Friday, 9 July 2010

Hillman Imp full race inlet and exhaust manifold

Made new to order,rarely ex stock but we are trying,good quality,made on a special jig so we know that thay are all the same and will fit,this one is sold to Tim in the UK,another one will start production in a weeks time.

Mail in from the manifolds owner,Tim.

Hi Roy

The manifold looks great, thanks for keeping me posted. If you can let me know when you have another in stock, I’ll check around to see if we can move it on. I’ve not forgotten to do the photos of my build, as soon as I’ve made more progress I’ll email some pics to you.

Thanks again.


Note,we will not accept new orders from now on untill one is in stock,they have been taking a little too long to produce due to their technical design,one is in production now though.If you require one,please contact me to be put on the delivery list.


Hout Bay Harbour scenes

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hard dodger to fit any boat

This design was an idea to make a canvas dodger obsolete,its far better to have a see though window in solid tempered glass rather than clear plastic that warps the vison and will fade as the sun turns it to nothing in the end.We can adjust size to suit most boats,all we need is the hight,depth and a maximum width,our kit include all you will need,this includes the materials and tempered glass,silicones and epoxy glues.

Around the bend,around the world

Twenty four hours later and after the glue has set,we trimed of the ends and sanded the moulding,it ready to install now.
We get some requests for shaped profile mouldings that are difficult to make as a one off in solid reasonably cheaply,the order for two sets as a 20mm x 40mm rebated corner and a 1.7mtr straight section is one of them,I was told to use any wood species,so the straight section is in a light colour clear oregon pine,the corners are being laminated in 5mm thick Superform bending ply,four layers making the required 20mm thickness.I will show you the finished result tommorrow!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

1967 Singer Chamois (sport conversion) for sale

This gem of Rootes Cars engineering was my wifes daily driver for around thirteen years,this was after I did a total strip down,all suspension and parts taken off the car for a full respray,we now have another Singer Chamois to rebuild,its a Sport version and car number 610 of only around 2000 built in 1966.

Left click any picture to view full screen and see more detail and yes,the engine was running when I took the pictures!

The engine was rebuilt and  fitted with a Hartwell four branch exhaust system and a pair of Stromberg Carbs,both new (and correct air box) plus an oil cooler as fitted to the sport motors,with a cleaned up cylinder head the car performs really well.The wheels are 13"and 5.5j steel rims with low profile tyres on (new) the car handles better than the car would have on 12" 4.5j rims and high profile tyres.The interior was fully retrimed,seats,carpets and even the headliner.

Spares,here in Cape Town,I carry what is probably the largest spares sets for the Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois range in South Africa.

So Jeans car needs a new owner,the car is licenced and would suit a driver looking for a small classic car with great appeal,priced at R25,000 its very good value,thats about U$3300 or Euros 2600,depending on the exchange rate,we can ship world wide.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Green (discounted) sails from North Sails

Just in today from North Sails,remember we sell North Sails to kit our customers world wide.

Dear roy -

As part of North’s 10+ year commitment to recycling/repurposing sails, we are once again going to make it worth your while to THINK GREEN and BUY BLUE! If you buy a new North sail between July 5th and September 3rd and recycle your old sail, you’ll automatically receive 25% off the purchase price of your new North sail.* Just register online and we’ll send you a FREE UPS shipping tag along with your new sail so you can ship your old sail to the North Recycling Center. Help the planet and save on North Sails, too!

Go to the link below to find out more and register.

Robs Toylander build has started

This is Rob learning how to build a Toylander kit from CKD Boats,my only suggestion was not to use the type of polyurethane glue he has used,it stains your hands and bubbles while it cures,we will see about sourcing a small tube of water proof PVA glue from our suppliers at Kleiberit,we have done trials with it in our workshops with good success.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bruces Dixi Dinghy build

This is our smallest size kit,the entire boat comes from just two sheets of 6mm marine ply (five ply) which is very strong and makes a light boat that will fit on roof racks on even a small car,you can lift this boat up yourself I think.A dinghy like this will make an excellent tender to a yacht with a small crew.

Designed by Dudley Dix,this craft will sail,row or motor with ease,an electric trolling moter would power this boat very nicely.