Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Camping Club Youth in 1964

Was this in Wales? I tend to think so as two of the girls are from Wrexham in North Wales.

My dad took the picture and checking the back of the photo I notice its marked Garth 1964 and a CCY weekend, so Wales it was!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Whats special about this picture you may ask?

Well for starters its now fifty years old (50)  this was the period when teenagers such as we were, could look after themselves and prooved it by camping as a group on a regular basis. We came from all sorts of  backgrounds, from engineers, coal delivery men, joiners and a whole host of other trades and proffesions the club made us all equal in a way.

Names, left to right:

Robert ,Liverpool (Tysons apprentice Joiner like myself) Ian McEvoy, Liverpool, Trish Williams (Wrexham,Wales) Pam Salthouse, Crosby, Liverpool and  later married to Ken Galletley, Roy McBride (me) also Tysons and from Maghull, behind me with his arms outstretched is Les French, (Liverpool and later Maghull, it was his Fordson van, was it 45 Pounds he paid for it?  Carman, (Wrexham,Wales) in the van Peter Hignet, Walton, Liverpool (yes with a tie on) the two guys next are the brothers Marthinson and I cannot remember their first names right now.

Long time ago and we are all around sixty five years old now!

The clubs name back then was The Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland, it still continues to this day and many of my fathers photographs were sent to Barry Rook the clubs archivist, can you imagine, Barry told me he knew my parents from camping, a small world/

The club is now named The Camping and Caravanning Club, they are based in Coventry CV4 8JH, England. 


Laying out our first Mirrior Dinghy kit after CNC machining

The picture sure shows what a lot of cutting the CNC machine had to do and should prove the worth in you buying our kit. That's Joseph on the left and professional boat builder Peter on the right.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

We used five sheets of okoume marine plywood made to BS1088, the wastage factor was around 15% so very little left over with this kit.

Mirror Dinghy sets are only available world wide from licenced kit suppliers, until now they were all cut out by hand!

Now we know why they were expensive and took so long to manufacture.

A comment from a friend in the UK:

By the way, I think I counted 29 parts in the laid out kit?




Thursday March 13th 2014.

I saw this kit just yesterday and late morning around 11.30am, this afternoon I get a phone message to say the panels are now wired together dry and Peter the builder says this is the best CNC boat kit he has ever assembled.

Great news!

A customers boat

We sometimes supply the materials only and the customer buys in his own plans, this craft was one such order.

Thanks Roy. It’s a Chesapeake Light Craft, Annapolis Wherry Tandem. Lovely classic lines!


This boat was cut by hand and from plans, what a lot of work!
As long as the customer has paid for the plans and has permission, we would probably be able to CNC this for you, think of the time you will save!

Friday, 7 March 2014

The worlds first CNC Mirror Dinghy kit has been cut

This is Mirror kit number one as far as CKD Boats cc is concerned, a milestone for us and I am told a world first in Mirror Dinghy history?

News just in today on the subject:

Hi Roy,

yes, you are the 1st to CNC cut a kit.

Click the picture to enlarge it.

We are very pleased to be selected to offer and build the Mirror Dinghy kits, this first kit has a buyer and once we have it built, then measured we will be offering the design as a kit.

Fully built boats to any standard are possible.


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cruising in Brasil, Peters Place, on Ilha Grande

This has to be what its all about, your own yacht anchored of a perfect beach in Brasil and you have been invited ashore for drinks.

Pictures were  taken by Roy McBride using a Canon FT film camera and Kodak  Ektacrome slide film. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Peter is on the left and listening to a local who had some problem or other?

Peter was a licenced ham radio man, his call sign was PY 1 ZAK (now a silent key) he could  recieve from his home in this picture but to transmit used to drive in his GRP  VW wagon to the top of a hill at the rear of the house and transmit from there, he used a spare battery up there as there as no AC power on his part of the island?

Check the link to see Peters QSL card.

Ocean Cloud at anchor in Brasil, the boat is an Endurance 37, next stop was Cape Town, South Africa, the crew of two took 32 days to sail the South Atlantic Ocean.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Metalastic Jaguar 3.8S type rubber mounts

These are the genuine thing, not copies, original and taken from a 1965 S type, they will fit the Jaguar 420 as well?

Bead blasted clean, they look very good, click on the pictures for a larger image.

The one on the left is used at the front of the car and on the chassis, the two round ones are used on the rear bumpers.

Spray painted with  DTM (direct to metal) black, they are ready to fit.

For sale, contact me before they go onto Gumtree.


Marina in Hout Bay habour for rent or sale

Available soon, this week I am told? Number 80 and suitable for a 45ft yacht.

There is a tap right at the dock, with 220v power close by, rubbish bins are well maintained and cleared on a regular basis, HBYC membership is required as part of the marina berth rental or ownership.

The marina dock is one of the best, as access is easy from the wide water space behind it. The local winds are normally SE which is then on the bow of the boat, when the easterly winds blow the yacht is blown off the marina finger, saving fenders and the like. Yachts are expected to tie up to the marina rules ( posted at the notice board) , note the fenders on the other yacht, that's good practice and seamanship.

Contact the HBYC on 021 7907095 (alan) or myself for details.


Now sold.

Monday, 3 March 2014

African classic car rally preparation

 We have been asked to rally prepare a 1966 Jaguar 3.8ltr S type to do a 26 day tour around Southern Africa.

We started with the engine rebuild.


New pistons and 0.030" over size with new 0.020"crank bearings were installed.

This was a quality rebore and rebuild
The 3.8 liter Jaguar engine.
The suspensions were rebuilt in 2005, this included all brakes, servo and hoses, note the new stainless exhaust system.
The splines are as new.
We have a long list of tasks to complete before the car is ready, this includes mounting the two new wire wheels inside the back of the car once we remove the all leather seats and trims.
There will be a Terratrip Meter, which may also have a GPS function, plus an EPIRB and Satellite Phone.
Busy days ahead?

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Mk2 hard spray dodger, a great idea to dry assembly

The customer collected his kit yesterday, he was probably not at all sure what the parts were supposed to assemble like and in which order? We do supply a building instruction guide but Andre came up with a great idea.

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the instructions.

I cut the panels out of their frames which cleared up the puzzle assembly in my mind, significantly. I will assemble them as soon as the weather allows using hinges between the panels. This will allow me to position the assembly on the boat and fine tune the arrangement.

This is  CNC cut panel one of two, there are five shapes in all, what the customer will do is to dry assemble the cut outs and fasten hinges to them to enable him to then fit them in place on his boat to be able to
sort out fitting and check things like the hight, width and depth.

What a great idea, why did I not think of that?