Saturday, 28 December 2013

Proteus 106 catamaran build details

The fact that this boat can be built the right way up makes a lot of sense to me, right away you can get a feel for what your building, its space and size in relation to yourself, its built about a half meter
off the factory floor.

This one is in Venezuela, we can ship kits world wide at a reasonable cost.

The bow assembly, all easy to manage when your working with a CNC prepared kit
from CKD Boats cc in Cape Town.

The plans do not call for internal glassing on the hull flats, only the joints where the bulkheads meet the hull skin, in this case the owner/builder has glassed it all, adding a little weight but a lot of strength.
This is the way I would build this boat, right away your seeing the boat and can establish the mass of living space this boat has.
This is the cockpit beam, as with the rest of the boats hull and decks, all panels are CNC cut for the builder.
Details inside the hull of the boat built in Thailand.
Again the boat that Rick had built in Thailand.
 A kit from us includes all the plys and epoxy plus the glass tapes and cloth, allow around R200,000(U$19,300 at this time) as a start price plus the plans, which are supplied direct from the boats designer Angelo Lavranos.
Pricing is subject to confirmation at the time of your order.


Building the Proteus 106 sailing catamaran

I have just been asked how easy this design is to build? that's a question that needs a little background information on, I have seen some remarkable results from normally desk bound types just because they applied themselves.

Here the side panels have been joined together with scarph joints, which in themselves are really easy to do.

This was the clamping table the panels were glued up on, the clamping is easy to make, threaded rod and cross clamps with nuts and washers will work fine also. The panels can be glued up on the boat also.

 Simply put this is really just an assembly job, our kit gives you around 130 sheets of CNC cut marine plys and some MDF sheets which are removable stations when the boat is built. I would not build this way up as its possible to build the right way up also.

Note, the first tow pictures are of our kit as sent to Erminio in Caracas, Venezuela, he built the right way up, the last two pictures are of Ricks boat in Thailand, that boat was built from plans and also as the transom section extended.


Friday, 27 December 2013

A picture of yacht Stormvogel

I have just been offered a really nice oil painting of the same boat, its on the market right now with offers on R20,000.

A precious Africana: Stormvogel
Winner of the Los Angeles-Hawaii Transpac Race 1967, winner overall
Oil painting by Peter Stut, 1961
Rolex Middle Sea Race 2008
Ermanno Traverso
Graeme Henry
H 700

max passariello
Van de Stadt

Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Christmas Day party on the HBYC marina

This was the scene and yesterday around 3pm, the boat on the left with the awnings up is from New Zealand, it looks like a pot luck gathering of all the cruisers that have arrived in the past two weeks!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

We have visitors here from a number of countries which is always a good thing for the regular members as we get to see lots of new ideas on the visiting boats.


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Artic Circle Hillman Imp

This is a Christmas Card with a difference, sent to me by Richard , an Imp Club member in the UK, while I am driving my own 1967 Singer Chamois down in South Africa and at around 26c another Imp Club member is out in the snow, it may be minus 20c up there?

So we at only 46c between the two cars  and maybe 10,000 miles?

Seasons Greetings to all my blog viewers and customers!



Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Perkins 4108 marine engine rebuild

The Perkins 4108M diesel engine is one of the classic diesel engines, it was in production some thirty years and is found world wide, did I once read they use the same engine in London taxies and ice cream vans?

We now have a spare engine which will be rebuilt using the spares kit seen in the picture above, with new pistons, liners and bearings we will have a near new engine.

 We can offer it as a short motor or with a refurbished cylinder head, with serviced injectors and high pressure fuel pump, you can then remove the other parts from your own engine and fit them on the rebuilt engine.

Click on the images for a larger view.

This is a Perkins 4108M, its running and has done around 1900 hrs since new, it uses no oil between services and has been found to be very reliable. Suitable for yachts around 35ft to 50ft and also for work boats and power craft, the rated HP being between 45 to 50hp depending on the boats hull form and engine speed used.

The two black pipes on the right of the engine and supported by the stainless steel springs, are the supply and return to the boats calorifier and hot water system, run the engine for twenty minutes and you can have a nice hot shower with clean fresh water!

Prices will depend on what you want, we can even offer the heat exchanger system and also a Borg Warner Velvet Drive gear box, plus your existing Perkins 4108M may be taken in part exchange?
The engine is in the Cape Town area which is South Africa, we can deliver country wide.

Work will start on this project early in 2014.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Superform bending plywoods in stock.

New stocks arrived by ship a day or so back, due to the seasonal recess we have placed the consignment in stock until we re open January 13th 2014, prices are available now and we can book your order pending delivery next month.

Now in a Cape Town store, spare stocks to back up our customers needs, selling as pack sizes to the trade, or as smaller orders to retail buyers.

We import in three thicknesses, 3mm, 5mm and 8mm with the grain going in either direction.

We can supply in bundles right now 3mm x 150 sheets, 5mm x 95 sheets and 8mm x 55 sheets, prices on request.

 Forget the rest, buy the best, Superform is not only CE approoved, its also waterproof and the most flexible bending plywood on the market.