Friday, 18 October 2013

For sale, Yot Grot and boating gear

The Yot- Grot, Cape Town, story has been added to this thread, read below.

Do you have some engine or boating gear for sale?

We move stuff all the time from boats to engines and often many of the bits in between.

At the moment we have a customer wanting a Raymarine SPX 30 type 2 direct drive or similar to suit his

43ft yacht and autopilot, or it could be hydraulic with a 12v drive motor also The B and G type 2 blue hydraulic 12 volt ram will also suit this application, failing which a chain driven rotary drive?

To see the Yanmar diesel we sold, copy and paste the link below.

We posted this in September 2012, it was sold this week, even though the motor is an old one and the seller advised me there was no compression!

We take a 10% posting commission and can often handle the collection and delivery side as an extra fee, so what have you got to sell?


Yot-Grot, Cape Town, some history.

There was one in Durban, was that the first?

Then Kate Stewart opened her own Yot-Grot store here in Woodstocks old Castle Brewery, thats  down on Beach Road, it was in a cellar and a very interesting place to take a look around in!

Kate was quite a sailor, she once loaned a hard chine plywood yacht and sailed it from Cape Town to Rio Do Janerio but none stop! She took her Saxaphone with her as comfort and only crew.

Then Eddie bought the business and moved it to what had been the customs checking point as you enter Table Bay Harbour, the selection of stock grew once Eddie was in control. As the V&A Waterfront expanded Eddie had to move out and found premises on Section Street and Shropshire street, close to Marine Drive near the Total filling station in Paarden Eiland.

Eddie sold to Lyle and Lisa Diedericks due I think to an illness, I never saw Eddie again, he owned a Far 38 at one time, it was maroon, did Tommy Walker build that and name it Santana, I think so? There was by now a second trading name Pirates boat chandlers.

Lyle ran the store with his wife and was doing fine, then I think they had a child and traveling from either Noordhoek or Kommetjie each day all the way to Paarden Eiland became too much for them?  By this time his uncle Chris Diedericks had been helping out and decided to buy Yot-Grot for himself, are we now about seven years on since Kate started, that at least? Did the store close for a while when Kate owned it?

Chris had his up and downs as the boating trade went into a recession, to help pay the rent he started a  backroom set up with some very talented ladies with sewing machines, they could and did do all your canvas work rather well.

I dont think Chris was really making money, paying the rent may even have been a hard thing to do, he had brought in a bank to handle payments and to ease his cash flow, that of course would further slice more of a wedge off his income.

In the end Chris took a plane to the West Indies to attend his sons wedding, the rent on the store was left unpaid and in his absence the the owner of the property closed the store down, the lady left running the place was quite helpless to stop this.

What happened then was ( i was told) all contents of the premises went to a storage place in Bellville, then I assumed sold?

Did Chris ever return? I wonder as I never saw or heard from him again !
As he stayed in a small apartment  on the first floor premises, once the landlord moved in and took posetion
of whatever he found, there was no point in Chris returning? 

I like many owners of parts and equipment never heard from the liquidators, this was despite the fact that Yot-Grot / Sailors kept a record of the owners so that they could be contacted for payment when their goods were sold. As a lot of gear was on consignment, this sounds like theft to me.

I had Yazaki and B&G marine gear on display, gone to where I wonder?

R.I.P. Yot-Grot, we need you back again.



The vanishing Hout Bay Yacht Club

This club house worked very well when most sailing was beach sailing and done right off the beach in front
of the club house. At that time the view from downstairs and upstairs across the bay was 100%, then came the experts who asked can they re introduce the original sand dunes?

Hout Bay and at its best, the position of the camera was about halfway of the drive in to the club house main gates, I am about seven or eight meters higher than the car park below!

The Ford Bantam is parked on the brick pave of the public space car park, so much for the promise that the re introduction of the sand dunes would not impact on the club house or the area around it. Who were these so called experts?

The HBYC club house now, stripped of its roof and windows since my last posting, who took the materials?

That large sand dune is center of the main lounge area, the large bar was to its left.

The club stands on council land,when it was time to move to the new club house site in the harbour nearby, two valuations on the improovement's on the property were made, one was a lot lower than the other, we had to work around the lower valuation?

Looking across from the sand dune in front of the clubs car park and with the old club house to the right, check those monster dunes further on, now being moved by front end loaders and a series of trucks to Sandy Bay.

The eventual move of the club to the harbour was successful , as I understand there was an amicable agreement with the council and their cash offer for what we had built. The new club house is far better than the old one!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Deluxe Light Ply quality information and weights

This new light (very) ply is causing a lot of interest, especially those companies who are using plastic core materials and then facing that with normal plywood.

For general market a whole piece inside is not necessary, our jointing for internal sheet is exceptional
And void less Faces are always whole piece


Adhesive is phenolic with a boil test  for 4 hours no de lamination it is exterior 1
And was recently tested in Poland to Class 3 highest classification for Europe.

15mm is 5 ply weights for all as follows


      2] 6.0mm                  90 SHEETS                          6.500 KGS.                      
      3] 8.0mm                  55 SHEETS                          8.500 KGS.                      
      4] 10.0mm                45 SHEETS                          10.500 KGS.                                                        
      5] 12.0mm                40 SHEETS                          12.200 KGS.                                                          
      6] 15.0mm                30 SHEETS                          15.500 KGS.                                                          
      7] 18.0mm                25 SHEETS                           19.000 KGS


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Yamaha 15hp outboard for sale in Hout Bay

This motor looks lightly used, the owner wants a larger motor, so a trade is possible or you can buy
this one as is.

They have just given the carbs a service and checked the plugs, you can see it running (hear it too) as
I did when passing by on the marina.

Click on the pictures and view the condition close up

I nearly bought it myself but in truth I have no use for this size of motor.

What a find!


The Cape Henry 21 transom lamination jig

This came in from a Cape Henry 21 builder in the USA, Fred  took delivery of  our  Cape Henry 21 kit from us a while back, its he that built the boat as a scale model first. The picture shows a very professional looking jig, the panels on the floor will next be laminated and glued in the jig forming the curved transom on the Cape Henry 21 sail boat.

 Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Hello Dudley and Roy:  Sawdust flying!  =)   Tomorrow begins the glue-up.
 Dudley I have been campaigning for you out here.  Roy the outer Transom ply you selected for me is very beautiful.  Regards to Nigel please.   'Hoping you are both healthy and busy.   Cheers,  Fred

Thanks Fred!

More info then came in and about the materials used to make the transom jig mould from.

Hi Roy:  Thanks for the blog post!  Maybe photo will help others in this step of build.  Check out photo attached:  anything look familiar? Lol.   Scarfing longitudinals next, then building frame.  Pieces ready.  'Will re-open 'build blog' once a bit further along.  Cheers,  Fred

The lable shows that Fred used the packing crate we sent the plys for the Cape Henry 21 kit in, using them a second time and finding more value.
Vacuum Bag test-run; Cape Henry 21 curved transom (Davis)
Fred comments on the quality of our CNC cut kit.


Many thanks for your interest, and posts.  I do look forward to sharing the steps ahead in this 'build'.  Your Kit's quality is amazing.  The cuts are so clean and precise.  I like the half-thick tabs.  Easy to cut correctly without needing to draw a line first.

Cheers,  Fred


Monday, 14 October 2013

The HBYC Opening Cruise 2013

The weather was kind, sort of, it was cool but not so bad a jacket could not fend off the cold air.

Click on the pictures for a full screen view.

Athol from yacht Jenal takes a picture of the fleet behind us and Bob off  Sea Canary watches on.

Spot the mistake in this picture, Nick owes a round of drinks I think?

Nandi, a Dix 34 shows how a good sailing boat can move, she built from one of our CNC kits and in just two years.

Athol makes use of the hard dodger as a secure plus dry place and sorts out his camera gear.

The enclosed hard dodger was most welcome, no rain that day but it was cold when in the breeze.

The view aft and looking out to Chapmans Bay.

Thalita was sneaking up with a preparation of water balloon bombs!

Close but not close enough.

Back on the marina it was beer time.