Friday, 23 February 2018

Hitia 17 materials kit

James Wharrams Hitia 17 catamaran has a materials list which we were asked to supply, the kit includes the plywoods, meranti and white ash wood, epoxy , glass cloth and the various application tools, such as brushes and rollers for the epoxy application.

We have supplied Joubert okoume marine plywood which is made in France, the pine ply we see in the picture is 12mm thick top and bottom and as a packer only.

Pictures from the James Wharram web site.

Couriers will collect the kit today and transport it to the buyer in Johannesburg 1000 miles away, we can ship similar kits Worldwide.


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Export Optimist dinghy kit sets

We have exported great many plywood boat kits, the Optimist is a popular choice.

That kit was developed when the Knysna Yacht Club on the South African East coast placed and order for five Optimist kits, they later extended the order to eight kits.

This Optimist kit set includes the North sail and a Harken deck package, also the meranti wood and a builders jig which can be used a number of times should you want to build more the the one kit.

The white envelope contains the fourteen page building instructions, we developed the kit and the plans at the same time, so we know the plans are correct, also supplied are the four pages of measuring sizes so that you can check your build as you assemble.

A North sail is an option that is often chosen, you can have spinnaker cloth in colours added if you want.

This kit will be shipped to Texas, USA, we arrange the shipping for the customer.

Contact me for more information.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Optimist dinghy kit packing

This one is shipping this week and to Huston port, USA, the customer will then collect himself and take it by road to his home which is a town South East of Dallas, Texas.

My job this morning is to create a packing grate that the parts and extras will fit into, the crate is then steel banded for extra security.

In the picture is the builders jig, templates, spacers, meranti wood, mast block, North sail and a Harken deck pack, missing is the CNC cut plys to the bottom of the boat, the sides and front and back of the boat.

Also included is a fourteen page builders guide and the class measurement sheets.


Monday, 19 February 2018

The Navigator by John Welsford

We can supply you a marine plywood bulkhead, set plus the dagger board casing and the bottom of the boat.

Our kit is tested and we have a boat sailing from our work.

We can sell you the plans also.

The plywood is imported and from France.

This kit will soon be packed and shipped to Australia.

Contact me for more details and pricing.