Wednesday, 15 February 2017

An Argie 15 boat for sale In Zurich, Switzerland

Hi Roy

The Argie 15 is now ready for sailing. 

Thank you for your help an advice  during the building process.

I would like to sell it.

Please find attached some pictures I made yesterday.

CKD Boats cc of Cape Town, South Africa supplied Basil with the Argie 15 kit, the North Sails and also the Ronstan deck gear package, we can and do ship World wide.

Kind regards,

Monday, 13 February 2017

The Skrowl 900 as a kit set.

We have been asked to quote on this design.

It looks interesting! my thanks to Google for the use of the pictures.

I would say this hard chine design will offer a very large interior.

Plans would be from the designer, we would then supply the kit.

The radius bow can easily be laminated and formed using our Superform (tm) bending plyswood, its waterproof.

Contact me for kit  pricing.