Friday, 23 May 2014

1965 Jaguar S type front wings for sale

I have held on to these for some thirty years as a sensible back up to my own 1966 Jaguar 3.8ltr S type and ever needing them in case of an accident?

I have both left and right wings, front bonnet and rear boot, plus a 3.8 ltr Jaguar cylinder head!

Contact me for details.


Not new by any means but in great shape with no serious rusting.

Even the original black vinyl is good.

Does this bonnet also fit the Jaguar Mk2?

Rear passenger door glass frame and original trims to the front and rear windscreens.

All parts are in great shape and no heavy rust, shipping world wide is not a problem.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

ERA 1966 classic S type Jaguar

Where are they now?

Looks like they are just North of Namibia's Walvis Baai?

Click on the image to get a real feel of just how many miles they have done and in just 21 days, with just 4 to go the trip is nearly over.

The zig zag at the lower end of South Africa was due to a test drive from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and back to Cape Town to test the new engine rebuild we ordered.

That went well and they have now gone from the South Atlantic Ocean, up to Victoria Falls, Etosha Pan and then back to the South Atlantic coast today.


I bet not!


Check this link to view the car before the new owners took the car over.

A reader of my blog has sent a comment by email.

Comment from Alex Notman (Notty)
Having been to most of those countries, up to the Vic. Falls, Wankie and the Matopas in the 60's, towing a caravan on strip roads when Ian Smith ruled then as far north as Gross Barmen in South West Africa as Namibia was then called, I can appreciate the trip being done in a classic Jaguar more suitable to modern highways than bundu bashing?
It's a hell of a trip for such a car and that is a tribute to the original builders but more so to the owners who cared for and prepared the car in its latter years and that includes Roy, Clive and the engine/car re-building companies they selected. It is a shame that the oil pump failure let it down for part of the journey but that could happen on even a new car. 
Its also a tribute to the new owners who could just as easily have selected a Range Rover a Defender or Land Cruiser all of which would have been more suitable for such a trip, though the Defender would not have offered the luxury of the Jag. So, well done chaps.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The first Hillman Imp

Having sent a picture of a Hillman Imp in a museum to a friend, his comment was that its nice to see that the car has been recognised.

It gets better than that really as the first car made to the Hillman Imp design is still in existance and also in a museum.

Above  is a later Hillman Imp deluxe

The original Mk1 and first Imp built in the Glasgow Motor Museum. I am assuming we are discounting pre production cars? many of which were damaged in testing and often by the Rootes Car Co, apprentices!

The original car, I read last year that the man who spray painted this car was still alive, given that the car was fifty years old last year I would like to think he still is with us now?


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Bombaloza rowing scull

We are back on track with this South African design, I spoke to Dave Hartwanger the designer just yesterday and he tells me that the original plans and builders guide book has been expanded from the original 20 pages to a whopping 43 pages!

Dave can offer the plans at only R500 plus the kit can be bought from CKD Boats cc with a local boat builder who will assemble and finish the kit for you.

The boats first outing.

Contact me for details.


Monday, 19 May 2014

Wood contruction mast building glues?

This subject has just cropped up again, you can of course use whatever you want but given the choice I will stay with the phenolic glue each and every time.

Machine works on our spindle with purpose made cutters to make the Birdsmouth section correctly.

Some of the large range of specialist cutters we have.

Our German made spindle, its quite clever as it can run on 220v and 360v, the spindle can be raised or lowered and I think we can even change its direction?

The Birdsmouth mast in sections.


This is what the well known wood/epoxy boat designer thinks on the subject.
With regard to which glue to use, many builders have moved over to epoxy because they think that it is the ultimate in glues. That is not the case, however. Epoxy works well most of the time but there are applications that phenolic or resorcinol glues are a better choice. I have a few words about glue selection on my website at . Additional to that info, epoxy can lose its grip on wood that is saturated with water. In contrast, the bond of resorcinol increases if the wood becomes wet. Resorcinol is my choice whenever practical for bonding important items and I prefer to keep epoxy for coatings and items that are not unlikely to become wet.


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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Boat kit jigsaw joints

The Didi Mini Transat Mk3 we have just cut for a client in Dubai has the jigsaw joints as provided by Dix Design and in the CNC cut files.


Check on the right hand side, the picture will enlarge if you click on it.
These joints speed up assembly and mean you will not now have to do a traditional scarph joint
as in previous kits.

These panels now just click together, saving hours of time.
More Jigsaw panels, this is what makes a Didi Mini Transat Mk3 plywood kit from CKD Boats cc, we are packing it next week, in a purpose made 16mm plain chipboard crate.

Jigsaw Joints, how easy is this?

Very, just add glue to both panels and click them together!