Saturday, 5 June 2010

Wooden Loft Stairs suppliers in Cape Town

Loft access is a way of using your unused and very free space in your roof,how you get up there is normally the issue,how you make the beams and joists strong enough to take the exta weight has to be considered too,the first step is getting up there!

Making of stairs as a kit came to mind  yesterday came to mind as I started on a set of Loft Access Stairs,when assembled they take quite a lot of space,transports can often be charged on volume rather than weight,so while we can assemble and ship country wide,in some cases the handy man type or those who have outside contractors may settle for a kit,we can make to any size and in timbers like pine,meranti,oak,oregon pine,beech,maple,iroko,mahogany etc.Our self build,or Do It Yourself Kit will include all maching,sanding and the right grade of screws and glue to assemble with.All stair stringers and treads are pre  morticed and tennoned for a fast,safe and really strong set of stairs when assembled.In the kit we will supply a tube of waterproof white PVA glue and enough grain pins (wooden plugs) made from the same wood species to close off the screw holes,which are pre drilled in our factory.Assembly should take no more than an hour,you will need a power screw driver.

A mail from Justin,a regular blog reader makes some observations:
Hi Roy,

The whole stair thing was quite a learning for me. I did a brief plan on

computer, using the rise and fall I had measured. Then I chose the main

timbers (the sides whatever they called), and then tried to size the steps

themselves. As it happened I used the same timber as the sides were made of.

These were to be very heavy steps (38 pine - scaffold plank really). Then I

laboriously marked the sides for routing using an adjustable square, made a

routing template, and cut the holes. The holes were cut to fit the end of

the steps for max strength (I thought). Then I rounded the ends of the steps

a bit (I had ordered them pre-cut to 1m) to avoid cracking etc over time,

and for snug fit. I decided in favour of tie-rods as my previous (outdoor)

steps had cracked and rotted a bit around the screw holes, although they

were filled. It was also easier for me to assemble the whole thing with

tie-rods than with glueing etc - working alone. I did not use glue or screws

- just heavy ties - 4 of them - but the structure is very solid if a bit

crude. Also I could have hidden them a bit better . . . . The whole

structure weighed about 300kg when assembled on the ground. I moved it quite

easily by rolling it over a round pole, and then raised it with block and

tackle from some old yachting kit as you can imagine. And then it turned out

I was about 2cm too wide. !@#$%^&. So I had to modify the house a bit . . .


However one does it - steps to order would be SO COOL! It took me a week,

cost me a router, and a fair bit of bother . . . and while they turned out

quite satisfactory there is no doubt a professionally made set would have

been way better.



Friday, 4 June 2010

Johns Didi Mini Transat Cruise extras

John purchased his kit from us a year back,with the hull now built and turned over he is working on the deck stage,to help speed his program up he ordered the drop keel foil,lead ballast,two rudders,pushpit,pulpits,deck stantions and the tiller assembly from us,we have it packed into four specialised packs,it left for the harbour and eventual shipping to England yesterday.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Paper Jet 14 kit leaves for Germiston today

Left click the picture to see a larger size.
This was Craigs Paper Jet 14 kit being loaded today,delivery is normally within three days of collection in South Africa,we can ship world wide of course.

Sailing magazine features our Paper Jet 14 kit build

You will have to buy the June 2010 issue of Sailing magazine to read from page 18 the three pages with full colour of one of our Paper Jet 14 kits being built,as a class we have today shipped of a kit to Craig,he has Paper Jet 14 # 14,he will start building very soon and I hope we can feature his kit build in stages as he progresses.