Saturday, 5 January 2019

Finding a New British Seagull outboard

The word New is an indication as to the engine I will post on here.

Of course as the engine dates to 1961 / 62 it is far from new as it has been used.

The trick is that when it was used the water it was in was fresh water and in the Vaal Dam, South Africa.

Part of its restoration has been done, new fuel tap cork seal, new fuel line, new spark plug cap, new filler cap cork gasket, new fuel bowl, new hand grip on the tiller arm, the nuts on the engine were removed where possible and re chromed ones fitted.

The down tube for the drive shaft has very good chrome work, the main down tube is  the nicer stainless steel option.

The engine really just needs the damaged petrol tank sorting out and a new British Seagull transfer sticking on.

This is a 4 hp motor, it runs on a fuel to oil mix of 10:1 but it may be able to run on a 25:1 mix if I re jet the carburetor?

I bought  this for my own use, it may now be for sale?


British Seagull runs again

This engine is the 102 series and dates to around 1962/63, the series was first introduced in 1931?

It has the Villiers coil and also the gear disengage option.

The Amal 2 jet carburetor had to be imported for this restoration.

Given that the engine runs a petrol (unleaded) to 2 stroke oil mix of 10:1  it was pleasing to see that when dry run on the bench there was very little smoke.

Made from parts that I have in stock, this motor sort of came from my store shelves, it has since been sold.

It has been wet tested .

Most of the engines chromed parts were taken to be re chromed, what parts that can be replaced such as the throttle cable were changed from stock parts.

I have a smaller 4hp Seagull Century series engine here that dates to 1961 / 62, it has very  few hours on it, was used in fresh water on the Vaal Dam in South Africa  and is for sale, either as it is or restored.