Thursday, 12 January 2012

A new fitting to an Imps engine block

Its not that often that I can record a new fitting to suit the Hillman Imp engine block,well next year that engine will be all of fifty years old!

A day or so back I was fitting a new copper cylinder head gasket on the 998cc engine,when the first bolt I torqued down striped in the all alloy block,so whats new?

The best line of action was to call a specialist out who would do a repair,that was done on the same day and I was impressed (pun?)

A standard Rootes 3/8" hi tensile head bolt,marked Auto and really the best of the best quality,seen here its at least 45 years old. The thread insert is the wrong way around in this picture.

I contacted Nic the installation technical man and was given a fee for the call out and fitting fee,Nic was there the same day and did the thread insert.

The system is fast,not clean as much metal from the thread tap is ejected.

The new thread was more or less inserted by hand,then bonded with Loctite.

To be continued

How hard can this be!

New arrival in Hout Bay

This was the following evening,seems we see some fantastic and varied vessels here in our Hout Bay,this ship is local and built by the guys at Far Ocean over the way in  Cape Town Harbour.

Ventana motors into Hout Bay

There were no sails and no flags,so an unanounced arrival into the Hout Bay Harbour.
On the marina she shows no flag either,so where she came from I have no idea?

She has a full set of furling sails,so all of those may have been rolled away out in the bay?

Ventana looks like she may be from the USA,possibly a Philip Rhodes or a Sparkman and Stevens design,does anyone know?


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Masts to order

Some like them the way they used to be,there is normaly no weight penalty and rarely a cost increase over alloy or carbon.This one is hollow,we can add cable conduits in the center too.

Finished here in clear twin pack polyurethane varnish from International Paints,it was spray gun applied. The construction is the Birdsmouth eight segment,done here in selected  clear american oregon (douglas fir)


That was posted just yesterday,a mail which is below, came in that same day,I replied within the hour it arrived.

hi Roy , i have read your page on mast building with interest. We have tried to research for our project but have only found yourself, the ‘pardeys’, a local ship wright and collars in england who seem to discuss the subject much. We are about to embark on building a 60’ mast for our alajuela 38, a colin archer inspired hull.

We are building it in the states and have been able to source sitka spruce.........


The Argie 15 sailing dinghy

Seen as a crossover to a boat that is probably at the larger end of being a dinghy,its a great do it all boat you can build yourself from one of ours kits.

We can supply the plans only,or the kit in stages.


Argie 15
Plywood Sailing Dinghy

Argie 15 stitch & glue plywood boat plans
A nice example of the Argie 15, built by Louis de Lassus in his basement in Paris
~ Attractive & versatile , Argie 15 offers fun for the whole family.

~ Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed, space for camp-cruising on lakes and rivers.

~ Simple stitch and glue method, build with minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding experience & little space.

~ Step-by-step instructions included in plans.

~ Ideal quality time project for Dad with Junior's help or practical winter project to fight off cabin fever.

~ Build as a school project then use for training young sailors in the school sailing club.

~ Built-in flotation compartments & simple sail plan make her great for learning to sail at any age.

~ Drawings now include optional full-length side seats.

~ Optional full size paper patterns available.

~ See Argie 15 amateur project photos

~ Sailing videos



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Argie 15 stitch & glue plywood boat plans

The ARGIE 15 was designed to be a versatile family fun boat. Essentially a 3 in 1 dinghy, she can be rowed, sailed or powered by an outboard motor of up to 7,5kw output. She is more than the normal 3 in 1 dinghy in that it was considered from the start that she may be used as a camp cruiser. Most dinghies have no areas long enough for an adult to stretch out full length for sleeping but the ARGIE 15 has 1,9m of clear length, sufficient for most people. The addition of removable slatted floorboards to your boat will lift you out of any water lying in the bottom while sleeping. A canvas or plastic sheet over the boom and tied to eyes along the gunwhales will give protection from the elements. The result is a minimum cruiser for use on protected waters.

She has also been designed to make maximum use of the advantages of plywood to give a light and easily managed boat which is well within the capabilities of the average DIY enthusiast. The construction method used is stitch and glue which eliminates most of the framing normally used in boat construction and results in very light structural weight. The weight of a completed hull is approximately 60kg, making her suitable for car topping on extended roof racks. She will, however be more easily handled with a trailer.

Argie 15 stitch & glue plywood boat plans
Argie 15 stitch & glue plywood boat plans

By normal dinghy standards, the mast is robust and fairly heavy. This is because the sailing rig has been designed to be uncomplicated to set up and easy to control, using a minimum of fittings. The mast tube comes from one extrusion, cut in half so as to fit inside the hull for storage.

The whole concept of the ARGIE 15 is simplicity, both in construction and use. For those wanting to customise their boats to suit their own use, there are numerous possibilities. These include floor boards, customised tent, foot straps and extending the side seats right round the hull (these are not covered in the drawings). As drawn, she is about as much boat as can come from six sheets of plywood. The extension of the side seats will need an additional sheet and will limit the sleeping width a bit. However, the extra bouyancy which results will make for easier righting in the event of a capsize and make her more comfortable for sailing.

The ARGIE 15 is a good family construction project, with surprisingly good sailing performance and the ability to take a lumpy sea. It has also been built with thicker plywood to produce a robust little boat for small scale commercial fishing or working lobster traps

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Jaguar 3.8 liter cylinder head for sale

We have a solid and good condition Jaguar 3.8 ltr cylinder head in the  workshop,it will be fully set up and ready to fit,with correct colour blue paint in the spark plug valley.New camshaft bearings will be fitted, the shims to tappets will be set and all that will be required is fitting of the head to your motor.

Gaskets to the head,cam covers, breather,inlet and exhaust can also be supplied if required.

 Left click the picture for a larger view.

A 3.8 ltr motor with the correct polished tappet covers,in this case the engine is a 1966 model with twin inch and a half SU carburetors,said to give some 220 bhp,while the E type with three carburetors gives 260 bhp?

There is also a complete Jaguar 420 G (Jaguar E Type) 4.2 ltr motor for sale,this has its tripple carbs and is a runner,its condition is not known but we can offer that engine as a complete re built unit if required,costs on application.

Note,the 420 G has a lower compression than the genuine E Type,we can supply and fit new higher compression pistons if required?

A really fine example of a US plated 1962  Jaguar 3.8 ltr car,the cylinder head we have will fit this model and also the later  Jaguar 3.8 S types.


The Argie 10 and Dixi dinghy kits

Always popular,we have started the year by selling plans and kits to these boats,a local yacht club may also use the Dixi Dinghy as a build and sail training program.
With an auction to close the event,buyer takes all and the boat home!

Two great dinghies, these little boats offer lots of fun for the whole family.

Multi-purpose, they can be rowed, motored or sailed and are light enough for one person to lift on and off the family car or yacht.
 The Dixi Dinghy is on the left,made from just two sheets of 6mm (five ply) Ockume marine ply its a much boat as can be built for the money.

We supply as much or as little of the materials you require,or you can buy the plans only from us and source your own materials where you live.

Simple stitch and glue construction, they can be built with the minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding experience and in very little space.

Step-by-step instructions included in plywood plans.

Either one can be the ideal quality time project for a youngster with Dad's assistance or Dad with Junior's help.

Build as a school project which actually has some use after achieving your passing grade.

Practical winter project, build one for fishing on your local pond, as junior's "my boat" or as a tender to your big boat.
An Argie 10,it will take four persons with ease.

Built-in flotation compartments and a simple sail plan make them great for learning to sail, whatever your age.

Plans by email or regular post.