Friday, 7 August 2015

Hard dodger to suit a medium sized boat

In this case the boat is a Dix 43 and as the center cockpit version.

The kit evolved and we have now sent at least two offshore.

Click on the images to view full size.

We supply just about everything, even the special glass and the correct silicone glazing sealant.

The best way to stay dry and wind free is with the best protection that the hard dodger can give.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Maxprop two blade classic for sale

Now on the market and in the Cape Town, South Africa area, we can ship world wide.

The 24" maxprop has had very low hours on it and is in fine condition.

The price is only R20,000 which is around U$1575.

Suitable for a larger yacht and gives you great control in both forwards and reverse.

The original Max-Prop was designed in the early 70’s for the high tech race boat market. Since proving itself in the racing arena, the Classic Max-Prop has earned its way into the mainstream market as the leader in low drag propellers. Today you will find the Classic Max-Prop on a wide range of vessels from 25 foot daysailer to 100 foot race boat. With over 30 years of proven performance and unequalled reliability the two blade Classic is a great choice for a lighter vessels.

Simply the best and I know this has my own yacht has the Maxprop 18 " classic and it works equally well in forwards and reverse.


Sunday, 2 August 2015

A lazy day in the Hout Bay Harbour

I was called to the Hout Bay Boat Yard to discuss a 24" twin blade Maxprop on a classic yacht.

While I was there I took this picture of the yacht She, its a classic in its own right.

The design is ( i think) by Buchanan and was built in the far east in solid teak, even the plywood on the decks is teak.

The boat is featured in the book Cape Town's Traditional Boat Association, which was compiled and published by TBA member Colin Davies, pages 22 & 23 and with pictures of the previous owner the late Brian Bradfield.

Brian sold the boat to a guy who then had it fully rebuilt, it was re launched in October 2010 at the RCYC.

There are two more copies of that book for sale, R135 each and as a donation to the NSRI and Hout Bays Station 8.

Check the seals having a rest!

Nice winter weather.