Saturday, 27 September 2014

Why wont magnets work on Stainless Steel?

Hi Roy,

In case you wondered…………….

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Mirror dinghy fittings

We have priced the alloy rub strips into our kit costing, the four round plastic inspection hatches are an extra but we can include those as well if required?

Made in South Africa!


Mirror dinghy CNC files upgrades

We are on file update six, this saves plywood but adds more features, such as the rudder and dagger board foil, hidden side bulkheads, backer rings to the four round plastic inspection hatches, plus part #44!

Cut from both 4mm and 6mm okoume marine plywood, this kit will make you the lightest Mirror possible?

The decks are just loose laid in place in this picture, check how well they fit.

How easy was this? we started mid March, such work took time and required the first kit which is in the picture to be assembled and from that we further developed our CNC cut files.

Shipping locally or world wide should not be a problem.


Friday, 26 September 2014

HBYC Marina improvements

They are many and done year round, the fact that we never really see any of them is because many of the additions and changes are under the water.

The access bridge has just had a three day service,the lower swivel joint was given an upgrade thanks to a donation by Peter who just happened to have a large and suitable bearing doing nothing in his workshop.

The marina employs some very talented men who will try their hands at most jobs, when it comes to the underwater work, a team of pro divers are brought in, its similar with structural works like welding and refurbishment of the fingers and main spines.

The new bearing raised the end of the walk way to the extent that a new lower step could be added, this means the walkway should be closer to level  than it used to be?

Thats the bearing in the center,click on the pictures to enlarge them and see more detail.

The guys work as a close knit team.

Roy who is the the man standing is the teams forman.

This upgrade is just in time for the summer cruising yachts season, plus the large anchors that have been added to some of the berths to allow yachts over fifty feet long to be accepted.

Nice to see such work going on!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Veneer form (tm)

Simply the best way to apply a pre veneered plywood panel on a curved surface, you can of course use it as a flat panel.

The very best quailty and waterproof as well!

Veneer form will be available in various wood species.


Heritage Day holiday in Hout Bay

The picture is dated 2003 so some decade back and more, the conditions on todays Heritage Day are not so nice, plus the Hout Bay YC marina walkway was still out of service yesterday afternoon.

The picture was taken by Kate Turner Smith from her parents yacht the Muria, Tenacity.
The boat is a Dix 43 built in a ply/epoxy composite, its now for sale, please contact me for the brokers name and contact number.

I have always loved this picture!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Superform bending ply with a veneer face

A new product will soon be released.

By the way., we have done something new I will send you some panel next delivery to play with
3 ply veneered flexible panel cross grain and long grain., In any veneer species the finished
Approx 3mm, 4mm, 4.7mm 0.02mm trials have been done in ASH, OAK, WALNUT, SAPELE...

You will be the first to try.....and give us your opinion

Clickon the image to enlarge and see the quality, the finish is in American White Ash
To have a pre finished Superform bending panel saves time and post gluing of veneer sheeting after construction.

A world first and we will see it first!


Monday, 22 September 2014

Hout Bay marina access control system

Thats it the orange dinghy, while they change the normal walkway finger that the bridge fits onto we have to access the dinghy, then move along the rope and climb onto the dock on the other side.

To be honest I decided not to bother but the system will work and is under the watchfull eyes of the 24 hour security staff that the club employs.

Well done to the marina staff and the specialists they employ to this kind of work, it requires a great deal of planing and work, that blue float system was constructed for this job alone.

Normal service may be back tomorrow?


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Racing Mirror Dinghy kits

We are about to cut an order of ten Mirror dingies, all pre sold as far as I know, they will be cut to meet the  International Mirror wooden boat specification 2013, which is under consideration for some changes due to the fact that in most countries 5mm okoume plywood does not exist, or if it does its made to special order?

Kit set number one, this went together very well and Peter, the boat builder commented on how good the ply panel fit was.

Our plywood panels are a mix of 6mm and 4mm  okoume marine plywood to BS 1088 standards (stamped as such) we are making the timber list required as light as possible by cutting much of the internal wood in obeche, this is a very light timber which is grown in Africa.

Kits and prices are available on request.