme,is back by popular demand

Grand re opening on Saturday next.

After a few weeks hic ups due to certain requirments, the market in Hout Bays old harbour building is to re open and be better than ever before.Seen as the most exciting thing since sliced bread hit our shores,we hope to see you all there soon!

Be sure to search out the specials at Bokke & Blomme,known for quality signage work,ask them to do you specials for your christmas brunch and corporate functions,you can surprise your guests.

News flash from the management:

Hello All!

Herewith an emailer for you to send on to your networks! I have also attached this in other formats, should you choose to rather use these??

Let’s get the word out far and as wide as possible!!

We have a wide spectrum of online media that we are contacting as we speak.

Let’s rock this joint...come on Summer.

Viva Republica!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stornaway 14 boat mast set

Just about ready for collection,the spars are hand sanded with a long board using an action that prevents a flat spot,thats the idea anyway.The customer will complete the finishing work such as fittings and fastening the special white ash cheeks to the boom.

The Stornaway 14 is not one of our regular kits but I guess we can cut one for you easy enough,it will save many (very) hours of jig saw cutting for you too.

Christians two children try their dads new boat build for size.
It looks like a lot of boat in just 14 feet.


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lets fly to St Helena Island!

We talked about this idea even back in 1976 when we sailed those 1740 miles From Cape Towns RCYC  to the island of St Helena on Brer Terrapin,there is a sort of flat part of the island where a runway of a reasonable size can land. Later in 1982 we discussed the same idea having done the same voyage on Ocean Cloud.

This certainally makes the yacht race from the FBYC to St Helena a very much more possible trip,race there and fly home,while the RMS St Helena brings your yacht back by sea on her decks,sign up soon,it will soon be oversubscribed? open to read the islands history and more about the island today.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Lotus F1 team job position

This is the way it was done back in the seventies,did anyone you know get the job?

Left click for a larger view,this was published in Autosport magazine.