Friday, 15 August 2008

Currency bank rates for South Africa

Published at 2008/08/15 09:01:00 AM

Rand per foreign currency unit

Description Code Bank Selling rate Bank buying TT Bank buying TC's Bank buying notes
EURO CURRENCY EUR 11.9455 11.4690 11.4377 11.4572
BRITISH STERLING GBP 15.0435 14.4457 14.3949 14.4310
US DOLLARS USD 8.0651 7.8155 7.7595 7.8075

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lalizas Optimist range expands with a Deck Collar

Check us out for prices,we are agents for all of the Lalizas range now.

We have a new Optimist Deck Mast Ring,made by the Lalizas company,who started twenty five years ago with a range of race boat fittings,they are returning to their roots,so to speak,we expect them to expand their already well accepted range at

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Seabird sailing boat kit

We have been asked to do a kit to the Seabird,an ocean going cruising yacht with a classic style,its 25'7" long only but thats plenty on a boat like this.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Stepped Scarphs Joints on our kit bulkheads

with those two CNC cut location holes cut at the same time as we cut the scarphs,its just a simple job to tap home the beech hardwood fluted dowels we provide with our kit,tap the dowels home,and the joint lines up exactly!the joint above is on a bulkhead of a Cape Cutter 19 design we supplied by Dudley Dix at the rest of the pictures are of various Didi Mini Transat kit we have supplied.

We use the scarph type joint when we want to save materials on the plywood sheets,normally on bulkheads,on the Didi Mini Transat by

Applying resorcinol adhesive to the scarphs when assembling a bulkhead. Note the holes for locating dowels used to align the components very accurately. The holes are formed by the CNC machine as part of the cutting operation.This bulkhead is at the aft end of the cockpit where it becomes the aft deck. The two scarph pieces shown are not from the same joint. The piece on the left is the cockpit beam and has a similar scarph at the other end that mates with the part on the right. Roy is assembling the two joints at the same time.
A completed scarph joint after final sanding. The two locating dowels can be clearly seen. This method produces neat and accurate scarph joints very quickly.