Thursday, 3 September 2009

Toylander,series one and series two choices

We see christmas again rushing up on us and if we are to have some Toylanders ready to stick in your childs stocking we had better get started again now.The choice of either the early series one or series two Toylander was made easy by the fact we have the series two delveloped already,we will be stocking both sets of plans though,at about R585 they are good value for a toy that will last a life time.We have also decided to build a series two demonstrator,it will start this month (september 09) there are various choices in materials but we will only offer it in genuine BS 1088 marine grade ockume plywood,it is so much lighter,stronger and nicer to work with than any other sheet material,so the cost has to be worth it,both the front bonnet and the curves on the front wings will be made from our special superform bending plys.

The KD 860 catamaran by Bernd Kohler

Some words from Bernd the boats designer below,plans are very low cost at only U$340,buy direct,we can supply the boat as a kit.

Designing a catamaran in this size is a challenge if you would not end up with a floating caravan.
I used our practical experience with our Pelican to design this boat.
The maximum height in the central cabin is 1.48 m. I found the solution for a reasonable ergonomic by using 3 entrances. To step in the hulls, the port or star board entrance is used. The central entrance is very convenient to step in the central seating area. As shown in the drawing, there is amble seat height in the central cabin and standing height ( 1,95m ) in the hulls.
The trapezoid shaped hulls have a fine entrance. The length to beam ratio of the hulls is 1 : 11. This will guarantee a fast boat (see spec. for speed prediction).
The boat is relative low with good aerodynamic properties. Even with shortened sails the boat will go to windward. A factor often forgotten.
There is sufficient room for four persons for extended voyages.

The boat is designed in a way that even first time boat builders can build the boat without difficulties. All 32 CAD drawings are to scale (1 : 1). The can be used for direct laser cutting. A 32 page description will aid you building the boat. All our 26 years of experience designing boats for amateurs is flowing into this design. We chose again plywood as basic material for availability world wide and cost efficiency.

Lavranos design 10.5mtr power cat

This boat was deigned to do an easy twenty knots,its capable of handling our local Cape Point waters and if thats the case it will be happy most places.As a marine ply and epoxy kit it makes for a strong but yet lightweight and low maintainace build.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Clamps by the dozen!

The finished job,very nice and fair too!

Some pictures of the progress being made on building a 16.5 foot Mill Creek kayak from Cheasapeak Light Craft.

Alain bought his materials to build his canoe from us,that was marine plys,as in 6mm ockume five ply,epoxies, glass tapes and cloth,he has no progressed with the help of his dad ann small son to fitting the decks,I think he may be finished quite soon?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lynnhavan Canoe,an easy build project for winter or summer

Lynnhaven 16

16ft Plywood stitch & glue touring canoe
Paddle as a canoe
Row as a small pulling boat
3 Flotation/storage compartments
Length 4.725m [15' 6"]
Beam 0.92m [3' 0"]
Hull weight 20-32kg [45-70lb]
(depends on plywood thickness used)
Plans and our CNC cut kit include full size patterns and
instructions with many photos

Oppikat by Dix Design

We now have the files to enable us to CNC cut this boats bulkheads,so kits are available and we can offer as either bulkheads only,or the rest of the boat including fittings,mast and the sail to buyers choice.

Scaled to size with an Optimist dinghy.

Introducing a micro trainer boat for children (mum & dad too) its aimed at being a starter catamaran that children can learn on,it has big boat features but in a small size,we will soon offer this design as a kit,a customer is sending us his plans for costing.

The overall image is thoroughly modern, in the style of the latest racing cats. The keels, moulded integrally with the hulls, will give windward ability and a pivot point for tacking, without the complication of daggerboards. Their draft of 200mm is shallow enough to allow easy beaching and sailing in shallow water. The rudders have simple fixed blades for simplicity. They do not project below the keels so they have protection in shallow water to reduce the number of concerns for novice sailors.

The rig uses a simple sleeve luff mainsail fitted over the tubular aluminium mast. The rigging is hooked onto the front of the mast at a cut-out in the sleeve and comprises only a forestay and single shrouds, attached to the chainplates with lashings rather than bottle screws. An optional jib with integral forestay can replace the standard forestay, for higher performance. The mainsail has a large roach and is fully battened. The large foot batten replaces a boom and is controlled by the mainsheet which runs on a wire bridle on the aft beam. Buoyancy material in the double skin top panel of the mainsail will assist with righting in the event of a capsize.

In May 2007 we have added new detailing to this design for building from wood. This uses strip cedar with a light glass covering to the rounded bottom and plywood to the topsides, deck and keel. It is built over plywood bulkheads, half of which stay in as permanent structure. This additional detailing turns this into a design that is now well suited to building by reasonably skilled amateur builders.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Piers Didi mini transat number 598

Piers bought a mark two kit to the Didi mini transat from us,we recomended a boat builder to do the constuction,Piers then entered the Heineken South Atlantic race from Cape Town to Salvador but while installing the boats plumber works he slashed a tendon in his in his hand and had to retire his entry from the race,he later sailed the boat to England,single handed of course.The mark two Didi mini transat is noticable by the longer cockpit seats that go right to the back of the boat,there is also a 60mm raised section aft to allow the rear access hatch to come clear of the water.

Antal and Lewmar winches for sale

These are now sold,excepting the smaller Lewmar stc 30 size,there is also a Lewmar 16stc which is not in this picture for sale,contact me at  for more details.These have since been sold,we can still do decent prices on new Lewmar sizes over 40:1 .

Self tailing winches for sale.

We still have the two Antal size 46:1 alloy self tailing winches for sale,they have had very light use and are as new inside,priced at R4500 each,sold as a pair so R9000,or about U$1150 for both.The Lewmar chrome ST 46:1 has been sold,the Chrome Lewmar ST 30:1 is still available,shipping at cost world wide is no problem.
Contact me at