Saturday, 15 August 2009

Daniels full race Hillman Imp engine manifold

A customer in Germany named Daniel placed an order for two Hillman Imp manifolds,one is the full race version,the other a large bore Sport Janspeed type,we posted the full race one first,its the one in this picture,his second Sport one has just arrived,we use either surface or airmail post,it depends on urgency and what your willing to spend?

A message from Daniel.

Hello Roy

yesterday I get the manifold.
It´s also great

attached you will find a photo from my Weber and the manifold



Jacare,Brasil,yacht Baraka on the poles

Left click any picture to view full screen and see how far off the mud the drying cradle went!

Sharon and Ian have lots to do,a quick clean then get that antifoul on!

Baraka settled nose down,I have no idea why,must be balance?Thats Sharon and a rare shot of Brian Stevens in the front to the right of the picture.

The team giving a welcome hand,sending your shore lines over takes time,the period of slack water really seemed short when you had to secure fast before the tide turns,the actual drying rig is in effect a position in space and a reference point,it will stop you leaning inwards but not outwards,as the frame is loose on the river bank,so your shore lines have to do all the work.
Baraka,an Endurance design in ferro,was one of the many to take adavantage of the drying rig we had set up,as Frank Sinatra once sang I did it my way!

Flicka 20 hull deck and bulkheads for sale

We have one only GRP Flicka 20 for sale,please contact me for more info,we can ship world wide.

Friday, 14 August 2009

The story of Tididi,turn over time is close!

Andrew has been moving faster since he started his hull skin process,so much so he is thinking of what method to use to turn his boat the right side up,this is from his own blog.

While the hole filling is continuing, and during periods where the weather is too bad to work on the boat, I have been constructing a scale model of TIDIDI. This is mainly to assist in the planning of the hull turning, in order to see which is going to be the best way of doing this with minimum effort and manpower, and without too much modification of the boat shed. The most likely method is going to be one suggested by Roy McBride, which he used successfully on his own boat, whereby a pinion is fitted to both the transom and the stem, which then rest in "A" frames, allowing the hull to turn much like a "Spit". The model will assist in getting the best position for these pinions so that the hull is balanced throughout the turning process. It will also allow me to see where the ground needs to be excavated to allow for the widest section of the hull.

Paper Jet 14 build pics of one of our kits

The client writes,
Building going slowly but well. Turning the boat this weekend to start “filleting the stringers”

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Two Durban built boats

The Aratu Yacht Club, Salvador,Brasil, 1977.Picture by Roy McBride with a Canon film camera and a 200mm tele lens using Kodaks Ektachrome pro slide film.

Both these boats were made from ferro cement and in Durban,on South Africas east coast.Durban had many specialist built ferro boats at one time, the far boat Rainmaker did a circumnavigation, two guys built it, they started when both single but as time went on, the girl friends became wives, one of who had a child (Sharon?) the group sailed off as one but the couple with the child took a decision to get off the boat in St Helena Isle, when the other couple finished their circumnavigation, ending back up in Durban, the family with the child took over the yacht, then they too sailed off, thats a nice true story.

Rainmaker,its name? well I was told by Peter the joint owner, that when ever they went to start working on the boat it rained!

This came in today, September 6th 2013.

 hello Roy
I just read your blog about the 2 boats - I sailed the rainmaker from galapagos to Richards Bay in the late 80's with a friend and am curious as to what happened to her.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gulliver of Knysna

Left click the picture to see the waves full size!

The hand writing on the back of this old photo was writen by my good wife,Jean,it says:

Slangkop Lighthouse,our second boat,we were mad but this is the boat we went cruising on.

We Re launched fifty one (51) weeks after taking this stripped hull and deck off these rocks,a year after that we went cruising to Brasil,Venezuela,Trinidad and Tobago,more on this boat later.

Thanks Jean!


Sunday, 9 August 2009

OCC members,The Collins family arrive at Hout Bay

Their Nicholson 35 is registered in London but they did not have too far to travel this time, as they have rented a marina at HBYC for some years now and recently purchased a vacant marina when its owner sailed off to the Azores.

Roy,OCC,Port Officer for Hout Bay and Cape Town.

Jacare,Baywood on the poles for a paint job

As you can see from these pictures,it was very much a team event,both with tying up,cleaning and then painting,we needed to clean and apply paint in one tide only,not that we could not have stayed longer as we had no fee to bother about.