Saturday, 7 May 2016

Optimist dinghy sail for sale

This one was made by North Sails and  has been used a few times, I was told in an international regatta.

It can be purchased for R1500 ( about U$100)  and is supplied complete with its North Sails bag.

The picture shows a similar sail and on an Optimist that was built from one of our CNC kits..

The sail is in Hout Bay, South Africa and can be posted to most places?


Wood / Epoxy as a boat building material?

This issue gets kicked around from time to time and often falls finally on the boats resale value and worth?

The problem is that we never really know the truth until we try and sell the boat?

Recently a Dix 43 that was built in a plywood/epoxy method was placed on the market, it took a number of months, then the prospective buyers arrived.

Some may have been  interested in the boat due to its condition, as even after sixteen years in the water the boat still looks as you can see in the picture above.

The boat found two possible buyers and within the same week, the first to place his deposit became the buyer.
One guy flew down from Richards Bay at his own expense, he was totally knocked out by the design and the quality of build.
Of the four main possible buyers not one questioned the fact that the boat was built from a wood/epoxy system, not one made a lower offer and the boat sold at its full asking price.
So the next time I am asked about the resale of a similar construction built boat, I will suggest that it is not the material the boat is made from but how it has been  built and then maintained?
The buyer was recommended to have a survey, one of the capes well known boat builders did the job.
The in the water survey showed that there was no area with a moisture content higher than eight percent. The surveyor later did a Skype call to the buyer and recommended that the boat be purchased.

Picture a gaggle of British Seagulls

If such a thing exists that gaggle may look like the picture.

Some are quite alive and some are sleeping and waiting for parts.
We recommend a new Villiers type coil, this one is some sixty year old now and even if it supplies a spark to start with it can fail at any time?

Allow about R1900, plus 20% Duty and 14% Vat?

Restoration and labour charges are available on request, supply the engine number and some pictures of your motor please.



Thursday, 5 May 2016

Perkins 4108 re built engine for sale

Perkins 4108 marine engine rebuild

The Perkins 4108M diesel engine is one of the classic diesel engines, it was in production some thirty years and is found world wide, did I once read they use the same engine in London taxies and ice cream vans? They were still in production in 1992 and the records show that companies like Alfa, Hillman and VW used these engines as well.

We now have a spare engine which will be rebuilt using spares imported from England.

 We can offer it as a short motor or with the brand new  cylinder head in the picture, with serviced injectors and high pressure fuel pump, you can then remove the other parts from your own engine and fit them on to the rebuilt engine.

Click on the images for a larger view.

This is a Perkins 4108M, its running and has done around 1900 hrs since new, it uses no oil between services and has been found to be very reliable. Suitable for yachts around 35ft to 50ft and also for work boats and power craft, the rated HP being between 45 to 50hp depending on the boats hull form and engine speed used.

The two black pipes on the right of the engine and supported by the stainless steel springs, are the supply and return to the boats calorifier and hot water system, run the engine for twenty minutes and you can have a nice hot shower with clean fresh water!

Prices will depend on what you want, we can even offer the heat exchanger system and also a Borg Warner Velvet Drive gear box, plus your existing Perkins 4108M may be taken in part exchange?
The engine is in the Cape Town area which is South Africa, we can deliver country wide.

Work started on this project  is now in process, the new piston rings and assembly gaskets are ready for fitting.

Contact me for options and pricing.


The 2016 Jester Race.

Entries are still open?

For 48 hours anyway,
Start off western end of Plymouth Breakwater at 1200 noon BST (TBC) on 
Sunday 15th May 2016
(HW Devonport 1603 BST - neaps) more


Philips AP Mk8 GPS display

This works fine, the remote antenna does not.

So either the display is for sale or I am wanting a replacement antenna?

Contact me for details.


B&G ACP1 autopilot for sale

Simply the best when it came out I have an ACP1 autopilot control and a Network Pilot to control it with.

I also have the more powerfull ACP2 PCB (circuit board) if the upgrade is needed?

There are a number of the daisy chain wires and end plugs to suit, plus a HRF (heading reference unit) to indicate the rudder angle.
Contact me for prices etc.

B&G Network repeaters for sale

Brooks and Gatehouse make some of the worlds best navigation systems.

There is a large collection of such instruments now for sale.

There is a mix of the later Network digital too.

The Network system can be used with the Hornet 4 system.
The Hecta depth sounder matches the Hornet 4, both are the Rolls Royce of such systems.
This Network speed transducer also gives you water temperature, it has never been fitted, the skin fitting was installed but never used.
Contact me for a complete list and prices etc.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Origami folding dinghy

We started with this design almost ten years back but just never cut one as the EU sized plys were not available here.

An enquiry has just come in so we are looking at the kit side once again.