Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gregs strip planked Oppikat

With this design we supplied just the CNC bulkheads and used the regular postal service between the RSA and USA, this was really cost effective. The design is by Dudley Dix and was drawn as an easy to build sail training small catamaran. There are some 15 bulkheads per hull, when cut with a CNC machine from okoume marine ply they are easy to set up.

Greg has built his hulls together but you can also do one at a time and on a narrow bench or shelf, as long as you can reach to the side furthest away from you.


Initial fairing with the hand plane about 1/2 done.


I ended up with a little funkiness at the bows as I didn't quite strip it right(first time strip-planked and all) - but the kid wants it painted anyway.  So I should be able to fix it up.  Or not.



Friday, 17 May 2013

The Quick Canoe 155, a throw away boat?

Thats one idea but I suspect you will fall in love with it and keep it forever!

Picture and text from the designers web site. We have the plans ready for you now, just pay to our Pay Pal
account at roy (at) and we will send you a PDF of the plans by return.

QUICK CANOE 155 – A simple plywood canoe – Plans $30


The plywood “disposable” canoe (see here) has been renamed the more salubrious “Quick Canoe”.  I quite liked the name of “Disposable Canoe” but I agreed with the critique that it hinted at something that was poor quality rather than simple and Easy.  It could have been the EasyCanoe, but that name was already taken.
The photo below shows two a group of us built in France immediately before paddling and camping our way down the Loire River for a week.
The fastest building and best paddling super simple canoe?
It fills a gap that our classic Eureka plywood Canoe doesn’t cover.  The Eureka is a pretty canoe that is easy to build and paddles very nicely.  It builds quickly over a couple of weeks if you can work full time, but with the Quick Canoe we were thinking of something possible to whack together in a weekend.
The Quick Canoe series has been designed to be as easy to build as possible while keeping some of the qualities of a good paddling canoe – in particular the ability to track.  It is not designed to be the BEST canoe, but the SIMPLEST plywood canoe that was FASTEST to build without being too bad on the water rather than going the best paddling  canoe we could do as represented by the Eureka.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The JoLon Imp Route

The original route was via Italy, that was not possible, so a 12,000 Kms drive became 14,000 Kms and that excluded the ferry to Turkey and across the English Channel.

My thanks to Justin Phillips for re drawing the original map. His new one will be used at the summers Imp Club exhibitions in the UK for the rest of the year.

Arrival at the camping site in Coventry, it was by then 6.20am and the Imp Club sent a suitable collection of Imps out to meet the guys, about twelve cars in all!



Monday, 13 May 2013

Dublin tonight

No, thats not me but the JoLon Imp and Terence Tracey, he has an Imp Club meeting this evening.

The guys from Dublin and the clubs president want to meet the man, they meet later and I would just love to be there!

Click on the picture, it should enlarge.

The guy in the blue shirt is Richard Sosanski, born in Kenya and was pleased to see the guys pass very close to his place of birth, it was Richard who very much behind the scenes, sorted out forward orders for this rare print and asked the painter David Shepherd to sign and number them. The guy in black is the clubs chairman, Graham Anderson, well done to both of you on a job well done! 
I have an idea that the reason Cape Town is printed on the top of the Imps windscreen, they removed Johannesburg prior to the start on March 28th, is because the car may well be shipped back to South Africa? Meaning Terence and Geoff will team up once more to drive the 1600 kilometers from Cape Town to Johannesburg, this will of course mean they will have driven the entire length of the African continent!

Who would like to see the car and meet the guys when they are here in Cape Town?



Some of you may note that this blog has been short on news over the last month, the reason was simple, I started an Imp Club forum page on the Jolon Imp, its heading for some 4000 views anyday now and there is still lots to add but normal service will soon be resumed!