Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Bombaloza Scull on the Berg River?

News is in that they have been discussing the Bombaloza Scull at a Berg River meeting?

This lad may just be in training for the day he is big enough to have a go himself!

With the very detailed plans (44 pages?)  cost starting at just R500 you can start easy enough by cutting it out yourself, CKD Boats cc can supply the CNC kit which does get you on the water that much faster.

The kit is three sheets of okoume marine play for the hull and one sheet of pine ply for the builders jig (re usable) we offer the epoxy, glass tape , fumed silica and micro balloons to make the fillers and epoxy fillets too.


Friday, 24 July 2015

Inside a Furuno 1800 radar

This one carries a lable 1987, so its all of twenty eight years old!

Click on the image to enlarge it.

I had a look inside the display today to see if there was any visual reason why the display goes off or in some case does not work? When the set is powered up its just perfect and as a 24 mile radar and with its variable zone alarm its a nice bit of gear to have.

The PCB is perfect, almost new I would say.

I found nothing obviously wrong, then again I am not a marine electical technical guy, still having a look does no harm.

I have the zone alarm un pluged, that is the multi plug lying loose.

Next I will eye ball the radome transmitter and see if there are any wires loose, the large multi cable carries eleven function wires, so that is not impossible.

Nice when it works!


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Cape Henry 21 building in Seattle, USA.

Its always nice to receive news and pictures from our customers, they give a good feedback on what our kit has become and how well it assembles.

We shipped the Cape Henry 21 plywood kit to Fred, then later we also sent him the 1" thick profiled drop steel keel, made here in Cape Town, even with shipping it was seen to be good value.

Fred in Seattle is building a Cape Henry 21 by Dudley Dix.

Words below by Fred,

Scheduled to exhibit 'Evangelina' at Port Townsend's Wooden Boat Festival; 2nd wknd. in Sept. She might float in as a 'convertible', ha ha.
Your cnc cutting is very precise. I determined scarf overlaps and skin panel sections via Dudley's Mylars.

Fred just happens to have a very complete wood working shop, in his case that is what he does but most work with just the basic tools many of which are to be found in the average home.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

K Designs

We looked at this design group a while back, so why not again as they are very well known.

At K-designs, we design fast water craft. We have been consulting in this industry for over 30 years and we sell multi-hull construction plans for home builders and professionals alike.   New  designs are developed on a regular base . Almost all boats are extreme light weight wood/glass/epoxy composite constructions. 
We designed also several wing in ground effect crafts. These hybrids, between aircraft and very fast ships, are versatile, fast and efficient. We believe they will play an important role in mass transport in the future. The technology to build them is already here. Click on the appropriate link to find more information on the craft you are interested in.

We are asked to supply a kit to the KD 860 catamaran and will work on the numbers for the customer next week.